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This page is dedicated to explaining the mechanics of the ways players and monsters in the HentaiVerse reduce or avoid damage.

Damage Reduction

All damaging attacks are classified as either Physical or Magical, but also have a specific type:


Mitigation Description Increased / Granted By Reduced / Exploited By
Physical Against player's melee attacks & skills STR, END, Defense
Magical Against player's offensive spells END, WIS, Warding
Specific Slashing, Piercing, Crushing Depends on monster class Depends on weapon type
Fire, Cold, Wind, Elec, Holy, Dark Resistances
Void There is no corresponding specific mitigation type for Void damage.

It is important to note that mitigations are applied in a multiplicative fashion. However, they cannot be reduced stats below 0, or reduced further if the mitigation is already negative.

The system first checks if the attack is physical or magical and applies the physical/magical mitigation. Then it checks if there is any specific damage type involved and applies the specific mitigation.

This works out to:

Damage Taken = Original_Damage_Roll * (1 - Physical or Magical Mitigation) * (1 - Specific Mitigation)

Damage Avoidance

There are several factors that go into avoiding attacks for either the players or the monsters:

Avoidance Against
Physical Magical

It is important to note that these stats are calculated in a multiplicative fashion rather than additively.

Resist Mechanics

Resisting works differently on offensive spells that do direct damage. Every time a player or monster casts an offensive spell, the system will do three separate rolls for resist:

Successful Rolls Damage Reduction
0 0%
1 50%
2 75%
3 90%

A player's counter-resist can be gained from staffs (Oak, Willow, and from Penetrator potency), from Channeling, Focus, as well as from proficiency. Counter-resist from proficiency is capped at 50%, calculated as follows:

Proficiency counter-resist = ((effective_prof - monster_level) / monster_level) * 50%


Custom Monsters can be upgraded to decrease player's effective evade/block/parry/resist chance. These stats are called anti-evade, anti-block, anti-parry and anti-resist.

  • For example, A target with 20% evade will have effective 15% evade against an attacker with 25% anti-evade.

For physical attacks, this works out to:

Chance to avoid physical attack = 1 - ((1 - Evasion * (1 - Anti-evade)) * (1 - Block * (1 - Anti-block)) * (1 - Parry * (1 - Anti-Parry)))

For magical attacks, this works out to:

Chance to avoid magical attack = 1 - ((1 - Evasion * (1 - Anti-evade)) * (1 - Block * (1 - Anti-block)) * (1 - Resist * (1 - Anti-Resist)))


Custom Monsters can have various defenses if given the appropriate Chaos Upgrades (and in the case of Evade, AGI as well).

The means to counter these when fighting them are as follows:

Avoidance Counters

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