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Power (A.K.A. Mod Power) is a modifier for various functions involving the galleries. Users may view their power in their My Home area.


Power affects a user's ability to vote more strongly on Gallery Tagging, Gallery Comments, and on gallery petitions for Renaming and Expunging. Some functions have power caps or reductions to prevent abuse. There are no other benefits to power.

MP User permissions
1 Base power. Users may participate in any of the above with some restrictions.
12 Users may vote on power-restricted tags.
  • Users no longer need to wait to tag and must wait for 10 seconds between each comment, down from 60.
  • Users may add new misc tags to the tag database.

Point.png Do NOT attempt to acquire power for the sole purpose of unlocking features. E-H activities are a privilege (not a right) meant to help improve the site. Any abuse of these privileges may lead to them being permanently revoked.


Some of these are given in denominations of 1/100th, rounded up to the next 1/100th.

  • A user who is level 267 in the HentaiVerse would receive 5.34 power.
  • A user who obtained 1,551,789 lifetime GP from gallery hits and H@H would receive 0.16 power.

Current moderation power is rounding to the next integer.

  • A user whose power is 12.53 has an effective moderation power of 13.
Source Min/Max Explanation
Base +1/Varies +1 unless a specific bonus is assigned.
Awards 0/Varies Sum of the end-of-year awards.
Tagging -5/+10 Performance score based on effective tagcount and how tags a user has created and voted on fare.
  • A user needs to make new tags with at least 80% accuracy and vote with at least 90% accuracy to maintain a neutral tag score.
  • Tags that are above 100 power do not give accuracy points.
  • Calculations for this portion are delayed by 3 days.
HentaiVerse Level 0/+7 +0.02 for every HentaiVerse level up to 350.
Donations 0/+7 +1 for every donation level up to Catgirl.
Account Age 0/+5
  • +1 for every 120 registered days up to +3.
  • Additional +1 at the end of the second and third year.
Forum Activity 0/+7
  • +1 for every 30 active forum days (days a post has been made) up to +4.
  • An additional +1 for every 120 active days past this up to +3.
Uploads/H@H 0/+7 Calculated base user's total lifetime GP from uploaded gallery visits + Hentai@Home and Adopt-A-Server activity.
  • Roughly +0.01 for every 100,000 GP (capped at 69,950,000 GP).


  • (Level + Donations + Account Age + Forum Activity + Uploads/H@H) caps at 25.
  • Power cannot be reduced to lower than 1.
  • Comment downvotes and expunging votes are capped at 40 per user.


Power = Round(Base + Awards + Tagging + min(HV_Level + Donation + Account_Age + Forum_Activity + Uploads/H@H, 25))