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In the HentaiVerse items are obtained by killing monsters, completing arena challenges, and as gifts from the owned monsters. Training can increase the chance for some items to drop from slain monsters as well as affect the quality and type of drops.

There are 13 types of items: Battle Powerups, Restoratives, Infusions, Scrolls, Special Items, Artifacts, Trophies, Tokens, Collectables, Crystals, Food, Enhancements, and Materials.

Battle Powerups

During a battle round any defeated monster has a ~4% chance of dropping a powerup. These powerups are automatically slotted in the "P" item slot of the player's inventory. Players can only have one powerup at a time and cannot receive a new one until the current one is used. They persist between rounds of a battle but are lost at the end of a battle series, essentially making them temporary items.

Mystic Gem channeling.png Grants the Channeling effect for 15 ticks or until a spell is cast.
Health Gem Health Points.png Restores 100% base health.
Mana Gem Magic Points.png Restores 50% base mana.
Spirit Gem Spirit Points.png Restores 25% base spirit.


These may be set as a player's Battle Items. Players start with 5 item slots and can unlock 10 more via training Rat Pack. Items will restock themselves in battle as long as there is sufficient supply. The effects of these items when used in combat can be increased via General abilities.

Health Restoratives

Draught Restores 2% base health per turn for 50 ticks.
Potion Restores 100% of base health.
Elixir Restores 100% health on use + 2% base health per turn for 100 ticks.

Magic/Spirit Restoratives

Magic and Spirit restoratives are separate items, they simply have the same percentages.

Draught Restores 1% base mana/spirit per turn for 50 ticks.
Potion Restores 50% of base mana/spirit.
Elixir Restores 100% mana/spirit on use + 1% base mana/spirit per turn for 100 ticks.

Other Restoratives

Item Effect Duration Description
Energy Drink soulstone.png Energized 10 ticks Restores 10 points of Stamina, up to the maximum of 99. When used in battle, it also boosts Overcharge and Spirit by 10% for 10 ticks.

Energy Drink can only be traded in The Market.

  • Players with the Long Gone Before Daylight Hath Perk receive 20 stamina instead (limit once per day) both in- and off-battle.
Caffeinated Candy channeling.png Energized 5 ticks Restores 5 points of Stamina, up to the maximum of 99. When used in battle, it also boosts Overcharge and Spirit by 10% for 5 ticks.

Caffeinated Candy can only be traded in The Market.

Last Elixir Health Points.png Regeneration 100 ticks Fully restores all vitals, and grants long-lasting restoration effects.
  • the combined effect of a Health Elixir + a Mana Elixir + a Spirit Elixir
Magic Points.png Replenishment
Spirit Points.png Refreshment


These may be set as Battle Items or enhancement in The Forge.

If used as a Battle Item:

Infusion of Effect Duration Description
Flames Abilities Flare.png Infused Flames 50 ticks You are wreathed in the power of flames. You gain +25% resistance to Fire elemental attacks and your Fire Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
Frost Abilities Freeze.png Infused Frost 50 ticks You are suffused with the power of frost. You gain +25% resistance to Cold elemental attacks and your Cold Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
Lightning Abilities Lightning.png Infused Lightning 50 ticks You are surrounded by the power of lightning. You gain +25% resistance to Elec elemental attacks and your Elec Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
Storms Abilities Gale.png Infused Storms 50 ticks You are draped in the power of storms. You gain +25% resistance to Wind elemental attacks and your Wind Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
Divinity Abilities Smite.png Infused Divinity 50 ticks You are veiled in the power of divinity. You gain +25% resistance to Holy elemental attacks and your Holy Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
Darkness Abilities Eternal Night.png Infused Darkness 50 ticks You are cloaked in the power of darkness. You gain +25% resistance to Dark elemental attacks and your Dark Spell damage bonus is raised by an additive 25%.
  • Only 1 infusion effect may be active at any time in combat.
  • Players start with one slots for these and can unlock 5 more via training Tincture. They will restock themselves during battle as long as there is sufficient supply.

If used as an enhancement through The Forge:

  • Multiple infusions can be used to extend the time their effects last.
  • Weapon:
    • Lasts 15 minutes per infusion.
    • Adds an Elemental Strike effect to the player's weapons.
      • A maximum of 2 different types of elemental strikes (in addition to Void) may exist on a weapon (achieved via Item World or via infusions).
  • Armor:
    • Last 1 hour per infusion.
    • Adds 5% elemental resistance to the corresponding element to the player's armors.


