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The tag creation UI

Users with a minimum of 15 Mod Power are allowed to create tags that have never been created before (under the temp namespace), assuming that sufficient justification has been provided.

  • Only artist, group, cosplayer, parody, or character tags can be created in this manner.
  • Point.png The creation of fetish/content tags CANNOT be handled through this system. See here for the proper procedures on proposing these tags.

How To

Step 1: Visit the gallery where the new tag would be applicable.

Step 2: Type in the proposed tag name with the temp: prefix (e.g., temp:kaguya shinomiya). Submitting the entry will open up the New Tag Justification window.

  • You will be presented with a pop-up message when upvoting an existing temp tag that does not already have an active entry on the approval tracker.
    • Hitting the "OK" button will also bring up the New Tag Justification window if you have at least 15 mod power and no active tag creation ban.
    • Point.png Repeatedly creating an entry on the tag approval tracker without providing any supporting evidence may lead to a ban.
    • If the temp tag is incorrectly named, i.e. wrong spelling, or localisation instead of the romanisation, do not create a second temp tag to fix this.
      • If no more specific tag exists, and it is not being used to tag other kinds of content, upvote the temp and add a note to rename into the justification.
      • If used for other content, OR there are multiple temp tags for the same content, OR a more specific already namespaced tag exists, request in the Tag Grouping thread instead.
  • Note: The system will only recognize characters a-z, 1-0, hyphens "-", periods ".", and spaces between characters " ". Everything else will be discarded automatically.
  • Point.png When requesting a more specific tag for approval that already has another tag DO NOT downvote the already existing namespaced tag until/if it has been approved. The request may get denied, and the existing tag may be correct, for technical reasons or otherwise.

Step 3: Select the correct namespace for the newly created tag, together with necessary notes and references, and anything else that is helpful for the validation process.

  • You must first describe the nature of the temp tag. External sources to support the proposed tag must also be provided.
    • Point.png Sufficient justification must be provided, or else the temp tag will be rejected by a moderator.
    • For what can be considered a reliable and valid third-party source for the temp tag, please read the Guidelines for Submission section.
  • Suggested Formats:
This tag is for a parody character named "Kaguya Shinomiya", who appeared on pages 2-12, 15-18, and 20.

This tag is for an artist named "Andy Price".


Step 4: Hit "Save Changes" after submitting all the relevant materials. This will notify a moderator to process your request(s), please be patient for a response.

  • A list of your pending temp tag requests can be accessed via this link. You may also edit the sources provided as needed.

Step 5: A namespacer will either approve or reject the temp tag. The requester will receive a final forum PM with the result.

  • In the event that your new tag is rejected, it will be deleted from the database and will no longer be usable.
  • Aside from approval or rejection, a namespacer may instead request for a revision on the provided sources. This will usually be because of bad formatting, lacking supporting materials, or requesting clarification.
    • The requester will be sent a forum PM to notify them. To revise, simply open this page and click on the tag name marked with REVISE.
    • Specific instruction on the source revision can also be found in comments with the (flagged for revision) flag.

Tag Approval Tracker

  • A list of active temp tag requests can be found at https://repo.e-hentai.org/tools/tagapprove. The page is split into the following categories:
    • Pending Tags: Lists any tags that still require a namespacer or the tag requester attention.
      • Tags that are in black have yet to be processed, tags in red require further information or clarification from the requester.
      • The tag sources for pending tags may be modified at any time by the initial tag requester.
    • Approved Tags: Lists processed tags that have been given a namespace or slaved.
    • Rejected Tags: Lists processed tags that have been rejected, if you are sure your tag was rejected wrongly, you may make a post in the General tag discussion thread.
  • Users with at least 2 Mod Power may leave comments on a pending request. Please note that the comments should be providing additional information or clarification only. Tags created through this tool do not require additional support, so comments only in support should not be made.



The tracker being fully cleared of pending requests will display fireworks.

