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Content Tag Types

Activity, Animal, Attribute, Change, Costume, Creature, Technical, Tool

General Notes

  • In any cases of total gender ambiguity (no visual or contextual cues) all tagging defaults to hetero-normative. Solo participants default to female.
  • If the gender cues are absent, rogue genitalia defaults to the gender said genitalia typically originates from:
    • A rogue penis is assumed to belong to a male participant.
    • A rogue vagina is assumed to belong to a female participant.
  • All creators are to be tagged as they are credited (tag slaving aside). Colophons overrule covers.
  • furry and alien are not mutually exclusive.
  • Be wary of fetish overreach, particularly with alien, furry, monster, and vore:
  • Clones disqualify sole tags and can qualify for selfcest.
  • "Change" tags (e.g. breast expansion) do not necessitate transformation.
  • Characters that share the exact same name use the same tag. The same applies to creators.
  • Do not blindly trust titles, they can be misleading.

Creator Notes

  • Artist tags are assigned to lineart, illustrators, inkers, pencilers, or any individuals credited as contributing to the artwork at its core. Colorists, [layout] designers, letterers, editors, authors, writers, assistants, etc. do not qualify.
  • a:anonymous is only for works explicitly credited as such. For any works where no creator can be verified it is best to leave them untagged.

Parody Notes

  • Parodies are generally not permitted to encompass multiple franchises at once (e.g. capcom vs. snk, disney, marvel comics, super smash brothers, type-moon, etc.). Tag each applicable franchise instead.
  • Most vtubers (e.g. kizuna ai, zone-tan, etc.) and other characters such as e-celebrities, memes, and online avatars do not have corresponding parody tags unless they are under a formal commercial franchise (e.g. neurotically yours, os-tan, vocaloid).


  • Most tags may apply to Non-H and non-pornographic Western or 3D works as long as they follow the presence rule.
    • Attributes like big breasts and giantess can apply without nudity/sex.
    • 1-image tags like lolicon can apply on implicitly sexual imagery or explicit nudity.
    • Animal and most Activity tags do not apply.
      • Activities that don't explicitly require sex may apply (e.g. ahegao, drunk).
  • Non-pornographic content that is not directly relevant to an otherwise pornographic gallery does not receive any tags.

Canonical Information

  • Any series of media that has information may use such information only for the following content/fetish tags:
    • Familiar relations (incest)
    • Romantic relations (e.g. cheating)
    • Gender (e.g. gender change)
    • Clarification on ambiguous character design (e.g. fox girl vs. wolf girl)
      • Non-ambiguous cases strictly use visual cues (e.g. A character with the body of a loli does not disqualify the lolicon tag simply because the series deems them to be an adult)

Presence Notes

The presence rule is the cornerstone of tagging on E-Hentai. The paradigm being that anything tagged on a gallery is easily found and is of a satisfactory amount.

  • The generic 25% rule is a baseline used for the most common gallery (a ~20 page doujinshi). It does not scale up past that point nor is it ironclad. Sequential images generally lower the burden to meet minimum presence.
    • 20+ sequential pictures are generally acceptable for even the largest-sized galleries.
    • The more fragmented non-sequential images are the less they count.
  • Non-content images do not count toward a gallery's image count for presence purposes.
    • Examples: colophons, blank pages, credits, adverts, and artist notes. These may only count if they include illustration(s). Backgrounds and menus for CG galleries do not count. Novel pages do not count unless they are essentially the only content within a gallery.
  • A 4-or-less image gallery can have nearly anything within it be tagged (although this is ill advised for [Ongoing] galleries since their validity may change once more images are added).
  • For anthologies or (Various) works 4+ sequential images suffices for artists who are credited.
  • For all (but four) of the Change tags only the images involving the change itself are counted.
    • For gender change / gender morph the duration of the individual being a different gender also qualifies.
    • For futanarization, the duration of the character being a dickgirl also counts.
    • For body swap, post-swap images also count for presence.
  • Whilst the incest tag is 1-image only, the accompanying family tags (e.g. mother) are not and thus do not necessarily qualify if the actual activities involving them is too low in presence.
  • Language tags are granted some leniency due to their metadata flagging.
    • Exception: Imageset-style galleries require a majority of its images (50%+) containing text in that language before qualifying.

1-Image Only Tags

Gallery-wide Tags