These may be set as Battle Items.

  • Players start with 1 slot for these and can unlock 5 more via training Scholar of War. They will restock themselves during battle as long as there is sufficient supply.
  • These grant supportive spell effects when used and last a long number of turns.
  • These override their respective spells. Any Innate Arcana spells affected in this manner will not be auto-cast until the scroll's effect ends.
  • Each effect has a 100 ticks duration (besides Absorption which lasts until triggered, and Gods and Avatar which last for 200 ticks).
Scroll of Effect
Swiftness Grants the Haste effect.
Protection Grants the Protection effect.
  • Absorbs all damage taken by 50%
the Avatar Grants the Haste and Protection effects.
Shadows Grants the Shadow Veil effect.
  • Increases evasion by 30%
Absorption Grants the Absorb effect.
  • Absorbs the next non-crit magical attack from a monster and partially converts it to MP.
  • Has a 100% chance to proc.
Life Grants the Spark of Life effect.
  • Any attack that would normally kill the player leaves them alive with 50% of max HP
  • Consumes 25% of base spirit if proc'd.
the Gods Grants the Absorb, Shadow Veil, and Spark of Life effects.

Special Items

These may be set as Battle Items in the same slots as restoratives. These consumables provide extremely powerful benefits. They are exceptionally rare.

Item Effect Name Effects Reference
Bubble Gum gum.png
Kicking Ass
Your attacks and spells deal significantly more damage for a short time, will always hit, and will always land critical hits.
  • +100% damage
  • Lasts 50 ticks
They Live
Flower Vase Abilities Ragnarok.png
Sleeper Imprint
Your attack/magic damage, attack/magic hit/crit chance, and evade/resist chance increases significantly for a short time.
  • +25% damage
  • Lasts 50 ticks


Items that can be exchanged for certain random benefits at the Shrine. They are quite rare, but the chance for them to drop can be increased via Archaeologist (up to doubled) and Scavenger training while training Quartermaster very slightly reduces the chances of getting an artifact.


Items dropped by Rare, Legendary, and God-class monsters that can be exchanged for a piece of equipment at the Shrine. Trophies drop 100% of the time except in Arena challenges higher than The Trio and the Tree where the chance is a static 10% (except in the final round where it is once again 100%). The results of trophy hand-ins are not affected by anything else in the game such as Luck of the Draw training.

Arena clear bonuses are equivalent to a trophy roll of corresponding tier, but also note that trophies can boost Shrine counter (though it's useful only for FoS users), and can also be upgraded (up to tier 5) for increased Shrine value and a chance of better gears.

Name Source Trophy Tier Minimum Quality Shrine Value (trophies only)
(N/A) Arena Clear Bonus drop level: Endgame challenge and below on Normal/Hard difficulty 1 Average -
Manbearpig Tail Manbearpig 2 Average 1000
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch White Bunneh 1000
Mithra's Flower Mithra 1000
Dalek Voicebox Dalek 1000
(N/A) Arena Clear Bonus drop level: Longest Journey challenge on Nightmare difficulty? -
Lock of Blue Hair Konata 2 Average 1000
Bunny-Girl Costume Mikuru Asahina 3 2000
Hinamatsuri Doll Ryouko Asakura 2000
Broken Glasses Yuki Nagato 2000
Sapling Yggdrasil 4 Superior[1] 4000
Black T-Shirt Real Life 4000
Unicorn Horn Invisible Pink Unicorn 5 5000
(N/A) Arena Clear Bonus drop level: The Trio and the Tree challenge on IWBTH/PFUDOR difficulty? -
Noodly Appendage[2] Flying Spaghetti Monster 6 Exquisite[3] 5000
(N/A) Arena Clear Bonus drop level: End of Days and Eternal Darkness challenge on IWBTH/PFUDOR difficulty? -
(Varies) Certain holiday events 7 Magnificent[4][5]
Stocking Stuffers Automatically awarded on X-Mas 2000
(N/A) Arena Clear Bonus drop level: A Dance with Dragons[6], Post Game Content, Secret Pony Level[7] -
Festival Coupon Loot & Harvest Festival (late September) 2000
(Varies) Certain holiday events 8 Magnificent[8][9]
Tenbora's Box Annual contest/giveaway 9 Legendary[10][11]
Peerless Voucher Follower of Snowflake Peerless (soulbound)[12][13]

