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Equipment Proficiencies

Weapon proficiencies increase the chances of the special procs for a player's active Fighting Style. They also grant additional fighting skills.

The following effects are per 1 point in their respective proficiency. Each bonus requires the related ability to be slotted as well as the player only wearing the matching equipment.

For health points, magic points, accuracy, spell cast speed and damage, the values are simply added on to the character sheet. For everything else, there is a single proficiency bonus that is multiplied on. See the attributes page for the appropriate formula.

Bonus Amount



+Physical Damage 2 / 3 / 4
+Physical Accuracy 0.01% / 0.02%
+Block Chance 0.025%


+Physical Damage 2 / 2.5 / 3
+Physical Accuracy 0.01% / 0.02%
+Parry Chance 0.025%


+Physical Damage 3 / 4 / 5
+Physical Accuracy 0.01% / 0.02%
+Physical Critical Chance 0.025%

Niten Ichiryuu

(See Two-Handed and Dual-Wielding)


+Spell Damage 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.5
+Spell Accuracy 0.01% / 0.02%
+Physical Damage 3



+Spell Accuracy 0.05%
+Spell Critical Chance 0.01% / 0.015% / 0.018% / 0.021% / 0.025%
+Spell Casting Speed 0.015% / 0.025%
+Magic Points 0.05% / 0.06% / 0.07% / 0.08% / 0.09% / 0.095% / 0.1%


+Physical Accuracy 0.05%
+Physical Critical Chance 0.01% / 0.015% / 0.018% / 0.021% / 0.025%
+Physical Attack Speed 0.015% / 0.025%
+Health & Magic Points HP: 0.025% / 0.035% / 0.045% / 0.055% / 0.065% / 0.07% / 0.075%
MP: 0.02% / 0.025% / 0.03% / 0.035% / 0.04% / 0.045% / 0.05%


+Crushing Mitigation 0.02 / 0.04 / 0.05
+Piercing Mitigation 0.02 / 0.04 / 0.05
+Slashing Mitigation 0.02 / 0.04 / 0.05
+Health Points 0.05% / 0.06% / 0.07% / 0.08% / 0.09% / 0.095% / 0.1%

Gaining Equipment Proficiencies

For Armor:

  • When a player is attacked (even if they evade/block/parry/absorb/resist, or if the monster misses), an occupied armor slot is randomly chosen (20% chance) for a chance at a proficiency gain.
  • When a player blocks an attack with a shield, they have an increased chance of gaining One-Handed proficiency.

For Weapons:

  • Automatic per turn even if no regular attacks are done by the player.

Magic Proficiencies


Magic proficiencies:

  • Lower the cast time and mana cost of spells by up to 25% (based on spell).
  • Increase the duration of sustained spells (beyond the effects of abilities).
    • This includes the duration of status effects.
    • Base durations can be found on the Spells page.
    • Durations can be increased by maximum a factor of 7 (supportive/curative spells) or 4 (everything else).
  • Increase a player's counter-resist and grants a specific element mitigation reduction with spells of that type.
    • Both effects depend on the player's proficiency factor, capped between 0 and 1:
    • prof_factor = (effective_proficiency - monsterlevel) / monsterlevel
    • Counter-resist bonus = prof_factor * 50%
    • Mitigation reduction = (prof_factor ^ 1.5) * 50
  • Supportive magic proficiency scales the power of Cure.[1]
    • 0 supportive proficiency yields 80%. Matching the player's level yields 100% base. Doubling the player's level yields 150% base.

Gaining Magic Proficiencies

Magic proficiency increases at the end of a round as long as a spell of the specific type was cast (even if it misses/is resisted, or enhanced by the Channeling effect). Spells auto-casted via Innate Arcana can give an increase once per round.

  • Elemental Proficiency can be increased by casting any Fire, Cold, Elec, or Wind spells.
  • Divine Proficiency can be increased by casting any Holy spells.
  • Forbidden Proficiency can be increased by casting any Dark spells.
  • Deprecating Proficiency can be increased by casting any negative status effect spell (e.g. Weaken).
  • Supportive Proficiency can be increased by casting any positive status spell (e.g. Haste) or any health-restoring spell (e.g. Regen).

Magic proficiencies can also be increased by purchasing certain Hath Perks. Each perk grants a 10% bonus to the effective proficiency of the respective type.


  • The rate of gains is based on the amount of experience (including any bonuses to EXP gain) gained during battles where a proficiency is used in some way.
  • The rate at which proficiency is gained can be increased via Assimilator training at +10% per rank trained, up to a maximum of 3.5x the normal rate.
  • The amount of gain depends on the difference between player's level and prof. The higher the spread, the higher the gain you'll receive.
  • The chance for proficiency gain when using a spell is 100%.
  • After the Dawn event the next battle will automatically give a set increase to all proficiencies, including those not in use by the player. The amount is based on the gap between the player's current level and their current proficiency; this amount is not affected by anything else.

Effective Proficiency

  • Effective proficiency can be seen on the right-side scroll section of the character page.
  • Base proficiencies are capped at 20% above the player's current level. However, bonus proficiency points on equipment, or through certain Hath Perks, allow players to exceed this cap.
  • Effective magic proficiency is capped at twice a player's level.

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