Guidelines for Submission

Supporting Materials
Sources are preferred to be official where possible. These may include the artist's own website or social media, signatures within the work, colophon, etc.
  • Official sources are required for any romanization that is not revised Wapuro Hepburn.
  • Social Media urls are not generally considered a valid source. If an artists social media account is named John Smith, while its url is @john123, it will not be considered as a supporting material for a request for a:john123, but would be considered for a request for a:john smith.
    • Exceptions may sometimes apply. Usually, this is for cases where their name is too common/already in use, or to give clarity on the romanisation of kanji that has multiple readings, etc.
Unofficial sources are accepted when official ones are unavailable. These may be fan sites, Wikipedia, distribution sites, etc.
  • Such sources should generally have at a bare minimum the original kanji or kana.
  • Some unofficial sources may not have enough trust, so it is advisable to provide as many supporting materials as possible.
Some sources are considered not trustworthy at all, and will not be relied on without additional supporting materials, these include:
  • Google Translate, or any automated translation software
  • English DLsite
  • DMM
  • Anthologies table of contents pages
  • Booru sites (e.g., Danbooru)
    • Exceptions may be granted for artists that have an account with one of the booru sites and only uploads to it.
Name Order
For artist and cosplayer tags, the name order defaults to the order of the originating country. For example, a tag for a Japanese artist should be submitted as surname then given name.
  • Exceptions could be granted for cases where the content creator consistently uses a different name order.
For character tags, the name order is standardized in the Western order (i.e., given name then surname). Rare exceptions exist but they are not granted usually.
  • Standardized Exceptions: touken ranbu characters that are named after swords, as well as vtubers are created in the original written order (e.g., 赤井はあと --> akai haato).
  • Additional rulings on character tags can be found here under the "Participants" subsection.
Romanization for new tags should be in revised Wapuro Hepburn. For example, さいとう would be "Saitou" instead of "Saito". Exceptions for commonplace names may exist (e.g., Tokyo).
  • If the tag is requested in a different romanization method, an official source must be supplied in the justification.
  • If all other already namespaced tags in the series are not in revised Wapuro Hepburn, this may be used as justification instead of an official source, but example tags must be provided.
Western localized names are usually only suitable as aliases and should not be created.
  • If other already namespaced tags in the series already use the localized name, it is acceptable to create the localized version, but example tags must be provided.
  • If there is no example of localized names being used within the parody, the tag should be requested in revised Wapuro Hepburn of the original source name.
    • In some cases, a namespacer will still choose the localised name as the master and will rename it. Such cases will usually be, but not always and not limited to, very popular parodies that are not well known in the west by anything other than the localized name.
Tags require sufficient presence to be namespaced. When requesting, please provide enough page numbers to indicate presence.
  • This is especially important for long galleries, or galleries where it is not immediately obvious which pages count.
Content Relevancy
Some works always count as 0 presence for namespacing purposes only. These include, but are not limited to:
Series Segregation
Certain parodies will be slaved under a generic series tag depending on various factors. For instance, "diablo 2" and "diablo 3" are slaved under "parody:diablo" due to high connectivity.
Tag Renaming/Slaving/Blocking Requests
Do NOT create or upvote any temp tag for the purpose of renaming already namespaced tags, or for slaving.
You should also NOT upvote existing temp tags not yet on the tracker for the purpose of requesting a tag block.
Unacceptable Tags
Certain tags will be rejected outright. Please see here for more examples, as well as the following:
  • Writers.
  • Software.
  • Character tag requests should be for fictional characters only. VTubers are considered as fictional characters.
  • Creators that use only AI do not get accepted without some level of effort (see here for details). This will usually be if it's been structured as a comic, or that they have only used AI to assist their own art, etc.
Note: If you spot a dated temp tag that should be blocked (e.g., typo, fetish tag without approval), please submit a blocking request in the Tag Grouping Request Thread.

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