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Category Mage Melee
  • Don't need it for (nearly) every attack
  • Can exploit weaknesses much more easily
  • Can rotate damage types for elemental explosions
  • More consistently able to AoE
  • Imperil is a better spell
Play Speed
  • Can just hold down the recast key for certain fights
  • Spells cannot be parried
  • Can just hold down number keys most of the time
  • Attacks cannot be resisted
  • Somewhat stronger curative spells (depends on equipment)
  • Lots of mana and magic accuracy to cast debuffs like Weaken
  • Spells can leave various debuffs
  • Little to no burden
  • Bigger HP pool (depends on equipment)
  • Better mitigation from equipment
  • Usually just need the Silence debuff
  • Can stun (depends on weapon)
  • Can block if using a shield
  • Overall lasts better for longer # of rounds
  • Less need for SP tank
  • Don't need points for offensive spells and some non-damage spells

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