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Note that the sections before Additional are merely a copy of the rules.

Forum Rules

The enforcement of these rules is ultimately left to the discretion of the mods and admins of the board, but to insure proper board etiquette please try to adhere to these rules as closely as possible.

Violations of these rules may result in a verbal warning by either a moderator or administrator, a ban from posting to the forum and partaking in certain other site activities, or in the worst case, a complete removal of your account.

These rules can be modified at any time. If you have any questions about them, leave a post in the Website Discussions forum.

The Thirteen Commandments

1) Language - This is primarily an English-language forum. Please avoid making excessive posts in other languages, as people don't come here to read what for them is gobbledegook. You are of course free to use whatever languages you wish in private.

2) Flaming/Harassment of others - Do not flame others on the board. If you have something important to say whether it's positive or negative, you are free to say it, but don't be an asshole about it.

3) No Offensive Images - This is an adult website forum, so nudity and pictures of sex are allowed to a certain degree, but any pictures involving rape, scat, torture, and anything found to be generally offensive by the staff may be removed. If it is necessary to post an image like this, provide it as a link, and post a warning. It is absolutely prohibited to post links, cloaked or otherwise, to the various shock sites found on the Internet. If it was ever funny, it ceased being so years ago.

4) Do not link to any site you have a vested interest in, unless that site has actual content. Banner farms are not content. Likewise, do not post any referral links, or links that go through revenue-generating sites that add no other value, like Usercash. (RapidShare, Megaupload and sites like that, which host the actual content, are OK.) Any money making scheme posts or other sucker bait = instaban.

5) You are not allowed to have more than one forums account at any given time. Furthermore, your account is yours and yours alone, and cannot be sold, given away, shared, or otherwise be used by other people. Violations of this rule can cause your accounts to be closed and/or deleted without warning.

6) Post in the Appropriate Forum - Self explanatory. Mis-posted posts may be moved to the correct forum or deleted at the moderator's discretion.

7) Constant bumping of topics is not allowed. A "bump" is defined as just posting a message with the word "bump" or with the sole intention of moving a topic to the top of the forum while not contributing anything to it. Bumped topics may be closed or deleted at a moderator's discretion.

8) Do not post or request pay site passes/keys/logins/etc, and do not post or request for the translation of a artist's password-like secret URL.

9) Do not post or use in signatures any material listed in the Prohibited Content Thread, and do not post links to such content.

10) Your signature, including all images and text, should fit within 700x400 pixels. That is, if you make a one-liner post at 1024x768, the entire post should fit in a window without scrolling. It should especially not require scrolling horizontally. The total size of images in a signature should not exceed 200 kB. Animated signatures are generally not allowed.

11) There should be absolutely no violations of people's privacy. This goes for everyone. Posting of or linking to any personally identifiable information like names, phone numbers, addresses, social network profiles and so on is strictly prohibited. This also applies for your own personal information.

12) You may appeal moderator punishments directly to an administrator, but persistent and extensive complaints about them, or insults targeting moderator and administrator staff, will lead to further bans, up to and including permanent expulsion from these forums.

13) This is not a codex that fully defines what you can and cannot do. Even if you are not in technical violation of a specific rule, if you go out of your way to be a nuisance, or your presence adds nothing but strife and negativity, staff may choose to remove you at their discretion.

Do not flame new users for minor violations of these rules. Hit the report button, and either point out their error without jumping at their throat, or STFU.

Lesser Rules That Aren't Strictly Enforced But Should Be Kept Unless There Is A Very Good Reason

These things can at a moderator's discretion be penalized if overdone. Please do not use the report system for these infractions, unless they appear to be very severe.

Double Posting - generally you should not double-post, or in other words, post more than one message right after another one you have posted. Please use the edit button to edit your post, located below the post on the right side.

Necro-Posting - Do not post in old topics that have run their course and dropped off the first couple of pages. Most of those conversations are done and over with, and bringing them back to life is meaningless.

Useless Posts - Do not post messages in the forum that contribute nothing to the conversation. It's considered to be highly annoying to do so, so unless you have something to say, don't.


  • Discussions involving Real Money Trading of E-Hentai currencies are strictly prohibited.