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Mana-based spells that are available to players in the HentaiVerse.

Learning Spells

Spells are automatically added to a player's skillbook once they have reached the minimum level AND base proficiency requirements. Usually it is possible to improve the spell by using ability points right away but some abilities will only be available at higher levels.

Spell Costs

Spell costs are all a percentage of the player's level, rounded up.

Example: 'Fiery Blast' has a base cost of 5, meaning its MP cost is 5% of the player's level. At level 51 Fiery Blast costs:

roundup(51 * 0.05) = roundup(2.55) = 3 MP

Spell costs are further modified by:

Factor ▲/▼ Amount Duration
Interference 0.5% per point Permanent (can be temporarily removed)
Mana Conservation Stated % Permanent
Spirit Stance 25% As long as it can be maintained
Coalesced Mana 50% Up to 5 turns (and the monster stays alive to be targeted)
Channeling 100% Consumed upon casting
Suffused Aether 10% Up to 1 hour per shard
Spell Cost = roundup((Level * Base_cost / 100) * (1 + interference * 0.5%) * (1 - mana_conservation) * (1 - spirit_stance) * (1 - coalesced) * (1 - suffused_aether))

All of the passive factors also affect the upkeep cost of Innate Arcana.

Spell Durations

The duration of spells lasting more than one turn depends on their base duration, the number of Ability Points invested (where applicable) and the relevant proficiencies.

Spell Damage

Table Legend

Column Meaning
Tier The tier of the spell. Can be 1-3.
Level The minimum level needed to access the spell.
Min/Max Prof The minimum base proficiency needed to access the spell and the maximum effective proficiency needed to get the highest bonuses.
Cost The base mana cost of the spell and the reduced/increased cost via abilities.
CD The base cooldown of the spell and the reduced cooldown via abilities.
Targets The base number of targets the spell can hit and the increased number via abilities.
Duration The base duration of the spell's effect and the increased duration via abilities.

Offensive Spells

These spells are used to inflict direct damage on monsters. Missing the primary target of an spell does not prevent it from hitting other targets if the spell is capable of doing so; each chance-to-hit is calculated independently.

Each type of monster has different levels of resistance to each damage types, which should be taken into consideration when choosing which spell to cast at which target. Monsters hit by offensive magic may also be afflicted by a set of negative status effects.

Name Description Tier Level Min/Max Prof Cost CD Targets



Abilities Fireball.png
Fiery Blast
A ball of fire is hurled at the target. 1 15 0/200 6 0 3/5
Abilities Inferno.png
Unleashes an inferno of flames on all hostile targets, causing Fire damage. 2 95 50?/500 14 4/2 5/7
Abilities Nova.png
Flames of Loki
Fire damage. 3 175 150/800 21 7/4 7/10


Abilities Freeze.png
Cold damage. 1 25 0/200 6 0 3/5
Abilities Blizzard.png
Cold damage. 2 105 50/500 14 4/2 5/7
Abilities Fimbulvetr.png
Cold damage. 3 185 150/800 21 7/4 7/10


Abilities Lightning.png
A bolt of lightning strikes the target, causing Elec damage. 1 35 0/200 6 0 3/5
Abilities Column Lightning.png
Chained Lightning
Elec damage. 2 115? 50?/500 14 4/2 5/7
Abilities Shockblast.png
Wrath of Thor
Elec damage. 3 195 150/800 21 7/4 7/10


Abilities Windblast.png
A blast of wind hits the target, causing Wind damage. 1 45 0/200 6 0 3/5
Abilities Gale.png
Wind damage. 2 125? 60/500 14 4/2 5/7
Abilities Storms of Njord.png
Storms of Njord
Wind damage. 3 205 150/800 21 7/4 7/10


Abilities Smite.png
Holy damage. 1 65 0/500 14 0 3/5
Abilities Banish.png
Holy damage. 2 100? 100/700 21 4/2 5/7
Abilities Soul Fire.png
Paradise Lost
Holy damage. 3 200? 200/900 30 7/4 7/10


