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This is for more technical and advanced information about the tagging system.

Tag Disclaimer

When a user attempts to add a tag for the first time they will be prompted by a disclaimer stating the guidelines for tagging. This is a setting stored in the user's cookies so clearing them resets accepting the disclaimer.

Tag Colors

Normal = White
Upvoted = Green
Downvoted = Red
Selected = Blue
Slave = Gray (can only be downvoted)
Downvoted slave = Dark red (cannot be undone)
Upvoted slave = Dark green (cannot be redone)

Slave Tags

Slave tags are tags that have been grouped together under a single master tag. Tags may be grouped because they are misspellings or they are closely similar concepts. The master will be the most correct spelling or usefully abstracted term (e.g. sex toys is the master for "dildo").

When a tag is slaved all current instances of that tag remain on the galleries and are searchable. The master tag does not appear on those galleries until placed there by a user (which may be done simply by voting up the slaved tag).

Attempting to tag a slaved tag will automatically tag the master instead. Searching for a slaved tag will yield any results from that tag as well as from its master. Searching for a master does NOT return results from any of its slaves.

Example: Searching for "dildo" will return any gallery tagged with "dildo" as well as all galleries tagged with sex toys.


Master tags may have 1 alias each (selected from its slaves). This will include the slave tag's name after the master tag, separated by a vertical bar. This is used primarily for parodies and creators well-known by more than 1 name.

Example: "parody:the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya | suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu"

Tag Mod Power

Like many functions on E-Hentai, tagging operates on users' mod power.

  • Upvotes use mod power equal to that of the user while downvotes use half of that, rounded up. Users with veto power downvote at their full mod power instead.
  • Certain tags cannot be voted on without a minimum amount of mod power; this is to prevent abuse/misuse by newer users.
    • Tags that have never been used before require 25 mod power to be used for the first time and only in the Misc namespace.
  • Point.png This is ONLY intended for artist (a:), character (c:), circle/maker (g:) and parody/series (p:).
    Even with the required power, a proper request MUST be made in this thread.
    Fetish tag requests must ALWAYS be suggested before any tagging.
  • Uploaders tagging or voting up tags on their own galleries receive a +20 mod power bonus. Downvoting is not affected.

Tags gain certain attributes if they reach specific amounts of mod power:

MP Effect on Tag
  • The tag will have a dotted border.
  • The tag becomes visible on the gallery.
5+ The Tag Flagging Hath Perk works on the tag.
  • The tag will have a dashed border.
  • The tag becomes searchable by default.
    • Newer galleries take between 1-5 minutes while older ones can take up to 1 hour to register into the search system.
    • To find tags with less mod power, advanced search options are available.
  • The tag will have a solid border.
  • A language tag designates the gallery as being in that language. This also applies to language status tag (translated or rewrite).
  • A category tag will forcibly change the gallery's category.
    • If multiple language or category tags are present the one with the highest power has priority.


Namespaces indicate a tag's purpose. Some tags cannot be entered without an accompanying namespace; this is intentional. Any tag without a default namespace will request that the user enter one of the accepted namespaces already paired with the tag. Please attempt to use the tag in conjunction with the correct namespace. If there is a valid namespace not permitted for use post it here.


  • The field to add tags has an input cap of 200 characters.
  • Tags listed in order of power when they are of equal power are listed in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Tags can only be added to published galleries.

See also

  • Tag Groups - A list of master tags and their slaves.