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Galleries may be commented on by users, often to provide information or to indicate their likes and dislikes of the gallery's contents. The gallery's description is placed at the top of the comments section and cannot be voted on.


  • Can use the following BBCode:
    • Bold, Underline, Strike-through, and Italic.
    • URL for forums or gallery links only.
  • Can be freely edited at any time (see below for limits).
    • Edits made within less than 15 minutes of the original comment will not append an edit timestamp to the comment.
  • Listed in the order depending on the user's My Settings choice (chronological, reverse chronological, or power).


Users may vote (and revote) on other users' comments. Votes and comments are subject to mod power (downvotes are capped at 30; 40 for base bonus users) and comments are hidden if they fall below -50. Users may not vote on comments if they have commented on the same gallery; existing votes will be removed upon making a comment.

  • Black text means the user has not voted on this comment.
  • Blue text means the user has chosen this option.
    • Clicking on it will withdraw the vote. Picking the other option will withdraw the vote and cast a new, opposite vote.
  • Red text and no score means the vote is invalid because of a server response error and did not get through.


  • Users may make multiple comments in a gallery but multiple consecutive comments will be automatically appended to each other.
    • Instead of making multiple comments, it is highly recommended to make and edit a single one to prevent confusion and suspicions of toplist abuse/gallery spam. (Or a ban.)
  • Like tagging votes, mod power is computed at the time of voting and does not change unless another vote is cast by the user. (Power changes are not retroactive.)
  • Only the first 13 users will have their name displayed next to their vote to save space. Additional users are hidden (and [votes-13] others...).
    • Casting a new vote or removing one's vote can change this.
  • Comments may not be retracted but can be edited. A timestamp will be appended if 15 minutes or more have passed.
  • Once a gallery is updated, gallery description for older instances cannot be changed anymore. Regular comments can still be edited in the newest update.
  • Only uploader comments (gallery description) may be searched. Comments may not be searched but it is possible to use a third-party search engine instead.

Hidden Comments

  • By default (oldest-first view) only the 45 highest-scoring and 5 most recent comments will be shown. Other settings will show the top 50 comments depending on the setting chosen.
  • Comments become hidden if they fall below -50 mod power along with a veto holder's or gallery owner's downvote.
  • Gallery uploader downvotes count as 0 power when calculating the perma-hidden threshold to avoid unwanted behavior.

Hidden comments can be made visible by adding "?hc=1" to the end of the URL or by clicking on "There is/are x more comments below the viewing threshold - click to show all." link at the bottom of the comments section.

Perma-Hidden Comments

Comments become permanently hidden if they reach -100 mod power along with a veto holder's or gallery owner's downvote. These comments cannot be made visible again.

  • This becomes less useful as the comment poster's own power increases, effectively becoming useless at 50 or more.
    • Point.pngIntentional power abuse or repeated bad comments from high power users will result in a permanent and irrevokable power ban on top of a comment ban if deemed harmful to the system.


Comments and reviews should generally be informative, insightful, or humorous.

  • Gallery uploaders should keep their comments in the uploader field. This prevents redundancy and allows the uploader to downvote unnecessary comments more easily.
  • It is advisable to update comments if they become confusing / irrelevant (e.g. Pointing out images that are forbidden content but the owner then removes them).

Examples of Good Comments

  • Plot summaries, especially for lengthy or multi-part stories.
  • Source information, such as the artist's website or where to purchase the work.
  • The image #s where particular characters and fetishes appear.
  • Identifying mistakes made by the uploader (e.g. duplicate pictures, missing cover, incomplete, out of order, etc.); such issues makes the gallery eligible for a superior version replacement.
  • Table of contents for anthologies to make tagging and browsing easier.
    • A Do Not Tag note for cover-only artists, guest artists, writers, etc. (see Gallery Tagging).
  • Linking to alternate versions (such as translated or text cleaned) or other closely relevant galleries.
    • Not needed for replaced galleries as the system already links them in the gallery information section or in the expunge log.

Examples of Bad Comments

  • Essentially any debates or arguments. Use the forums instead.
  • Highly generic comments such as "I like this" or "Thanks for uploading". While courteous, these generally are redundant and not helpful. More in-depth reviews are appreciated.
  • Requests for translations, raws, decensoring, torrents, [re-]seeding of torrents, or additional images. Please contact the uploader directly or make a bounty depending on the request.
  • Posting about having added a torrent to the gallery. This is already listed on the gallery's information (top-right area).
  • Repeating comments on numerous galleries. This can be seen as an attempt at "point whoring" for toplist points and may result in a ban.
  • Mentioning any technical issues experienced. These are better handled on the forums.
  • Encouraging the upvoting of false tags (or the downvoting of valid tags), false expunges, or false renames in any way. This may result in a ban.
  • Posting gibberish or irrelevant URLs. This may lead to a ban.
  • Point.png Intentionally abusing or harassing other users for any reason. This can quickly lead to a ban.


At the end of a gallery's URL simply add #ulcomment to the end to go to the uploader's comment (aka the description) or #comments/#cnew to go the comments section.

  • The hc GET argument, when set to 1, displays all non-permahidden comments.
  • Tip: To prevent display name change confusion, it is possible to link to a comment by using @[comment_id] in the uploader comment or a comment reply. When clicked, this will append ?hc=1#c[comment_id] to the URL and move to the comment unless it is permahidden.
    • Comment IDs can be found by inspecting the source or upvoting/downvoting them.


Posting comments and having one's comments voted up, along with rating galleries, awards points towards the Rating & Reviewing Toplist.

Users also receive GP for their most appreciated comment at the Dawn event.

  • Comments shorter than 100 characters do not award points.

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