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Power (A.K.A. Mod Power) is a modifier for various functions involving the galleries. Users may view their power in their My Home area.


Power affects a user's ability to vote more strongly on gallery Tagging, Comments, and on petitions for Renaming and Expunging. There are no other benefits to power.

MP User permissions
1 Base power. Users cannot be reduced to less than 1 power.
10 Users may create new appeal petitions.
20 Users may create new defaced expunge petitions.
  • The wait time between tagging different galleries is removed.
  • The wait time between comments becomes 10 seconds, down from 60.
  • Users may create new expunge petitions on protected galleries.

Point.png Do NOT attempt to acquire power for the sole purpose of unlocking features. E-H activities are a privilege (not a right) meant to help improve the site. Any abuse of these privileges may lead to them being permanently revoked.


Source Min Max Explanation
Base +1 +11 +1 unless a power boost is assigned.
Awards 0 Varies Sum of the end-of-year awards.
Tagging -10 +10 Performance score based on effective tagcount and how the tags that a user has added and voted on fare.
  • A minimum of 1000 tagging actions (started + voted) is required for any power bonus or penalty.
  • Users need to add and vote tags with 85%+ accuracy to avoid a power penalty.
  • Tags that are already above 100 power do not give accuracy points.
  • Calculations for this portion are delayed by 3 days.
HentaiVerse Level 0 +7 +0.02 for every HentaiVerse level up to 350.
Donations 0 +7 +1 for every donation level up to Catgirl.
Account Age 0 +5
  • +1 for every 120 registered days up to +3.
  • Additional +1 at the end of the second and third year.
Forum Activity 0 +7
  • +1 for every 30 active forum days (days a post has been made) up to +4.
  • An additional +1 for every 120 active days past this up to +3.
Uploads / H@H 0 +7 Calculated base user's total lifetime GP from uploaded gallery visits + Hentai@Home and Adopt-A-Server activity.
  • Roughly +0.01 for every 100,000 GP (capped at 69,950,000 GP).


  • (Level + Donations + Account Age + Forum Activity + Uploads/H@H) caps at 25.
  • Comment downvotes and expunging votes are capped at 30 for normal users, or 40 for power boosted users.


Power = Round(Base + Awards + Tagging + min(HV_Level + Donation + Account_Age + Forum_Activity + Uploads/H@H, 25))

Most source operate in denominations of 1/100th, rounded up. (e.g. Level 267 in the HentaiVerse = 5.34 power. Lifetime GP from gallery hits and H@H of 1,551,789 = 0.16 power).

Effective moderation power is rounded up to the next integer. (e.g. A user with 12.53 power effectively has 13).

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