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Battles in the HentaiVerse are where players can fight against monsters in order to gain Experience, Proficiency, Items, Equipment, and Credits.


  • Battles are initiated by the player entering one of the battle modes manually or via Random Encounters while browsing the E-Hentai galleries.
  • Each battle will spawn up to 10 monsters to fight. In Random Encounters low-levelled players will face fewer monsters.
  • The player always acts first.
  • The difficulty setting may be adjusted at any time outside of battle.
  • The player may flee from battle to prevent defeat.


  • A "turn" refers to a single action taken by the player (attacking, using spells, using items, etc.).
  • A "round" refers to a fight with monsters that ends once they are defeated (or the player flees/dies).
  • A "battle series" refers to a set of rounds that last until completed (or the player flees/dies).


When it is the player's turn they may choose from 7 different actions:

Action Description Hotkey
attack n.png | attack s.png Basic physical attack, applies the physical attack stats against the target's physical defense stats. Q
magic n.png
magic s.png
sbsel skills s.png Prompts the player to select a skill / spell to use.
  • Pressing the hotkey R will recast the previously used spell/skill on the previously selected target (or on the player if a supportive/curative spell was cast).
    • If the previous target is dead it will open the Skillbook menu and select the previously used spell/skill, but not cast it.
    • Recast works even if the player performs other actions in between.
    • If no spell/skill has been cast at all during the round hitting R will have same effect as selecting Skillbook.
  • Any skill/spell on cooldown will have its name and quickcast icon grayed/faded out.

Players can put spells/skills they constantly use in one of the quick-cast slots. Spells/skills can be selected via clicking and can be selected using the hotkeys Alt + 1 through Alt + 0 (corresponding to the quickslot placement). These slots are linked to the player's Persona and will be blank when switching to a new persona for the first time.

sbsel spells s.png
items n.png | items s.png Prompts the player to use one of their Battle Items. To use that action, players must move items from their Inventory to one of the Battle Item slot beforehand. By default every player has five Battle Items slots; this amount may be increased via Training. Using items is a free action; monsters cannot attack for that turn. Items have various cooldowns once consumed. E
spirit n.png | spirit a.png Toggles Spirit Stance. Can be toggled once a player has at least 50 units of Overcharge and consumes one SP and 10% Overcharge per round.
  • On the current turn:
    • Physical damage is boosted by +100%.
    • Mana cost is reduced by 25%.
  • On the following turn:
    • Same as above, until the player runs out of Overcharge or toggles off Spirit Stance.
defend n.png | defend a.png Use Defend command. Has no cooldown.
  • On the current turn:
    • Physical and magical mitigations are boosted by +25%.
    • 25% Overcharge (one whole yellow pip) is consumed to recover 10% base health (requires 10%+ overcharge).
  • On the following turn:
    • Physical and magical mitigations are boosted by +25%.
focus n.png | focus a.png Use Focus command. Has no cooldown.
  • On the current turn:
    • Evade, Block, Parry and Resist? reduced to 0% (-100% penalty). Monsters can still miss.
    • 25% Overcharge is consumed to recover 5% base mana (requires 25%+ overcharge).
  • On the following turn:
    • Magic Hit Chance/Spell Hit Chance is boosted by 100%?.
    • Counter-resist is boosted by 50%.

After selecting and executing a command each living monster may perform an attack, spell, or spirit attack. Most of the time this will result in the end of a turn, though sometimes certain abilities take longer to perform than others. In these cases some monsters may act a second time before the player can respond.


Enemies can be targeted by mouse clicking or keyboard's hotkeys 1 through 0 (either on the home row or number pad); 1 corresponds to the mon a.png through to 0 for mon i.png.


Physical and Magical attacks have a chance to perform a critical attack (crit) for both monsters and players, which deals bonus damage, as well as having a 100% chance to execute a weapon's or spell's innate procs. Does not affect procs granted by equipment suffixes or fighting style.

Critical hits have the following properties:

  • Player's damage (physical & magical) is boosted by +50%. This extra damage may be increased further by:
  • The chance to deal critical attacks ("crit rate") can be increased by:
    • Physical:
      • Using equipment which has innate bonuses to attack crit chance or specific suffixes.
      • Investing into STR and DEX primary attributes.
      • Using the ability DW Crit (Dual Wielding or Niten Ichiryu fighting styles only).
      • Using the ability Light Crit (light armor only).
      • Point.png Having Burden above 70 reduces any critical physical attack bonuses, completely removing them at 120 burden.
    • Magical:
  • Monsters have a base 20% crit damage bonus and crit rate, increased by their STR and DEX (for physical attacks) and WIS and INT (for magical attacks).

Day of the Week

During each day of the week damage done by a damage type is temporarily increased (both for the player and for monsters). Mitigation for the element is reduced by 10 points except for Friday's which is 5.

Day Damage Type
Sunday Holy
Monday Dark
Tuesday Fire
Wednesday Cold
Thursday Wind
Friday All (see note)
Saturday Elec

Note: Friday's 'all' damage bonus includes Void damage, as well as Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, and all elements listed on the table.

End of Round

Rounds end in these cases:

  • Player win (victorious) - after which the player may enter the next round in the battle series, until the final round where they will be ejected from the battle upon victory.
  • Player defeat (dies) - after which the player will be ejected from the battle series with armor durability loss.
  • Player flees - after which the player will be ejected from battle series, and if successful will have no penalties. Players may still be killed, unless they have the Yakety Sax Hath Perk


Player won current round.

Players are victorious when every spawned monster has been defeated (their health is reduced to 0).

