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Skills are special abilities in the HentaiVerse, currently for aiding the user in combat.

Innate Skills

These skills are available to all players.

Skill Status Effect
You are defending from enemy blows. The amount of damage you take is reduced by 25%
  • Defending lasts for 2 turns - the turn in which it was cast and the following turn
  • 25% Overcharge (one whole yellow pip) is consumed to recover 25% base health.
Abilities Static Charge.png
You are mentally prepared for casting a magical attack. The chance for your spell being resisted or interfered is reduced, but so are your avoidance stats.
  • Focusing will leave the player unable to Evade/Block/Parry/Resist (-100% penalty). Monsters can still miss though.
  • Focusing lasts for 2 turns - the turn in which it was cast and the following turn
  • Increases Magic Hit Chance by 100%, reduce interference by 50%, and reduce monsters' resist chance by 50%?
  • 25% Overcharge (one whole yellow pip) is consumed to recover 5% base mana.
You are running away.
  • Fleeing may take a full turn to take effect, during which monsters may still attack.
    • The Yakety Sax Hath Perk makes fleeing instant.
  • Removes the player from the current battle series.
  • Counts as a victory for monsters involved. There is a cooldown on how often a player can count towards a monster's win stat.
Retrieve data on the target.
Scan Example
  • Gives further details about a single monster, including its:
    • Health, Mana, and Spirit Points
    • Class and Power Level
    • Owner
    • Melee attack damage type
    • Damage type mitigation values

Weapon Skills

A player's fighting style will grant additional fighting skills to players.

  • They cannot miss, be parried, or be evaded.
  • Players do not need to be in Spirit Stance to use these skills though this does boost their damage.
    • If they are used while Spirit Stance is activated, the cost for Spirit Stance will be deducted before the skill is used. Thus, the skill will fail if the player doesn't have at least 10% Overcharge past the skill's cost.
  • Using skills will drain Overcharge according to the table below. Additional Overcharge won't give any bonus towards the inflicted damage.
  • All skills have a cooldown time before they can be used again.
  • New skills are unlocked with higher Proficiencies. For Niten Ichiryu, the smaller of dual-wield and two-handed proficiencies is used for this calculation.
  • These skills use the player's current mainhand weapon's element / damage type unless otherwise stated.
Fighting Style Skill Cost Cooldown Prof. Required Description / Status Effect(s)
One-Handed sshieldbash.png
Shield Bash
25 10 0
  • Does NOT require a shield.
  • Causes Stunned for 5 turns.
  • Does crushing damage.
Vital Strike
50 10 50
  • Causes 5 stacks of Bleeding Wound (DOT% = 50%) to a stunned enemy for 10 turns.
  • Deals extra damage to a Stunned enemy.
Merciful Blow
100 10 100 Deals damage, and if the target is affected by Bleeding Wound and below 25% health, instantly kills them.
Dual Wielding siris.png
Iris Strike
50 5 0 Causes Blind for 100 turns.
50 5 50
  • Deals double damage to Blinded targets.
  • Has a ~50% chance to inflict Spreading Poison on Blinded targets for 15 turns.
Frenzied Blows
75 10 100 Hits up to 5 targets for a total of 10-20 hits (depends on the number of enemies).
2-Handed Weapon
Great Cleave
50 10 0 Does higher than normal damage.
Rending Blow
50 10 50 Inflicts 3 stacks of Penetrated Armor for 5 turns on up to 5 targets.
Shatter Strike
50 10 100 Inflicts Stunned for 5 turns on up to 5 targets if used after Rending Blow.
Niten Ichiryu sskyward.png
Skyward Sword
100 10 0 Inflicts both 3 stacks of Penetrated Armor (reduced to 25% mitigation) and 5 stacks of Bleeding Wound (DOT% = 20%) on up to 5 targets.
  • Both effects have a duration of 5 turns.
Staff sconcussive.png
Concussive Strike
50 10 0
  • Causes Stunned for 5 turns. Will not refresh an existing stun.
  • Does magical damage, not physical.
  • Can proc Coalesced Mana.

Special Skills

Skills that have special requirements to unlock.

Skill Cost Cooldown Status Effect
Orbital Friendship Cannon
200 50
  • Hits all targets.
  • Does Void damage.
  • Unlocked as long as the player owns at least 21 different collectables.
    • These must be kept in the player's inventory - not offered at the shrine. (It may take up to one day to become available.)
  • Damage greatly increased by unlocking the Manehattan Project Hath Perk.
100 10
  • Hits all targets.
  • Does Void damage.
  • Causes Stunned for 5 turns.
  • Unlocked by obtaining and using the Dovahkiin title.


Base Skill Damage = Physical_Attack_Base_Damage * Skill_Multiplier * Overcharge %?* 0.02
Skill Name Skill Multiplier
Shield Bash 1
Vital Strike 2.5, 5 if stunned
Merciful Blow 5? if Monster HP > 25%
Great Cleave 2.5?
Rending Blow 1?
Shatter Strike 1?
Dual Wield
Iris Strike 1.5?
Backstab 2.5?, 5? if blinded
Frenzied Blows 1?
Skyward Sword 1?
Concussive Strike 1.5?
Orbital Friendship Cannon 5?

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