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The My Home page is where users may observe or make use of various functions involving the E-Hentai Galleries.


Image Limits
Displays the current limit of the user to view images (typically 3,000-5,000). Also allows for this limit to be reset manually at the cost of GP (if no GP is available, Credits will be converted at the 24-hour "high" rate to cover the cost). This limit and regen rate (typically 3-5 per minute) vary based on server load.
  • The limit is tracked by IP address by default; this can be changed to account-only tracking via a Bronze Star or higher.
  • Force-reloading a failing image counts as 50 hits.
  • Downloading an original image counts as (10 * filesize_in_MB) hits.
    • Will instead cost GP under certain conditions. Please see here for details.
  • If the user opted out of Hentai@Home content delivery (under Image Load Settings) all API requests will count as 5 hits instead of 1, even if the image already is cached or the request fails.
    • Only donators may pick this option and should only do so if experiencing H@H issues. It is recommended to have the More Pages (or above) Hath Perk unlocked as this will drain image limits 5x as fast. This is especially true for MPV, which preloads images, and larger galleries.
Lists the various data and statistics for the user's torrent behavior.
Total GP Gained
Displays a summary of all GP earned.
Displays the position the user has reached on any toplist if the user is within the top 1,000.
Moderation Power
Displays the user's sources and total mod power.

My Stats

  • Shows a total of all hits/visits a user's galleries have collectively received.
    • Note that this displays the last 28-31 days' stats depending on the number of days in the preceding month, NOT the days since the start of the current month.

My Settings

Allows the adjustment of various visibility settings.

  • Image load settings.
    • The "Default port clients only" option restricts image loads to H@H clients using port 443.
    • The "Browsing Country" option lets you override the country used to determine which part of the H@H network to load images from.
  • Image scaling settings (the "Auto" option is generally 1280x).
  • Displaying the Romanized or Japanese gallery name.
  • Archive download behavior.
  • Selecting the default viewing mode and categories for the front/search pages.
  • Renaming Favorite categories.
  • Ratings colorization.
  • Excluding certain namespaces from a default tag search.
  • Adjusting My Tags thresholds.
  • Excluding languages besides Japanese (requires the corresponding tags to be at 100 mod power or higher).
    • "Other" refers to languages not already listed.
    • "N/A" refers to speechless and textless galleries.
  • Excluding uploaders to prevent their galleries from being displayed.
    • Users can exclude up to 100 uploaders.
    • Gold Star or above donors can exclude up to 1,000 uploaders.
  • Adjusting thumbnail scaling for Thumbnail and Extended viewing modes.
  • Choices for the order in which gallery comments, favorites, and tags are sorted.
  • Enabling/disabling of an H@H Image Proxy.
  • Enabling/disabling of certain Hath Perks.
    • Changing the search result count per page (Requires "Paging Enlargement" perks).
    • Enabling/disabling original images (Requires the "Source Nexus" perk).
    • Multi-Page Viewer options.

My Tags

  • For filtering or highlighting galleries containing sets of tags.


  • For the adjustment of H@H client settings.
  • Includes a download link of the H@H client software.


  • For donation transactions; also displays the cumulative amount already donated.
  • Adopt-A-Server is also managed from here.

Hath Perks

  • For the purchase of hath perks in exchange for Hath.

Hath Exchange

GP Exchange

  • For the purchasing and selling of GP for credits.

Credit Log

  • A log of credit income and spending activities for the last 30 days (except for the Dawn event).

Karma Log

  • A log of who has imbued karma and the messages they have left.
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