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This is primarily an anti-cheating mechanism, but is also used to add a "Rested" EXP bonus.


Stamina is displayed at the bottom of the left sidebar as a number from 1-99. The number ranges are as follows:

Stamina Status Icon Effect
60-99 Great sticon4.gif +100% EXP
1-59 Normal sticon3.gif No bonuses or penalties
0 Exhausted sticon1.gif No EXP, credit, proficiency gains, potency gains, or drops from monsters. Battles can't be started when stamina < 2
0-99 in red Any Any Increased stamina consumption per round, caused by the Riddlemaster penalty

Note: The "Great" status EXP bonus is applied separately from everything else, so regardless what other bonuses a player has, they will gain twice as much.

Stamina Usage

There are two main ways that stamina is used up

It is consumed at the end of every battle round at the rate of 0.03 on Great status and 0.02 at Normal status.


If you make too many errors in the RiddleMaster puzzle, you will get a penalty: faster stamina consumption during battle (exact value of the penalty is undisclosed).

  • There is a margin of error, you can get an undisclosed number wrong before you'll get a penalty.

If your accuracy is low enough to suffer a stamina penalty, the "Stamina" readout at the top of the screen will show in red.

  • You can also see that you have a penalty by hovering over the Stamina readout.

Recovering Stamina

Stamina is restored at a base rate of 24 per day (1 per hour). Stamina regenerates while in battle but the counter will not update until the player is out of battle.

Stamina can also be restored using rare items:

  • Energy Drink: restore 10 points, and are obtained automatically around Dawn of a New Day by Gold Star and higher donators. They can only be traded in The Market.
    • Gold Star donators receive 1 per day.
    • Catgirl Lvl.1 donators receive 2 per day.
    • Catgirl Lvl.3 donators receive 3 per day.
    • Catgirl Lvl.5 donators receive 4 per day.
    • Catgirl Lvl.7 donators receive 5 per day.
  • Caffeinated Candy: restore 5 points, and are obtained only from The Lottery. They can only be traded in The Market.

Note: Out of battle, the Player may only recover stamina from either item while <85 stamina. They may be consumed at any time while in battle.

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