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The bounty system is an incentive program wherein users can post bounties for things such as wanted galleries, translations, editing, image identification, etc. in exchange for currency.

Posting Bounties

  1. Navigate to the Post New Bounty page.
  2. Fill in a bounty headline to appear as an entry in the Bounty Overview list.
  3. Fill in a detailed bounty description to provide information of what is desired (see below for a template).
  4. It is optional to upload a Wanted Poster image (.JPG/.GIF/.PNG) to help specify what is desired.
  5. Commit a reward for a successful completion of the bounty. The reward can be in either credits, Hath, or any combination of the two.
    • The minimum base reward must be at least 25,000 C or 5 Hath.
    • Additional amounts can be added later by anyone to add extra incentive to the bounty - at least 5,000 C or 1 Hath. It will "bump" the bounty and extend it for another 30 days.
  6. Select the Bounty Type: either Standard for providing material, Translation for any work involving translating (in which case the source material should be linked/provided), or Editing for proofreading/altering images for a translation project.
  7. Set a minimum bounty hunter rank to accept/claim the bounty. The default rank limit is "Unranked" and can be restricted up to rank A or lowered down to rank F.
  8. Set the Accepted Delivery method, which can be one to all of the following:
    • Posted onto the E-Hentai Galleries.
    • A download via a file locker service such as Mega, MediaFire, etc.
    • BitTorrent files at a public, non-registration tracker (must be seeded).
    • Other; must be specified in the bounty description.


(The following is what a typical translation bounty looks like)

I am looking for an English translation of the following doujinshi: {Gallery Link}

-Pages ## to ##; colophons and covers not needed
-Machine or otherwise sub-par translations will not be accepted
-Translation of sound effects (outside of text bubbles) are not needed
-Delivery is to be through a forum PM
-Anyone interested in typesetting or editing please contact me

Acceptance / Claims

  • A user can accept a bounty to notify the bounty poster that the user is searching for the bounty contents or add additional information that the bounty poster may not know about.
  • A user can claim a bounty for the reward, given that the user provided what the bounty poster was looking for. The claimer must deposit 1,000 credits in order to make a claim which will be refunded if the claim is accepted (it will be forfeit if the claim is rejected).
    • After a claim is made the bounty poster can decide whether or not it matches the criteria set by the bounty poster, who can then accept or reject the claim.
    • A claimant need only meet ONE of the listed delivery methods unless otherwise specified by the bounty poster.
    • If the bounty poster does not decide within 7 days after the user claimed the bounty, the user can force its approval and receive the reward.
    • All claims are irreversible. The bounty poster must check the claims carefully.
  • Accepts/claims must have some information entered; blank accepts/claims are rejected.


Once a user has accepted a bounty the bounty poster may click on the "Reserve Bounty" button. Reserving a bounty prevents additional accepts/claims from being added. It will also prevent any existing accepts outside of the reserved one from being escalated to a claim. Reservations can be changed or revoked at any time and do not change anything else about how a bounty behaves.


Bounties can be automatically be cancelled if there are no claims or additional rewards added every 30 days, upon which the rewards will be returned. There will be a warning sent to the bounty poster 3 days before the expiry of the bounty.

Canceling Bounties

In order to have the option to Rescind/Cancel the entire bounty it cannot be have been claimed, completed, or accepted by anyone in the last 24 hours.

Most Wanted Bounties

Shows the bounties in order of highest offered awards for each bounty type.

Hunter Ranks

The system will calculate a rank for every qualifying user, depending on the number of accepted and rejected claims the user has made. Every user starts out as Unranked. A limit exists on how many bounties from the same poster a user can be credited towards their rank in order to prevent abuse. A user's rank is displayed at the bottom of the bounty index page.

The ranks are ordered as such:

Rank AAA
Rank AA
Rank A (Highest restriction)
Rank B
Rank C
Unranked (Default)
Rank D
Rank E
Rank F (Lowest restriction)