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As a player gains EXP and increase in levels, their character will increase in rank. Their rank will go up automatically each time their level reaches a multiple of 10, until they reach level 90. Each subsequent rank must be unlocked by completing a particular challenge and these unlockable ranks have special benefits attached. These subsequent ranks also have to be manually selected.

A player's current rank is displayed below their avatar in the E-Hentai Forums. Ranks can be changed any time through the HentaiVerse Settings pane.


Min. Level Title Bonuses Additional Requirement to Unlock
0 Newbie None
1 Beginner +0.5% Physical Damage
10 Novice +1% Physical Damage
20 Apprentice +1.5% Physical Damage
30 Journeyman +2% Physical Damage
40 Artisan +2.5% Physical Damage
50 Expert +3% Physical Damage
60 Master +3.5% Physical Damage
70 Champion +4% Physical Damage
80 Hero +4.5% Physical Damage
90 Lord +5% Physical Damage
100 Ascended +6% Physical Damage
+1% Evade
Clear the Arena Challenge "Endgame".
140 Destined +8% Physical Damage
+2% Evade
Clear the Arena Challenge "Sealed Power".
200 Godslayer +10% Physical Damage
+3% Evade
Clear the Arena Challenge "The Trio and the Tree".
300 Dovahkiin FUS RO DAH Skill Clear the Arena Challenge "A Dance With Dragons" at IWBTH difficulty or higher.

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