Abilities Corruption.png
Dark damage. 1 85 0/500 14 0 3/5
Abilities Disintegrate.png
Dark damage. 2 100? 100/700 18.5? 4/2 5/7
Abilities Ragnarok.png
Dark damage. 3 245 200/900 28? 7/4 7/10

Deprecating Spells

These spells are used to inflict debuffs on the monsters. Most of these debuffs will assist you in increasing your survival chances by weakening the attack power/frequency of the monsters (like Weaken or Silence), some others will make them more vulnerable to your attacks (Imperil), some will do both at once (Sleep, MagNet with its ability slotted). The minimum proficiency corresponds to the proficiency needed to have the spell available. The maximum proficiency corresponds to the breakpoint when the debuff's duration reaches the maximum multiplier (x4 duration).

Spell Description Level Min/Max Prof Cost CD Duration
Abilities Poison.png
Inflicts Drain on one target, causing damage over time. 30? 0/300? 11.5 20/15 7?
Abilities Slow.png
The target is slowed by x%, making it attack less frequently.
  • Base action speed reduction: 30%/50%
10? 0/300? 18/25 3 3/6
Abilities Weaken.png
The target is weakened, making it deal less damage, and preventing it from scoring critical hits.
  • Base Physical and Magical damage reduction: 25%/50%
70 0/345 10/16 3/0 5/10
Abilities Sleep.png
The target is lulled to sleep, preventing it from taking any actions.
  • Base chance of breaking on damage: 90%?
  • Sleeping monsters cannot attack, evade, parry, or resist attacks?
80 0/410 22/35 7 4/7
Abilities Confuse.png
Confuses the target, making it lunge out wildly and strike friends and foes alike.
  • Base chance of breaking on damage: 90%?
  • Base chance of monster hitting itself: 25%?
150 45/660 25/35 10 3/6
Abilities Imperil.png
The target is imperiled, reducing physical and magical mitigation as well as elemental mitigations.
  • Base Physical and Magical defense reduction: 25%/50%
  • Base Fire/Cold/Elec/Wind resistance reduction: 10%/40%
  • Base Dark/Holy resistance reduction: 0%/25%
  • This reduction is multiplicative (ie, a monster with 80% physical mitigation would be reduced to 60%, or lower with Abilities.
    • The Penetrated Armor multiplier is layered with this reduction (ie 0.8 physical mitigation * 0.5 imperil reduction * 0.25 penetrated armor reduction = 0.1 physical mitigation).
130 30/495 10/15 3/0 5/10
Abilities Blind.png
Blinds the target, reducing the chance of it landing attacks and hitting with magic spells.
  • Base attack/magic hit chance reduction: 20%/30%
80? 30/610 18/25 7/3 5/10
Abilities Silence.png
The target is silenced, preventing it from using special attacks and magic. 120 40/665 18 10/5 7/10
Abilities MagNet.png
A net of pure energy ensnares the target, (slowing it by 25%) and making it unable to evade attacks or spells.
  • Slowing effect requires at least 1 AP investment.
  • Does not disable parrying.
  • Also prevents the target from resisting your spells.
250? 100?/800 22 15/10 4/9

Supportive Spells

Spell Description Level Min/Max Prof Cost CD Duration


Abilities Cure.png
Restores a moderate amount of Health on the target.
  • Base health restored = base_health * (AP / 100) * MIN (1.5, MAX ((0.8 + supportive_proficiency / player_level * 0.2), (1 + (supportive_proficiency - player_level) / player_level * 0.5)))
5 0/385+ 20 5/2 N/A
Abilities Regen.png
Places a heal over time effect on the target.
  • Base health restored per turn = base_health * (AP / 100)
50? 0/845 22.5/75 0 14/30
Abilities Cure.png
Fully restores the Health of the target. 220 0/945+ 50 10 N/A


