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The IRC channel for E-Hentai allows users to chat about any E-Hentai topics.


  • All of the Forum Rules apply to the channel.
  • Begging of any kind is prohibited.

Any behavior that breaks these rules will result in a kick/ban.


  • Server: Rizon
  • Channel: #e-hentai



  • Admin: tenboro
  • Ops: binglo, dnbdave, EHSpectre, elgringo, Evil-Varst, Jenga, Maximum_Joe
  • Bots:
    • ChanStat
    • godzilla
      • Youtube video details (Youtube links)
      • .ud definition - UrbanDictionary lookups
      • .c expression - Calculations by the Wolfram|Alpha computational and knowledge engine
      • .w ZIP/city - Weather forecast (coupled with ZIP code or city name)
    • ooinuza
      • Equipment's stats (equipment links)
      • New lottery prizes (automatic)
      • !search / @search / !s / @s - search for other bots
      • !latest
      • !anidb - AniDB lookups
      • !request
      • !help

Note that all points or other effects in IRC have no actual bearing in E-Hentai.


The IRC channel contains no XDCC bots or other formal downloads of any kind.

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