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This list does not include every possible reason for a ban. Any kind of rule breaking can potentially lead to a full, permanent ban.


Type Blocked Abilities Reasons / Notes
Tagging Adding or voting tags up or down on any other users' galleries (or all galleries if the abuse is severe). Adding incorrect tags or voting incorrectly. Frequently due to not reading a tag's definition or not abiding by the presence rule. Users whose accuracy falls below 90% are very likely to be banned. 100% accuracy does not prevent bans; metric abuses are more likely to result in a harsher ban.
Tag Creation Creating new temp tags. Users with this ban are required to visit this thread should they wish to create artist, group, cosplayer, parody, or character tags in the future. Repeatedly creating an entry on the tag approval tracker without submitting any relevant supporting materials, and ignoring revision requests. Attempts to create invalid tags may also lead to this ban.
Expunging Filing or voting on expunge/appeal petitions. Incorrect attempts at expunging galleries. Attempting to appeal correct expunges.
Renaming Filing or voting up rename petitions. Providing incorrect information or making excessive non-important changes.
Commenting Adding comments or voting them up or down Violation of the comment rules. Adding and voting are separate bans.
Bounties Posting or claiming bounties. Claiming and posting have separate bans.
HentaiVerse Accessing the HentaiVerse. Any botting or exploitation of the game.
Upload Uploading galleries or torrents.
Language Selection Defining the primary language of their own gallery via the gallery upload UI. Users may still add the corresponding language tag(s) manually. Declaring the wrong language and/or translation status (official/textless, translated, rewrite) for their own galleries.
Forum Posting in the forums or accessing them. Breaking any Forum Rules on the forums.
IRC Accessing the IRC channel. Breaking any Forum Rules on the IRC channel.
EHWiki Editing this wiki. Spamming or vandalizing any wiki articles.
Total All of the above as well as access to favorites, tag, karma, and credit history, My Home (besides My Settings), Bounties, Gallery Manager, and Archives. Major site rule violation (e.g. multi-accounting, harassment, privacy violations). Repeat offenders may also get a full ban at the administrator's discretion.

No one is immune. Even donors can be banned (as of 2023-08 at least 6 Catgirls and 43 Gold Star or higher users have been banned).

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