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The Shrine allows players to make offerings to the goddess Snowflake in order to receive various blessings in return.

Players can repeat the last action taken by pressing Spacebar (including equipment choice).


Artifacts grant various rewards when exchanged. Each artifact is of equivalent value. The type of reward is chosen at random.

Artifact Rewards

  • 2 Hath.
  • A Last Elixir.
  • An Energy Drink.
  • 1,000 Crystals (type chosen at random).
    • Amount not affected by the Crystarium Hath Perks.
  • A permanent +1 bonus to one primary stat (chosen at random).
    • Primary stat increases are limited to 50 per stat; these are also limited to 1/10th of the player's level.
    • Stat bonuses are displayed on the character screen in red and do not affect the EXP cost of normal stat increases.


The fluctuation is caused by the possibility of receiving attribute points. The chance for attribute points decreases the more they are received. They cease being rewarded completely once 300 have been received.

Reward Estimated
Hath 20%
Attribute Point 0-10%
Last Elixir 15%
Energy Drink 15-20%
Crystals 40-45%


Give the player a roll on the equipment loot table. Players can choose between the seven major types of equipment (1-Handed, 2-Handed, Staff, Shield, Cloth armor, Light armor, and Heavy armor).

  • The rarity of the trophy determines how large the bonus to the equipment roll is. However, all types of trophies have the same chance to get a Peerless equipment.
  • The coupon items from the monthly Toplists operate in the same manner as dropped trophies.
  • The system tracks the total value of trophies (in credits) handed in after 2014-09-27 as part of the Follower of Snowflake hath perk (players must highlight a trophy in order to view this amount whilst at the shrine). This is due to the perk essentially working retroactively.


Grants the player 1 binding and 1-3 high grade base materials per figurine shrined. The reward is chosen at random.

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