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Namespaces are designations for tags indicating their purpose. They are of particular usefulness when a tag would have multiple meanings, such as being the name of both an artist and a character.

Tagging With Namespaces

For any tag that exists within a given namespace, inputting that tag prefixed by namespace: will tag it under that namespace. If example is an artist, inputting artist:example (or a:example) will tag example in the artist namespace. If no namespace is provided the "temp" namespace is used by default if it has already been created.

Each namespace also has one or more alternatives which may be used in place of the full namespace designation.

Namespace Simple Alternates
artist a
character c char
cosplayer cos
female f
group g circle
language l lang
male m
mixed x
other o
parody p series
reclass r

Defaults and Forced Prefixes

Any tag that is only used in one namespace is defaulted to that namespace. Such tags do not require a prefix in order to tag them; simply entering the tag without a namespace prefix will cause it to automatically be tagged in its default namespace. Example: english only exists in the language namespace and can be tagged without the language: prefix.

Tags that have uses in multiple namespaces are not taggable without the explicit use of a namespace prefix. Example: sailor moon can be either a character or a parody; users are required to explicitly enter character:sailor moon to tag the character or parody:sailor moon to tag the series.

Restricted Namespaces

All namespaces except the temp namespace are restricted. Regular users are only allowed to use tags that already exist within that namespace. New assignments to namespaces may only be added by tag namespacers.

If sometag is not in the artist namespace and the user tries to tag artist:sometag the action will be rejected. If sometag is a valid artist, the user may either:

  • (If their Mod Power is 15 or higher) Create the sometag in the temp namespace, while supplying the tag with relevant supporting materials. Read this guide for details.
  • Visit this thread to request a namespacer to create and assign sometag to the artist namespace.



It is also possible to perform searches using the qualifiers listed below. Terms with a space that follow a qualifier should be used in quotation marks.

Qualifier Effect
tag: Matches a tag within all namespaces.

tag:rimjob$ will match f:rimjob$ and m:rimjob$

Useful to prevent terms matching against titles.

weak: Matches tags between 1-9 (inclusive) power. It may prefix other tag namespaces, e.g. weak:f:rimjob$. A search without a namespace (e.g. weak:rimjob$) will search all namespaces that the term is present in.

May not be used for exclusions.

When used in an OR search, either all or none of the OR terms must use the weak: qualifier.

It is not possible to search for both active and weak instances of the same tag.

title: Matches terms in both the English/Romaji and Japanese titles.
uploader: Matches all galleries uploaded by a specific user.

Does not return private, deleted, removed, or disowned galleries.

uploaduid: Matches all galleries uploaded by a specific uploader based on their UID.

Useful for searching an uploader that has a special character in their name, which may break a search using uploader:

Does not return private, deleted, removed, or disowned galleries.

gid: Matches to a gallery that uses the ID anywhere in its chain.

If the matched gallery has been updated and has a new ID, the most recent gallery in the chain will be returned in the result.

Does not return private, deleted, or removed galleries.

comment: Matches terms in an uploader comment.
favnote: Matches terms in a favorite note.

May only be used when searching in favorites.

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