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This is primarily an anti-cheating mechanism, but is also used to add a "Rested" EXP bonus.


Stamina is displayed at the bottom of the left sidebar as a number from 1-99. The number ranges are as follows:

Stamina Status Icon Effect
80-99 Great sticon4.gif +100% EXP
10-79 Normal sticon3.gif No bonuses or penalties
<10 Exhausted sticon1.gif No EXP, credit, proficiency gains, potency gains, or drops from monsters.

Note: The "Great" status EXP bonus is applied separately from everything else, so regardless what other bonuses a player has, they will gain twice as much.

Stamina Usage

There are two main ways that stamina is used up

It is consumed at the end of every battle round at the following rates:

Battle Modes Stamina per Round Round per Stamina
Status Great Normal Great Normal
All Others 0.04 0.02 25 50
Random Encounter 0.04 0.02 25 50
  • Grindfests cost 1 stamina to enter.
  • Item Worlds cost all stamina needed to clear them upfront.
  • Fleeing or being defeated will not consume any stamina for that round.


Failing or running out of time on a RiddleMaster puzzle will instantly consume stamina depending on how many times a player has failed within the last 12 occurrences.

Failure Stamina Lost
First 1
Second 2
Third 3
Fourth 5
Fifth 7
Sixth and up 10

Recovering Stamina

Stamina is restored at a base rate of 24 per day (1 per hour). Stamina regenerates while in battle but the counter will not update until the player is out of battle.

Stamina can also be restored by 10 points using the rare item Energy Drink. These are primarily obtained from exchanging artifacts at the Shrine.

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