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A listing of all fetish/content tags usable in the E-Hentai galleries, categorized by type.


age progression, age regression, dilf ♂, infantilism, kodomo doushi, lolicon ♀, milf ♀, old lady ♀, old man ♂, shotacon ♂, toddlercon


adventitious penis, adventitious vagina, amputee, big muscles, body modification, conjoined, doll joints, gijinka, invisible, multiple arms, multiple breasts ♀, multiple nipples, multiple penises, multiple vaginas ♀, muscle, muscle growth, pregnant, shapening, stretching, tailjob, wingjob, wings


absorption, age progression, age regression, ass expansion, balls expansion, body swap, breast expansion, breast reduction ♀, clit growth ♀, corruption, feminization ♂, futanarization ♀, gender change, gender morph, growth, moral degeneration, muscle growth, nipple expansion ♀, penis enlargement, personality excretion, petrification, shrinking, transformation, weight gain


alien ♂, alien girl ♀, angel, bat boy ♂, bat girl ♀, bear boy ♂, bear girl ♀, bee boy ♂, bee girl ♀, bird boy ♂, bird girl ♀, bunny boy ♂, bunny girl ♀, catboy ♂, catgirl ♀, centaur, corpse, cowgirl ♀, cowman ♂, deer boy ♂, deer girl ♀, demon ♂, demon girl ♀, dog boy ♂, dog girl ♀, draenei, elephant boy ♂, elephant girl ♀, fairy, fox boy ♂, fox girl ♀, frog boy ♂, frog girl ♀, furry, ghost, giraffe boy‎ ♂, giraffe girl‎ ♀, goblin, harpy, horse boy ♂, horse girl ♀, human on furry, hyena boy ♂, hyena girl ♀, insect boy ♂, insect girl ♀, kangaroo boy ♂, kangaroo girl‎ ♀, kappa, kemonomimi, lizard girl ♀, lizard guy ♂, mermaid ♀, merman ♂, minotaur ♂, monkey boy ♂, monkey girl ♀, monoeye, monster ♂, monster girl ♀, mouse boy ♂, mouse girl ♀, necrophilia, oni, orc, otter boy ♂, otter girl ♀, panda boy ♂, panda girl ♀, pig girl ♀, pig man ♂, plant boy ♂, plant girl ♀, raccoon boy ♂, raccoon girl‎ ♀, robot, shark boy ♂, shark girl ♀, sheep boy ♂, sheep girl ♀, skunk boy ♂, skunk girl ♀, slime, slime boy‎ ♂, slime girl ♀, snail girl ♀, snake boy ♂, snake girl ♀, spider boy ♂, spider girl ♀, squid boy ♂, squid girl ♀, squirrel boy ♂, squirrel girl ♀, tentacles, vampire, wolf boy ♂, wolf girl ♀, yukkuri, zombie


animal on animal, animal on furry, bear, bestiality, bull ♂, camel, cat, cow ♀, crab, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, dragon, eel, elephant, fish, fox, frog, goat, gorilla, horse, insect, kangaroo, lion ♂, lioness ♀, maggot, monkey, mouse, octopus, ostrich, panther, pegasus, pig, rabbit, reptile, rhinoceros, shark, sheep, slug, snake, spider, tiger, turtle, unicorn, whale, wolf, worm, zebra


giant ♂, giantess ♀, growth, midget, minigirl ♀, miniguy ♂, shrinking, tall girl ♀, tall man


albino, body painting, body writing, crotch tattoo, dark skin, freckles, gyaru ♀, gyaru-oh‎ ♂, large tattoo, lipstick mark, oil, scar, skinsuit, sweating, tanlines


anorexic, bbm ♂, bbw ♀, ssbbm ♂, ssbbw ♀, weight gain


ahegao, beauty mark, brain fuck, cockslapping, crown, ear fuck, elf, facesitting, facial hair, gasmask, halo, headless, hood, horns, makeup, masked face, thick eyebrows, tiara


afro, bald, drill hair, eye-covering bang, hair buns, hairjob, pixie cut, ponytail, prehensile hair, shaved head, twintails, very long hair


body swap, chloroform, corruption, drugs, drunk, emotionless sex, mind break, mind control, moral degeneration, parasite, personality excretion, possession, shared senses, sleeping, yandere


blind, blindfold, closed eyes, crying, cum in eye, dark sclera, eye penetration, eyemask, eyepatch, glasses, heterochromia, monoeye, sunglasses, unusual pupils


nose fuck, nose hook, smell


adventitious mouth, autofellatio, ball sucking, big lips, blowjob, blowjob face, braces, burping, coprophagia, cunnilingus, deepthroat, double blowjob, foot licking, gag, gokkun, kissing, long tongue, multimouth blowjob, piss drinking, rimjob, saliva, smoking, tooth brushing, unusual teeth, vampire, vomit, vore


