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  • Start: ~1 week before Easter.
  • End: Easter 23:59:59 (UTC).


  • Collect a full set of event artifacts that drop only during the event period. The drops are random and can occur during the completion of any round in the Arena, Grindfest, and Item World battle modes.
    • Generally each applicable battle mode has a different set of drops, thus necessitating fighting in all three.
    • The number of unique artifacts varies based on the event (generally 7-10).
  • Turn-in 1 of each artifact at the Shrine.
    • The event artifacts act the same as a Precursor Artifact in this regard except that hath rewarded is limited to 1 per artifact.
    • Easter artifacts may still be turned in after the event is over with the same rewards, but only the first of each typed turned in before the event is over count towards the grand prize.


  • 1 Shrine Fortune (untradeable Tier 7 trophy) for each unique artifact turned in before the event ended (max. 7-10).
  • Grand Prize: 1 Tier 8 trophy if a full set was turned in before the event ended.
    • Any excessive turn-ins do not provide additional grand prizes.

The Loot & Harvest Festival


  • Start: First day of the Harvest Moon (0:00:00 UTC).
  • End: ~1 week after the Harvest Moon 23:59:59 (UTC).


  • Collect Festival Coupons, an untradeable Tier 7 trophy that drop only during the event period. Festival Coupons can randomly drop as a clear bonus of any Arena or Ring of Blood battle mode.
    • The drop chance of the Festival Coupons is tied to Blood Token drop chance.
    • Festival Coupons may be turned in at any time, there is no difference between turning them in during the event or after the event is over.



  • Start: ~1 week before 31st December.
  • End: 31st December 23:59:59 (UTC).


  • Post in the appointed forum thread.
  • The post's content must include a special phrase.
  • Repeat posts do not increase the chances of winning.
  • Make sure to enter before 23:59:59 (Midnight) UTC, December 31st.

Rewards (All Participants):

Rewards (50 Winners):

Rewards (Toplists):

  • 1 Tenbora's Box per placement within the top 50 all year toplists.