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Hath (short for Hentai at Home) is one of the 3 E-Hentai currencies. It is the hardest to acquire and is considered the most valuable.


Method Amount
Running Hentai@Home clients. Varies
Purchased stock market-style from other E-Hentai users at the Hath Exchange with credits. Varies
Earned from the Dawn of a New Day event with Stars (Silver or above). Most Awards also apply. Varies
Participating in the Adopt-A-Server initiative. There is no limit on the number of adopted slots a user can have. 15/day per slot
Exchanging artifacts to the Shrine in the HentaiVerse may result in Hath (~20% chance). 2
Winning monthly Banner Contests on the E-Hentai Forums. 20-100
Successfully claiming a bounty with hath offered as a reward. Varies


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