Spirit Stance

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Spirit Stance (also known as Spirit Channeling and Spirit Mode) is available to all players and allows for increased physical damage output and decreased mana cost at the cost of Overcharge and Spirit Points.


  • Can be successfully toggled once a player has at least 50% Overcharge.
  • Can be disabled at any time.
  • Hotkey is S.


spirit active.png

  • When toggled, physical damage is boosted by +100% and mana cost is reduced by 25%.


  • Spirit Stance consumes one point of Spirit and 10% overcharge per round.
    • This cost is not subtracted on the turn that it is activated but is subtracted on the turn it is toggled off should the player do so.
    • Will automatically become "exhausted" and deactivate if the player falls below these requirements.
  • Note that the turn during which Spirit Stance is triggered that battle regen will not occur.

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