asphyxiation, collar, hanging, leash


armpit licking, armpit sex, detached sleeves, hairy armpits


fingering, fisting, gloves, handjob, multiple handjob



autopaizuri ♀, big areolae, big breasts, breast expansion, breast feeding, breast reduction ♀, clothed paizuri, gigantic breasts ♀, huge breasts ♀, lactation, milking, multiple breasts ♀, multiple paizuri ♀, oppai loli ♀, paizuri, small breasts


big nipples, dark nipples, dicknipples, inverted nipples, multiple nipples ♀, nipple birth, nipple expansion ♀, nipple fuck, nipple piercing, nipple stimulation


cumflation, inflation, navel fuck, pregnant, stomach deformation

Lower Body


ball-less shemale ♀, bike shorts, bloomers, chastity belt, crotch tattoo, diaper, full-packaged futanari ♀, fundoshi, genital piercing, gymshorts, hairy, hotpants, mesuiki‎, multiple orgasms, no balls ♂, pantyjob, pubic stubble, shimapan, urethra insertion


adventitious penis, ball caressing, balls expansion, ball sucking, balljob, big balls, big penis, cbt, cloaca insertion, cockphagia, cock ring, cockslapping, cuntboy ♂, dickgirl on dickgirl ♀, dickgirl on female ♀, dickgirl on male ♂, dickgirls only ♀, frottage, futanari ♀, futanarization ♀, horse cock, huge penis, male on dickgirl ♀, multiple penises, penis birth, penis enlargement, phimosis, prostate massage, retractable penis, scrotal lingerie, shemale ♀, small penis, smegma


adventitious vagina ♀, big clit ♀, big vagina ♀, cervix penetration ♀, cervix prolapse, clit growth ♀, clit insertion, clit stimulation, cunnilingus, cuntbusting ♀, defloration ♀, double vaginal ♀, multiple vaginas ♀, squirting ♀, strap-on, tribadism ♀, triple vaginal ♀, unbirth, vaginal birth, vaginal sticker


anal, anal birth, anal intercourse, analphagia, anal prolapse, ass expansion, assjob, big ass, double anal, enema, farting, multiple assjob, pegging ♂, rimjob, scat, spanking, tail, tail plug, tailphagia, triple anal

Either Hole

eggs, gaping, large insertions, nakadashi, prolapse, sex toys, speculum, unusual insertions


garter belt, kneepit sex ♀, leg lock, legjob, pantyhose, stirrup legwear, stockings, sumata


denki anma, foot insertion, foot licking, footjob, high heels, multiple footjob, sockjob, stirrup legwear, tabi socks, thigh high boots


animegao, apparel bukkake, apron, bandages, bandaid ♀, bat boy ♂, bat girl ♀, bike shorts, bikini, blindfold, bloomers, bodystocking, bodysuit, bride, bunny boy ♂, bunny girl ♀, business suit, butler, cashier, catboy ♂, catgirl ♀, cheerleader, chinese dress, christmas, clothed female nude male ♂, clothed male nude female ♀, clown, cock ring, collar, condom, corset, cosplaying, cowgirl ♀, cowman ♂, crossdressing, detached sleeves, diaper, dougi, exposed clothing, eyemask, eyepatch, fishnets, fundoshi, gag, garter belt, gasmask, genital piercing, glasses, gloves, gothic lolita, gymshorts, haigure, headphones, high heels, hijab, hotpants, hyena boy ♂, hyena girl ♀, kemonomimi, kigurumi pajama, kimono, kindergarten uniform, kunoichi, lab coat, latex, leash, leotard, lingerie, living clothes, magical girl, maid, mecha boy‎ ♂, mecha girl ♀, metal armor, miko, military, mouth mask, nazi, ninja ♂, nipple piercing, nose hook, nudism, nun, nurse, painted nails, pantyhose, pasties, piercing, pirate, policeman ♂, policewoman ♀, ponygirl ♀, priest ♂, race queen ♀, randoseru, sarashi, schoolboy uniform, schoolgirl uniform, school gym uniform, school swimsuit, scrotal lingerie, shimapan, stewardess, steward ♂, stirrup legwear, stockings, straitjacket, sundress, sunglasses, swimsuit, tabi socks, thigh high boots, tiara, tights, tracksuit, transparent clothing, vaginal sticker ♀, waiter, waitress, wet clothes, witch

Multiple Activities

bisexual, double anal, double blowjob, double vaginal ♀, fff threesome ♀, ffm threesome, fft threesome ♀, gang rape, group, harem, layer cake, mmf threesome, mmm threesome ♂, mmt threesome, mtf threesome, multimouth blowjob, multiple assjob, multiple footjob, multiple handjob, multiple paizuri ♀, multiple straddling, oyakodon‎, shimaidon, triple anal, triple vaginal ♀, ttf threesome ♀, ttm threesome, ttt threesome ♀, twins

