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When fighting in any battle mode in the HentaiVerse (besides the Ring of Blood), players may randomly be presented with a puzzle that must be solved before a given time limit runs out.


  • RiddleMaster appearances do not count as a round.
  • The time limit starts at 30 and is decreased gradually to 20 at level 300.
  • There's a increased chance a riddle will appear after the 1st round of any multi-round battle mode.
  • Refreshing the page has no negative consequences except for the timer still counting down during the page reload.
  • Answering with anything besides A/B/C will result in an error message and will not count as incorrect answer.


If answered correctly, players receive the following effect:

  • riddlemaster.png Blessing of the RiddleMaster. You have been blessed by the RiddleMaster. Your attack and magic damage are temporarily increased by 10%. Lasts 20 turns.
    • This effect is increased to 20% for 50 turns for players with the Enigma Energizer Hath Perk.
  • A healing effect equivalent to a combined health and mana gem.


"You failed to correctly answer the RiddleMaster within the time limit. You lose x Stamina."

If answered incorrectly or time runs out, players will lose Stamina depending on how many times they have failed in the last 12 riddlemasters.

Failure Stamina Lost
First 1
Second 2
Third 3
Fourth 5
Fifth 7
Sixth 10
Seventh and up? 15


Puzzles in the system include:

  • A picture of 1 of 6 ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will appear in some orientation. Players must enter a letter corresponding to the correct name of the pony shown. A link located above the timer provides an image for players who are not familiar with the series (Pony Chart).

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