Abilities Protection.png
Places a shield effect on the target, absorbing 25%/30% of the damage from all attacks. 10? 0/320 25 0 15?/30
Abilities Haste.png
Speeds up all actions of the target, allowing it to attack more frequently. 60? 0/450 30 0 10?/20
Abilities Shadow Veil.png
Shadow Veil
Surrounds the target with a veil of shadows, making it harder to hit with attacks and spells.
  • Base evade chance increase: 15%/25%
90 0/610 30 0 10?/20
Abilities Absorb.png
The next magical attack against the target has a chance to be absorbed and partially converted to MP.
  • The effect is permanent until it absorbs a spell.
  • Base chance to absorb: 60%/90%
  • Cannot absorb critical hits
  • Absorbed MP is between 5-10% of the monster's base max MP? Very little MP regained
  • Can absorb more than 1 spell if they occur on the same turn.
50? 0/385+? 30 20
Abilities Spark of Life.png
Spark of Life
Any attack that would one-shot a target with 2 or more HP leaves it alive but on the brink of defeat. The buff is removed when triggered (and 50% of the player's base SP is consumed). If the player does not have enough SP remaining the trigger will fail and the player will die.
  • When active and enough SP is available the player's health bar will turn dark green.
100 0/750? 44?/30 0 15?/30
Cloak of the Fallen
Being brought back by Spark of Life has draped you with this powerful protective shield, increasing your damage resistance for a brief time.
  • When Spark of Life is triggered Cloak of the Fallen procs, which grants full immunity to damage during the turn that Spark triggers.
  • Grants +75%? physical and magical mitigation bonus after the original proc.
Abilities Arcane Focus.png
Arcane Focus
The target attains a higher level of attunement with the arcane forces, increasing magic power and crit chance.
  • Magical damage bonus: 25%
  • Magical crit chance bonus: 10%
  • Magical crit damage bonus: 0%/15%
175 0/980? 100 0 50?/100
Abilities Heartseeker.png
The target attains intimate knowledge of the flow of life in all living beings, increasing attack power and crit chance.
  • Physical damage bonus: 25%
  • Physical crit chance bonus: 10%; this means on-battle crit chance will become: (100 - crit) * 0.1 + crit = 10 + 0.9 * crit
  • Physical crit damage bonus: 0%/15%
140 0/880? 100 0 50?/100
Abilities Spirit Shield.png
Spirit Shield
Powerful attacks against you will be partially absorbed and damage your spirit gauge instead of health.
  • Any attack that hits for more than 45-20% of max HP will cause the player to lose exactly 45-20% of their health, with the remainder absorbed as damage to their spirit.(Formula)
  • The spell will fail if the player does not have sufficient SP.
200 0/950? 25 0 15?/30
Spirit Damage = Base_SP * SS_AP_Damage * MIN( (Damage - Max_HP * SS_AP_Damage) / (Max_HP * SS_AP_Damage * 3) , 1)
(SS_AP_Damage = percentage of damage required for Spirit shield to kick in)

Note: This formula works in such way that increasing base spirit points (e.g. by increasing STR primary attribute or through the Suffusive Spirit hath perk) increase the spirit cost of Spirit Shield (and Spark of Life) proportionately.

Status Effects

When an offensive spell or a spike shield hits a monster, it may produce an associated status effect on the target, which lasts for a number of turns. In addition, these status effect will explode for bonus damage on the monster when struck by the next offensive spell in the cycle. For example a monster afflicted by Searing Skin will receive extra damage when struck by a Cold spell. Drain counts as a Dark spell for this and can explode Breached Defense. The status effect will dissipate after it explodes.