Multiple Holes

all the way through, double penetration, triple penetration


blindfold, clamp, dakimakura, gag, glory hole, machine, onahole, pillory, pole dancing, real doll ♀, sex toys, speculum, strap-on, syringe, table masturbation, tail plug, tube, unusual insertions, vacbed, whip, wooden horse, wormhole


oil, slime, slime boy‎ ♂, slime girl ♀, underwater

Bodily Fluids

blood, crying, lactation, milking, saliva, squirting


apparel bukkake, bukkake, cum bath, cum in eye ♀, cum swap ♀, cumflation, giant sperm, gokkun, nakadashi


coprophagia, internal urination, menstruation ♀, omorashi, piss drinking, public use, scat, scat insertion, sweating, urination, vomit


chikan, rape, sleeping, time stop


bdsm, bodysuit, blindfold, clamp, collar, domination loss, femdom ♀, food on body, forniphilia, human cattle, josou seme ♂, latex, orgasm denial, petplay, slave, smalldom, tickling


bondage, fanny packing, gag, harness, pillory, ponygirl, shibari, straitjacket, stuck in wall, vacbed


abortion, blood, cannibalism, catfight ♀, cbt, cuntbusting, dismantling, electric shocks, guro, ryona, snuff, torture, trampling, whip, wrestling


exhibitionism, filming, forced exposure, hidden sex, humiliation, voyeurism

Self Pleasure

autofellatio, autopaizuri ♀, clone, masturbation, phone sex, selfcest, solo action, table masturbation


amputee, blind, handicapped, mute


absorption, analphagia, breast feeding, cannibalism, cockphagia, coprophagia, full tour, gokkun, piss drinking, tailphagia, vore, weight gain


cuntboy ♂, feminization ♂, futanari ♀, gender change, gender morph, otokofutanari ♂, shemale

Inter-gender Relations

bisexual, dickgirl on dickgirl ♀, dickgirl on female ♀, dickgirl on male ♂, fft threesome ♀, male on dickgirl ♀, mmt threesome, mtf threesome, ttf threesome ♀, ttm threesome, yaoi ♂, yuri


blackmail, coach, defloration ♀, impregnation, mesugaki, oyakodon‎, prostitution, shimaidon, teacher, tomboy ♀, tomgirl ♂, tutor, virginity ♂, vtuber, widow ♀, widower ♂, yandere


dickgirls only ♀, females only ♀, kodomo only, males only ♂, no penetration, nudity only, pussyboys only ♂, sole dickgirl ♀, sole female ♀, sole male ♂, sole pussyboy


cheating, netorare, netorase, swinging


aunt ♀, brother ♂, cousin, daughter ♀, father ♂, granddaughter ♀, grandfather ♂, grandmother ♀, incest, inseki, mother ♀, niece ♀, sister ♀, uncle

Low Presence

low bestiality, low guro, low lolicon ♀, low scat, low shotacon ♂, low smegma

High Presence

focus anal, focus blowjob, focus paizuri


3d, 3d imageset, ai generated, anaglyph, animated, caption, comic, extraneous ads, figure, first person perspective, full color, game sprite, how to, multipanel sequence, multi-work series‎, non-h game manual, non-h imageset, paperchild, redraw, screenshots, sketch lines, stereoscopic, story arc, themeless, various, western cg, western non-h‎, western imageset, x-ray


full censorship, mosaic censorship, uncensored


hardcore, non-nude


already uploaded, defaced, forbidden content, realporn, replaced


compilation, incomplete, missing cover, out of order, sample, scanmark, watermarked


anthology, artbook, goudoushi, novel, soushuuhen, tankoubon, variant set, webtoon


afrikaans, albanian, arabic, aramaic, armenian, bengali, bosnian, bulgarian, burmese, catalan, cebuano, chinese, cree, creole, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, english, esperanto, estonian, finnish, french, georgian, german, greek, gujarati, hebrew, hindi, hmong, hungarian, icelandic, indonesian, irish, italian, japanese, javanese, kannada, kazakh, khmer, korean, kurdish, ladino, lao, latin, latvian, marathi, mongolian, ndebele, nepali, norwegian, oromo, papiamento, pashto, persian, polish, portuguese, punjabi, romanian, russian, sango, sanskrit, serbian, shona, slovak, slovenian, somali, spanish, swahili, swedish, tagalog, tamil, telugu, thai, tibetan, tigrinya, turkish, ukrainian, urdu, vietnamese, welsh, yiddish, zulu


rewrite, rough grammar, rough translation, speechless, text cleaned, translated

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