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This is a guide to using the MoogleMail system to transfer credits, Hath, items, trophies, or equipment to other players in the HentaiVerse mini-game.

Opening MoogleMail:

  • To open the MoogleMail system, select it from the bazaar drop-down menu.
  • Alternatively: If there are unread messages, a letter icon (MoogleMail ygm.png) appears in the top right corner of the page. Clicking it will takes the user to the MoogleMail page.
    • Note: While the icon is displayed in between rounds in an multi-round battle series, clicking it will not open the MoogleMail page while a player is engaged in a combat.

Reading Unread Mail:

On the Inbox Page, all unread or system messages are listed.

To open a message, click it.

  • If the message does not have an attachment, it is automatically transferred to the Read Mail tab upon being opened.
    • If a message has an attachment, it is not transferred until the attachment is removed.

To remove an attachment, click MoogleMail takeattacheditem.png

  • If a COD has been set, the fee must be paid before the attachment can be removed.

When the attachment is removed, a note will be shown at the bottom of the body text of what was attached to a mail.

  • Format: Attached item removed: 'Item Name' (type=* id=***, CoD was ***C)

Sending Items/Equipment:

  1. In the MoogleMail page, click the Write New tab.
  2. Fill out the "To:" fields with the forum display name of the intended recipient.
    • Note: MoogleMail may not display underscores (_) in usernames; a dash (-) will be displayed instead.
  3. Fill out the "Subject:" field.
  4. If desired, write a message in the Message Field.
  5. Select the Item/Equipment.
    • Certain items such as Tokens CANNOT be sent.
    • Locked equipment cannot be sent.
  6. Input the number desired (Items only).
  7. Hit MoogleMail attachselected.png
  8. If the wrong item/equipment is selected, click MoogleMail removeattachment.png and repeat from step 5.
  9. To set a COD to be paid by the recipient before they can remove all of the attached hath/items/equipment, click MoogleMail setcod.png
    • Note: The sender is charged a COD fee for each message, which is equal to 10% of the amount to be paid by the recipient and is capped at 1000 credits. This fee is non-refundable, even if the recipient refuses the message.
      • This fee will not be incurred if the Postage Paid Hath Perk has been purchased.
  10. To Send, click MoogleMail send.png
    • Sending a message will incur a 10C postage fee. If a COD has been set, this 10C fee will be charged on top of the 10% COD fee.
      • This fee will not be incurred if the Postage Paid Hath Perk has been purchased.

Tracking/Recalling Messages:

Sent messages can be tracked through the Sent Mail tab.

The status of the message will be displayed under the "Read" column.

  • Unread messages will be labeled as such, and read mail will indicate when it was opened.
    • Note: For a message to be labeled as read, any attachment must be removed and the COD, if any, must be paid.

If a message has not be read, it can be recalled. To do that:

  1. Open the message by clicking on it.
  2. Click MoogleMail recallmail.png

Doing this returns the message to the sender's Inbox.

  • Note: The sender is not refunded the COD fee or postage.


All mail is automatically pruned after 1 year (30 days for drafts). Any attachments left on such mail will be lost.