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Grindfest (also known as GF) is one of the battle modes in the HentaiVerse mini-game.

Grindfest is a multi-round battle that places players against common foes in order to get a lot crystals with credits penalty.


  • Rounds: 1,000.
  • Monsters: Random amount per round, but tends to rise as the round counter increases.
  • Difficulty: Monster damage starts at 50%(?) base and increases by 0.4%(?) per round.
  • Credits Bonus (Penalty): 1/4.
  • EXP Bonus: 1x.
  • Stamina: Costs 1 stamina upfront to enter.


  • There is a clear bonus of 5,000 credits upon finishing all 1,000 rounds.
  • For every monster kill, there is both the usual chance of a normal drop as well as an equal chance of a crystal drop (see below).

Crystal Drops

Player wins round and get two drop from a single enemy: regular drop and few crystals.

Grindfest is well known as a battle mode design to give players a lot crystals, which they may use to upgrade their monsters.

The base number of crystals dropped increases with current difficulty and number of rounds played. This caps at round 500.

The formula for crystals dropped is as follows:

Crystal Drop = floor((crystarium) * (diffmod + min(gfbonus, (gfbonus / 500) * round)))
  • floor is special function, which rounds number down, toward zero, to the nearest multiple of significance.
  • min is special function, which choose minimal one between numbers.
  • crystarium is x2, x3, x5, x7, x10 for each rank of the Hath Perk, respectively. Otherwise it is x1.
  • diffmod is x1 - x3 depending on difficulty (see table below).
  • gfbonus is x0.5 - x2 depending on difficulty (see table below).
  • round is your current round in Grindfest.
Difficulty Diffmod Gfbonus
Normal x1 x0.5
Hard x1.2 x1
Nightmare x1.4 x1
Hell x1.7 x1.5
Nintendo x2 x1.5
IWBTH x2.5 x2
PFUDOR x3 x2

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