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The IRC channel for E-Hentai allows users to chat in real time. It is the only official communication medium aside from the Forums.


  • All of the Forum Rules apply to the channel.
  • Begging of any kind is prohibited.

Any behavior that breaks these rules will result in a kick/ban.


#e-hentai on Rizon


  • Admin: tenboro
  • Ops: Agoraphobia, chriseras, EHSpectre, elgringo, Evil-Simon, Noni, Shank
Bot Triggers Results
ChanStat !ustats name Channel activity for user
YouTube links YouTube video details
.cc expression Calculations by Google Calculator
.g terms Google search
.u phrase UrbanDictionary lookups
.w location / zip code Weather forecast

All points or other effects in IRC have no actual bearing on E-Hentai.


The channel contains no XDCC bots or other formal downloads of any kind.

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