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A Random Encounter (also known as RE) is one of the battle modes in the HentaiVerse mini-game.

Random Encounter is a single-round battle that places players against common foes in order to get a lot credits and EXP.


  • Rounds: 1.
  • Monsters: Random; maximum of 5 for players below level 100, otherwise up to 10. Ranges from Common to Legendary-class (rare).
  • Difficulty: Monsters do not get stronger as the rounds progress; they remain at 100% strength at all times.
  • Credits Bonus: 3x.
  • EXP Bonus: 5x.
  • Stamina cost: N/A


  • High chance for a 5x Soul Fragment drop.
    • Capped at ~60/day; cap recovers by 1 every 2 hours.
    • Guaranteed drop if it's the first one within 24 hours.
  • Increased loot drop chances (same as in final round of Arena challenge).


A Random Encounter has occurred.
  • May only be attempted 24 times after enabling Dawn of a New Day, regardless of success or failure.
  • This battle event can occur once every 30 minutes upon visitation of the E-Hentai news page or a gallery. A message will be displayed in the ad space at the top of the page and clicking on the link will automatically open a HentaiVerse window to the battle.
    • The battle itself will not occur unless the link is clicked but the message appearing does count towards the daily limit. The cooldown for the next random encounter begins as soon as the message appears.

Occurrence Blockage

Random Encounters cannot occur during the following situations:

  • The player is already engaged in another battle. Clicking the link after the first battle is completed will work.
  • The player has not yet triggered the Dawn of a New Day event.
  • The player has already triggered 24 daily battles.

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