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Credit (often abbreviated as 'C') is the core currency of E-Hentai. It is easily converted to the other two types and can be sent to other users at no cost. It has the most uses and sources of all currencies and is the only usable one inside the HentaiVerse.

Sources And Uses

Activity Earns Uses
Killing monsters in the HentaiVerse
(~20% chance per monster; amount modified by difficulty setting and battle mode, not affected by levels)
Clearing Arena and Ring of Blood challenges
Selling / Buying Items or Equipment in the Bazaar
Using MoogleMail; 10 per message sent
(Can be removed via the Postage Paid Hath Perk)
CoD-ing via MoogleMail
(10% fee, capped at 1k; nullified by the Postage Paid Hath Perk)
E-Hentai Galleries
Claiming / Creating bounties
(Claims require a 1,000C deposit refunded on success)
Downloading Doggie Bag archives or owning galleries that have their archives downloaded
(Downloading will only use credits at a 1:1 rate in cases of insufficient GP; for receiving the amount is 25% of the cost)
Selling / Buying GP on the GP Exchange
Selling / Buying Hath on the Hath Exchange
Transferred from / to other users via MoogleMail
Received every Dawn of a New Day
Making a monetary donation to the site; Adopting a server; Earning certain awards

See also

  • Credit Log - A log of credit income and spending activities for the last 30 days (except for the Dawn event)