Note: The rows with (N/A) in the first column describe the equipment drop that you get for finishing an arena, and have nothing to do with shrine or trophies. These rows have been added to compare the end-of-arena equipment drop quality to the equipment quality from shrining trophies


These are given to the users who place in the top 50 of the monthly toplists and operate very similarly to the trophies listed above. Here is a list of the different coupons and the expected outcome when shrining them:

Name Source Trophy Tier Minimum Quality Shrine Value
Bronze Coupon Ranking 26th-50th in a Toplist 3? Average
Silver Coupon Ranking 11th-25th in a Toplist 5? Superior
Gold Coupon Ranking 4th-10th in a Toplist 7[14] Magnificent 6000
Platinum Coupon Ranking 1st-3rd in a Toplist 8[15] Magnificent


Rare drops in normal battles. Blood and Chaos Tokens are primarily obtained as Arena and Ring of Blood clear bonus drops; chaos tokens can also be gained from The Lotteries, as well as a chance drop from artifacts. Tokens cannot be sold to the Item Shop (besides Soul Fragments), sent via MoogleMail, or be exchanged for other tokens.

  • Token of Blood: Can be used for the chance to face powerful monsters in the Ring of Blood.
  • Chaos Token: Used in the Monster Lab to create new monster slots and upgrade various stats of monsters.

Soul Fragments

Soul Fragments are used for equipment soulfusion and for ability resets. They are untradeable and can be obtained as a drop from random encounters, purchased from the Item Shop for 1k credits each or received every dawn for players with the Soul Catcher Hath Perk.

Fusing equipment above the player's level requires +2% for every level of difference, with the base number of fragments required for soulfusion and the increase per every level being as follows:

Quality Base cost Increase
Peerless 1000 +20/level
Legendary 500 +10/level
Magnificent 500 +10/level
Exquisite 250 +5/level
Superior 250 +5/level
Fine 250 +5/level
Average 100 +2/level
Fair 100 +2/level
Crude 100 +2/level

Therefore the total number of Fragments needed to soulfuse an item at a generic level can be calculated as:

Total number of Fragments = Base_Cost + Increase * Max((Item_level - player_level), 0)

In the case player's level is higher than the level of that item, the total cost will simply be equal to Base cost. Note that a player cannot soulfuse with anything that is 100+ levels above their own.


These 27 items are figurines that are the rarest drop in the game (as a portion of artifact drops). Collecting at least 21 different ones unlocks the Orbital Friendship Cannon Skill. They can also be exchanged for bindings and high-grade materials at the Shrine.

Twilight Sparkle Figurine Rainbow Dash Figurine Applejack Figurine
Fluttershy Figurine Pinkie Pie Figurine Rarity Figurine
Trixie Figurine Princess Celestia Figurine Princess Luna Figurine
Apple Bloom Figurine Scootaloo Figurine Sweetie Belle Figurine
Big Macintosh Figurine Spitfire Figurine Derpy Hooves Figurine
Lyra Heartstrings Figurine Octavia Figurine Zecora Figurine
Cheerilee Figurine Vinyl Scratch Figurine Daring Do Figurine
Doctor Whooves Figurine Berry Punch Figurine Bon-Bon Figurine
Fluffle Puff Figurine Angel Bunny Figurine Gummy Figurine


Used to increase the stats of monsters in the Monster Lab and raise their morale. Have bonus drop rates in the Grindfest.

A set of 1k crystals of each type is usually referred by players as "Crystal pack", even if this name is purely unofficial.


Used to maintain custom monsters' hunger in the Monster Lab.


Shards allow for temporary but powerful enchantments to equipment that last for 1 hour (real-time). Multiple shards can be used to extend the time their effects last. Voidseeker, Aether, and Amnesia Shard drops only occur on Hard or higher difficulty. These effects are automatically removed if the affected equipment is sold to the Bazaar.

See The Forge - Enchant for the list of shards and their effects.


Materials allow for permanent upgrade to equipment stats. It can primarily be obtained through gifts from monsters or salvaging. The amount/type of materials required depends on the specific stats of the equipment.

See The Forge - Materials for the list of materials and their effects.

Equipment Cores

Salvaging Legendary and Peerless equipment will give an equipment core. These cores have no use in the current version of HentaiVerse. They are meant to be used in a future update of the game. There are three types: Weapon Core, Staff Core and Armor Core. Legendary Cores, from Legendary equipment, are tradable. Peerless Cores, from Peerless equipment, are untradable.

Drop Rates

The base drop rate for ALL items is 10% per monster kill but this is segmented into every type including equipment.

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