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When fighting in any battle mode in the HentaiVerse (besides the Ring of Blood) players may randomly be presented with a puzzle that must be solved within a time limit.


  • Select all ponies that are visible in the picture, by checking the box next to the pony name.
  • Submit your answer within the allowed time, by clicking the 'submit' button. If you are less than a couple of seconds too late with 'submit', the system will use the then selected ponies.
  • Each riddle has three pony pictures: this can be three times the same picture, or it can be different ponies - there can be one, two or three different ponies in a picture.
  • The time limit starts at 80? seconds; it is decreased gradually to 20 at level 300?. [missing data]
  • The level of obfuscation (blobbiness and graininess, making ponies less clearly visible) increases with your level and how much you've played recently.
  • There's a increased chance a riddle will appear after the 1st round of any multi-round battle mode.
  • Refreshing the page has no negative consequences except the timer will still count down during the page reload.
  • RiddleMaster appearances do not count as a round.

Correct or Incorrect

Players who submit any answer within the time limit, correct or incorrect, receive the following effects:

  • riddlemaster.png Blessing of the RiddleMaster. You have been blessed by the RiddleMaster. Your attack and magic damage are temporarily increased by 10%. Lasts 20 ticks.
    • This effect is increased to 20% for 50 ticks for players with the Enigma Energizer Hath Perk.

Players who submit any answer within the first half of the allowed time also receive:

  • The system does not give you feedback on whether your answer is right or wrong.
  • System will track how many ponies were missed and how many wrong ponies were selected in the most recent period.
  • If there are too many errors, you will get a penalty: faster stamina consumption during battle (exact value of the penalty is undisclosed).
    • There is a margin of error, you can get an undisclosed number wrong before you'll get a penalty.
    • Selecting a pony that is not in the picture will count more severe towards a penalty than missing one pony - so when in doubt, best not to guess but leave one blank
  • If your accuracy is low enough to suffer a stamina penalty, the "Stamina" readout at the top of the screen will show in red.
    • You can also see that you have a penalty by hovering over the Stamina readout.


How to tell if you have a penalty:

  • Stamina readout at the top of the screen will show in red
  • Hover mouse over stamina shows message telling you that you have a penalty

What you can do when you have a penalty:

  • Get more riddles correct

How long this will take is undisclosed and admin is not willing to share this information:

  • It is not known how many riddles you need to get correct to get rid of the penalty
  • It is not known how much time it takes to get rid of the penalty
  • It is not known how many past riddles are used to calculate the accuracy
  • The time period that is taken into account to calculate the accuracy is not known


Puzzles in the system include:

  • Three pictures ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will appear in some orientation. Players must select the correct the correct name of all the ponies shown. This can be 1, 2 or 3 different ponies. A link located above the timer provides an image for players who are not familiar with the series (Pony Chart).
  • Note that soliciting people to submit riddle images with answers as well as providing such are now bannable offenses - riddle images can be traced to the account they were generated for.

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