The player will be given a message to indicate their victory with the text:

"You are victories!
You Gain [Amount] EXP
Continue [Battle mode]"

Clicking on Continue [Battle mode] or pressing Spacebar will move the player onto the next round.
Rewards for winning a round are:

Rewards for winning a battle series are:

  • Specific amount of Potency Experience (PXP), as well new Potency for equipment (If Battle Mode was Item World).
  • Specific amount of Credits (If Battle Mode was Arena, Ring of Blood or Grindfest).
  • Some Equipment as a Clear Bonus (If Battle Mode was Arena, Ring of Blood, or The Tower).
  • Chance to get Token of Blood or Token of Chaos (If Battle Mode was Arena or Ring of Blood).
  • Chance to get 5 Soul Fragments (If Battle Mode was Random Encounter, and guaranteed at the end of each floor of The Tower).
  • Any powerups held will be lost.

Note: Stamina is slightly consumed at the end of every successfully cleared round; the amount consumed depends on player's existing amount of stamina (player with great stamina will lose stamina at double the normal rate).


Player lose current round.

The player will lose the current round when his HP is reduced to 0 and Spark of Life does not proc.

The player will be given a message to indicate their losing with next text:

"You have been defeated!
The [Battle mode] has ended"

Penalties for losing current rounds are:

  • Any progress made in a round will be lost. No credits, EXP, or drops are given for the incomplete round.
    • The player will keep any proficiency points gained during the round.
  • The player will lose a set percentage of condition on all equipment currently worn (depends on player's level). The loss of durability can be reduced to half with the Repair Bear Mk.4 Hath Perk.
  • Any powerups held will be lost.
  • User-created monsters (besides the player's own) will gain a "Battle Won" during the round in which the player was killed and a "Killing Blow" if they were the monster that dealt the final hit that defeated the player.


Player run away from current round.

At any time the player may flee from the current round and leave the battle behind.
To escape from battle the player should open his magic n.png and select "Flee" from sbsel skills s.png list.

The player will be given a message to indicate that they have successfully fled:

"You have run away!
You escape from the [Battle mode]"

Penalties for fleeing current rounds are:

  • Any progress made in a round will be lost. No credits, EXP, or drops are given for the incomplete round.
    • The player will keep any proficiency points gained during the round.
  • Any powerups held will be lost.
  • User-created monsters (besides the player's own) will gain a "Battle Won" during the round in which the player was fled.

Note: Leaving a battle takes one tick (roughly 1-2 monster turns); in that time monsters can kill the player. The Yakety Sax Hath Perk allows players to leave the battle immediately.


  • While out of combat MP, SP and health are fully recovered instantaneously.

Battle Window

The Battle window.

Player Side

Battle Log

Example of log and drops.

A log of all the events during the battle. Only shows the last 100 lines.

When a battle starts, the system prints information about the battle, which includes the type of battle, the current round (if in a multi-round battle series such as the Arena), and monsters' spawn information.

Monsters' spawn information contains the following:

  • MID: The monster's ID number. The monster's name is also listed in parentheses.
  • LV: The monster's level.
  • HP: The monster's starting health.

Log Colors For Drops

Color Drops
Red Equipment, and materials from Auto-Salvaging and Isekai drops
Gold Credits
Light Green Restoratives, Scrolls, Infusions, Special Items, and Shards
Dark Green Tokens
Cyan Food
Blue Artifacts and Collectables
Purple Trophies
Magenta Crystals

While Credit drops are shown in the log the player's amount will only update after the battle series has ended.

Monster Side

Each monster has its own row with the following:

  • Monster Letter mon a.png: Refers to the monster's position for targeting purposes.
  • Monster Level: Equal to player's level.
  • Monster Color: Indicates the monster's class/rarity.
  • Monster HP: If reduced to 0 the monster is dead and can no longer take any action. If all monsters' health are reduced to 0 the player is victorious in the battle round.
  • Monster MP: Monsters can potentially use their magic attacks when they have at least 50% mana.
  • Monster SP: Only monsters with a PL of 400+ or Boss-class or higher monsters have these. Monsters can potentially use their spirit attack when they have 100% spirit.
  • Status Effects: The status effects (usually from deprecating spells) with which the monster is afflicted. Status effects are ordered based on their remaining duration, with the effects closest to expiring placed to the far left. Effects that are due to expire in 1 turn will blink. Hovering the cursor over an icon provides information on the effect. Up to 6 effects can be shown although more can be active.
    • See here for a list of known beneficial status effects.

Spawning Pattern

Battle Modes

Name # of rounds Drop Conditions Monster damage multiplier EXP Mod Notes
Random Encounter 1 Normal 5x Can be triggered once per 30 minutes, up to 24 times per day
Arena 5 - 100 Guaranteed equipment drop (Tier 1-8 trophy) Higher challenges have more high-class monsters 1x - 3x
Ring of Blood 1 Guaranteed equipment drop Only face boss-class or higher monsters 1x
Grindfest 1,000 ¼ credits. Additional chance to get crystal drops 50%? to start, increases by .4%? each round Crystal drop multiplier
Item World 20 - 100 ¼ credits 100% to start, increases by 1% each round 1x - 1.2x For increasing equipment potency
The Tower 100% to start, increases by 2% each round 1x For increasing rank in Isekai Mode. Not available in persistent.

Note: Crystals will not drop in Grindfest while in Isekai Mode.

See Also

  • Settings - Options for difficulty, the quick-cast bar, and auto-cast spells.
  • Hotkeys
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