Name Description Effect(s) Duration
Abilities Flare.png Searing Skin The skin of the target has been scorched, inhibiting its attack damage.
  • Caused by Fire spells/spike shield
  • Damage reduction: 10%
Cold resistance is lowered by 25. 3
Abilities Freeze.png Freezing Limbs The limbs of the target have been frozen, causing slower movement.
  • Caused by Cold spells/spike shield
  • Speed reduction: 10%
Wind resistance is lowered by 25.
Abilities Gale.png Turbulent Air The air around the target has been upset, blowing up dust and increasing its miss chance.
  • Caused by Wind attacks/spike shield
  • Miss chance increase: 10%
Elec resistance is lowered by 25.
Abilities Lightning.png Deep Burns Internal damage causes slower reactions and lowers evade and resist chance.
  • Caused by Elec spells/spike shield
  • Evade and Resist reduction: 10%
Fire resistance is lowered by 25.
Abilities Smite.png Breached Defense The holy attack has penetrated the target's defenses, making it take more damage.
  • Caused by Holy spells
  • Physical & Magical mitigation reduction: 10%
Dark resistance is lowered by 25.
Abilities Disintegrate.png Blunted Attack The decaying effects of the spell has blunted the target's offenses, making it deal less damage.
  • Caused by Dark spells
  • Damage reduction: 10%
Holy resistance is lowered by 25.
Abilities Soul Fire.png Burning Soul The life essence of the target has been set ablaze, damaging its physical form over time.
  • Caused by Holy spells with Soul Fire ability slotted
  • Damage over time = MDB * (1 + EDB / 100) * 0.2
Will cause Ether Theft if targeted by Drain and the ability Ether Theft is active (even if Drain is resisted/absorbed/evaded) 7
Abilities Ripened Soul.png Ripened Soul The life essence of the target has been corrupted beyond repair, damaging its physical form over time.
  • Caused by Dark spells with Ripened Soul ability slotted
  • Damage over time = MDB * (1 + EDB / 100) * 0.2
Will cause Spirit Theft if targeted by Drain and the ability Spirit Theft is active (even if Drain is resisted/absorbed/evaded)

Chance on Hit

The chance-on-hit to proc one of these effects on a monster varies based on the spell cast.

The following base averages have been observed:

  • From being hit with a spike shield active: 17.5%
  • T1: 25%
  • T2: 50%
  • T3: 75%

Theft Effects

Thefts are status effects inflicted by Drain. Casting Drain on a target will inflict Vital Theft, and will also inflict Ether Theft or Spirit Theft when specific conditions are met.

Name Description Effect(s) Duration
Abilities Lifestream.png Vital Theft Siphons off the target's life essence over time. This causes a damage-over-time effect and returns a small amount of health to the player.
  • Damage over time = MDB * (1 + forbidden EDB / 100) * 0.1
  • HP damage/drained = 5% of the target's current HP or 5% of your total base HP, whichever is lower
Damages the target then heals the player after each of the target's turn.
  • Damage occurs first, before healing the player.
See Drain
drainmp.png Ether Theft Siphons off the target's mana over time. This returns a small amount of mana to the player.
  • MP damage/drained = 5% of the target's current MP or 5% of your total base MP, whichever is lower
Reduces the target's MP and recovers the player's MP after each of the target's turn. 5
drainsp.png Spirit Theft Siphons off the target's spirit over time. This returns a small amount of spirit to the player.
  • SP damage/drained = 5% of the target's current SP or 5% of your total base SP, whichever is lower
Reduces the target's SP and recovers the player's SP after each of the target's turn.

Spike Shields

Spike Shields are an ability that grant an added effect to the Protection spell. Only 1 of 4 elemental shields can be active at one time.

  • Can proc upon parrying or blocking an attack.
  • Do a minimum of 5 damage to monsters regardless of damage taken.
  • Count as physical damage.
  • Can proc status effects (~20%? chance).


Spell procs take priority in the following order (assuming they are applicable):

Absorb > Spirit Shield > Spark of Life > Spike effects


The effects of Arcane Focus and Heartseeker cannot be active simultaneously: in the case one is already active, casting the second will result in the dissipation of the first one.

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