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This list does not include every possible reason for a ban.

There are 7 types of bans on E-Hentai.


Type Blocked Abilities Possible Reasons
Power Tagging, expunging, rating, renaming, or commenting on any galleries. Notable misuse of any Power-related functions.
HentaiVerse Accessing the HentaiVerse. Any botting or exploitation of the game.
Upload Uploading galleries or torrents.
Forum Posting in the forums OR accessing them. Breaking any Forum Rules on the forums.
IRC Accessing the IRC channel. Breaking any Forum Rules on the IRC channel.
EHWiki Editing this wiki. Spamming or vandalizing any wiki articles.
Total All of the above as well as access to favorites, tag, karma, and credit history, My Home (besides My Settings), Bounties, Gallery Manager, and Archives. Major site rule violation (e.g. multi-accounting, breaking rule #11).

No one is immune: even donors can be banned (as of end Nov. 2017, at least 4 Catgirls and 38 Gold Star or higher users have been banned).