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Gallery Points (often abbreviated as 'GP') are one of the 3 E-Hentai currencies. They are the primary reward for participation in the E-Hentai User Galleries. Users can see the exact amount of GP that they own by checking The Lottery page.


The ways to gain GP are all attributed to the Gallery System. They include:

  • Receiving hits / visits on any galleries uploaded (~0.5GP per).
    • Only rewarded after 4 hours have passed from the time that the gallery was published. Galleries that are expunged earn no GP.
    • Whenever a user Doggie Bags said galleries (amount received is 25% of the bagging cost).
  • Receiving hits while running a Hentai@Home client (1 GP per hit).
  • Uploading a torrent or owning a gallery with one.
  • Writing informative comments for galleries (credited on Dawn for the most appreciated comment of the day).
  • Purchased stock market-style from other E-Hentai users at the GP Exchange with credits.
  • Making a monetary donation to the site.


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