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This is a list of the various equipment procs in the HentaiVerse. They may also be applied through weapon skills.

All weapons are generated with a status effect that can proc on successfully hitting an enemy. The chance of it being applied is determined by the specific piece of equipment with a maximum chance of 25% for all weapons except the mace which has a maximum of 30%. The specific proc is determined by the type of weapon.

Landing a critical strike will always proc your weapon's status effect.

The three procs are:

Sources Proc Description
One-Hand: Rapier
Two-Hand: Estoc
Skills: Rending Blow, Skyward Sword
wpn ap.png
Penetrated Armor
The armor of this target has been breached, reducing its defenses.
  • Monster's physical mitigation is reduced by 25% per stack, with maximum of 3 stacks (mitigation reduced to 25%.)
    • Penetrated Armor is a multiplier applied to the monster's physical resistance (ie 3 stacks on a monster with 80% = 80%*25% = 20%).
    • This multiplier is layered with Imperil. This means that a monster with 80% physical mitigation will have 40% after imperil, and then 10% after 3 stacks of PA.
  • Penetrating Armor is applied after the damage for the attack is dealt. This means the player will not benefit from it until the following turn.
One-Hand: Axe, Shortsword, Wakizashi
Two-Hand: Longsword, Katana
Skills: Vital Strike, Skyward Sword
wpn bleed.png
Bleeding Wound
A gushing wound is making this target take damage over time.
    • 5 stacks at maximum
  • Damage done = ADB * DOT% * 0.4 * Stack count
    • Other damage bonuses are applied each as separate multipliers (ie, Bleed Damage * Heartseeker (1.25) * Overwhelming Strikes (1.15) * Daemonic Duality (1.1 to 1.5) * Title Bonus (1.0 to 1.1)... etc)
    • ADB is as seen on the character sheet (not the weapon's ADB), and the DOT% is either from the weapon (eg 20% on a shortsword, 30% on a longsword) or specific to the skill (50% for Vital Strike, 20% for Skyward Sword).
  • Bleed damage is consistent and untyped; it is not affected by the monster's mitigations or any other stats.
  • Bleed damage is only recalculated when a new stack is applied; the damage will not change when a buff expires unless the player reapplies Bleeding Wound.
  • Bleeding Wound is applied before Overwhelming Strikes, and as such, on turns where a player gains Overwhelming Strikes (and it was not already active) it is not factored into the damage until the next time the stack is refreshed.
  • Bleeding Wound does not initiate a timer starting from its application; damage is simply applied at exact intervals of one game tick.
    • This also means that it does not benefit from attack speed - in fact, higher attack speed means more turns will be taken between damage applications.
One-Hand: Club
Two-Hand: Mace
Skills: Shield Bash, Shatter Strike, Concussive Strike, FUS RO DAH
wpn stun.png
A powerful blow has temporarily stunned this target.
  • Stunned monsters cannot take any offensive action and cannot evade or parry.
  • Monsters receive a free action when a stun expires on them.
  • Stuns cannot be overwritten regardless of source or duration.
    • For example, a critical hit with a club against a stunned target will not refresh a stun, nor will using Shield Bash.

The following is the table for the maximum proc chance, duration and damage from weapon sources. Proc chance and duration scale with weapon level; bleed damage is the same at any level.

Weapon type Proc Chance Duration Bleeding %
Estoc Penetrated Armor 25% 7
Longsword Bleeding Wound 25% 7 30
Mace Stun 30% 4
Katana Bleeding Wound 25% 7 30
Axe Bleeding Wound 25% 7 20
Club Stun 25% 4
Rapier Penetrated Armor 25% 7
Shortsword Bleeding Wound 25% 7 20
Wakizashi Bleeding Wound 25% 7 20

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