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For more technical and advanced information about the tagging system.

Tag Disclaimer

When a user attempts to add a tag for the first time they will be prompted by a disclaimer stating the guidelines for tagging. This is a setting stored in the user's cookies so clearing them, using a different browser/private browsing, or the cookie expiring, resets accepting the disclaimer.


Namespaces indicate a tag's purpose. Some tags cannot be entered without an accompanying namespace, usually for tags that conflict in multiple namespaces. Attempting to add a tag without an assigned namespace in those cases will alert the user of the accepted namespaces for that tag. Requests for namespace or grouping assignments of non-fetish tags may be posted on the forum.

Tag Mod Power

Like many functions on E-Hentai, tagging operates on users' cumulative mod power. Tags gain certain attributes if they reach specific amounts:

MP Effect on Tag
  • The tag will have a dotted border.
  • The tag becomes visible on the gallery.
  • Dotted tags are only searchable with the weak: qualifier, and are not visible in search result display modes that show tags.
  • The tag will have a dashed border.
  • The tag becomes searchable by default.
    • Newer galleries take between 1-5 minutes while older ones can take up to 1 hour to register into the search system.
    • The weak: qualifier may be used to find tags with 1-9 (inclusive) mod power.
  • Dashed border tags are visible in search result display modes that show tags.
  • The tag will have a solid border.
  • Tags that reach this value become soft enforced after 5 minutes, preventing it from being downvoted by anyone with less than half the mod power of the highest vote in favor of the tag, capped to 25.
  • Veto holders may still downvote these tags with no restriction.
  • A language tag designates the gallery as being in that language. This also applies to language status tag (translated or rewrite).
  • A category tag will forcibly change the gallery's category.
    • If multiple language or category tags are present the one with the earliest lock-in time wins.
  • Upvotes use mod power equal to that of the user while downvotes use half (rounded up). Users with veto power downvote at their full mod power.
    • Uploaders adding/upvoting tags on their own galleries receive a +20 mod power bonus. Downvoting is not affected.
  • Certain tags cannot be voted on without a minimum amount of mod power; this is to prevent misuse by newer users.
  • Tags that have never been used before require 15 mod power to be used for the first time and only in the Temp namespace.
    • Point.png This is not intended for fetish tags; those must always be suggested and approved.
      For other types (artists, parodies, characters, etc.), you will need to supplement your temp tag with supporting materials. Please see this guide for details.

Tag Soft Veto/Enforcement

  • As soon as a tag becomes solid or downvoted, a five minute lock-in timer starts. After this timer expires, votes for the tag are restricted in various ways.
    • Locked in strong tags may still continue being voted for 5 minutes, either bringing it below the lock-in threshold, or raising it to a maximum cap of 200.
  • Tags that are solid for 5 unbroken minutes become soft enforced, and needs at least half the mod power of the highest vote in favor of it to vote it down, capped to 25.
  • Tags that are killed for 5 unbroken minutes become soft vetoed, and needs at least half the mod power of the highest vote against it to vote it up. capped to 25.
  • Any tags revived after the soft veto count as being started by the person who revived it, which will effect toplist/accuracy calculations.

Tag Veto

  • Veto holders may always downvote soft enforced tags, and upvote soft vetoed tags.
  • Additionally, votes by these users may hard veto/enforce a tag, based on it's veto score.
    • Veto score is calculated as the number of vetoers voting for the tag, minus the number of vetoers voting against, capped between 3 and -3.
  • Tags with a veto score of +3 are considered enforced, and will be solid regardless of other votes, and cannot be downvoted by non-vetoers.
  • Tags with a veto score of -3 are considered vetoed, and will be downed regardless of other votes, and cannot be upvoted by non-vetoers.

Tag Colors

Normal = White
Upvoted = Green
Downvoted = Red
Selected = Blue
Slave = Gray (cannot be voted)
Downvoted slave = Dark red (cannot be undone)
Upvoted slave = Dark green (vote can be withdrawn)

Slave Tags

Slave tags are tags that have been grouped together under a single master tag. Tags are typically grouped because they are misspellings or are synonymous. The master tag will be the most correct spelling or approved tag (e.g. sex toys is the master tag for "dildo", "vibrator", etc.)

Slave tags are rarely seen by non-moderators as an auto-tagger removes them after a period of time. Attempting to tag/upvote a slaved tag will do so to the master tag instead. Searches utilizing a slaved tag will return galleries tagged with the master tag.


Master tags may have 1 alias each (selected from its slaves). The slave tag's name is displayed after the master tag, separated by a vertical bar. This is used primarily for parodies, characters, and creators well-known by more than 1 name.



  • Tags can only be added to published galleries.
  • The field to add/upvote tags has an input cap of 200 characters.
  • Tags listed in order of power when they are of equal power are listed in reverse alphabetical order.
  • Users with < 2 power are unable to start tags or downvote tags.

See also

  • Tag Groups - A list of master tags and their slaves.
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