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Galleries may be searched using various criteria. For a sorted list of fetish tags see Fetish Listing.


Search terms should be separated by spaces (commas are ignored).

Operator Effect
Quotation "" Exact string search. Everything placed inside a pair of quotation marks is treated as a singular term. Allows for terms with spaces. Wildcard characters are still interpreted as wildcards.
Question ? Wildcard. Can match any single character.
Underscore _
Asterisk * Wildcard. Can match any sequence of characters (including none).
Percent %
Subtract - Exclusion. When placed before a term, prevents search results from including that term.
Colon : Indicates a namespace which specifies a tag in more detail. Can also be used to search gallery uploaders in the format of uploader:"NameGoesHere" or by user ID with uploaduid:"UserIDGoesHere".
Dollar $ Appended to tags to perform exact tag searches rather than all strings that start with the term. Only matches tags regardless of search parameters. Can be used as an exclusion to ignore temp tags.


f:milf m:muscle

Will match galleries containing (at least one) middle-aged female and muscular male.

pokemon -furry

Will match all galleries containing pokemon parody content but without any furry content (either male or female). (The p: namespace does not need to specified for pokemon as no other is assigned to it).

f:"big breasts" f:"sex toys" f:"double penetration"

Will match galleries containing all 3 tags. To save time shorthand slave tags can be used instead: fbb f:toys fdp


Will match galleries containing the specific character "sakura" and not others with longer strings such as sakura haruno or sakura kinomoto.

"story arc" "full color"

Will match galleries of the appropriate length and colorization. (The other: namespace does not need to specified for either tag as no others are assigned to them).

Wildcard Examples


Will search would match anything that starts with "comic" and is (eventually) followed by "xo" which is also (eventually) followed by a "4".

This search could match "comicxo4" as well as "Comic XO 2008 Vol 24" or "Comic XO 2thousand ten Vol.41" or any number of other strings.

"comic aun" -2007 -2008

For a default search including both titles and tags this will match anything that has "comic" followed by a space followed by "aun" (the exact quoted string) in the tags or in the title but that does not also have "2007" or "2008" in the tags or in the title.

The matches for "comic aun" and "2007" or "2008" do not both have to occur in the title or in the tags; if "comic aun" is a tag on a gallery that has "2008" in the title that gallery would not show up in the results.

comic -"comic aun*2008"

Will match anything that has "comic" in the tags or in the title but that does not also have "comic" followed by a space followed by "aun" (eventually) followed by "2008" in the tags or in the title.

Advanced Options

Search Gallery Name
Enabled by default. Searches both Romanized and Japanese title fields.
Search Gallery Tags
Enabled by default. Only works on tags with at least 10 mod power.
Search Description
Searches the text of descriptions made by the galleries' uploaders.
Only Show Galleries With Torrents
Will exclude galleries with no torrents.
Search Low-Power Tags
Requires Search Gallery Tagging. Searches tags between 1-10 mod power (in addition to regular tags).
Search Downvoted Tags
Requires Search Gallery Tagging. Searches tags that have been suppressed by downvotes (in addition to low-power and regular tags).
Show Expunged Galleries
Searches expunged galleries. Does NOT enable the searching of removed, private, or deleted galleries.
Minimum Rating
Searches galleries with a minimum rating of 2-5 stars.
Between ☐ and ☐ pages
Will exclude galleries not within the given filecount range.
Disable default filters
Causes the search to ignore the filters set in My Settings and My Tags.

File Search

Allows users to find galleries containing images that match or are similar to a given image via upload. Only 1 file can be searched at a time. The uploaded file is NOT stored on the servers. After the initial file search the results may be further filtered via a more bare-bones search interface.

Searches for exact image matches operate by comparing the SHA-1 hash of the uploaded file and to the database of all images in the galleries. Monotone (usually black and white) images will not work with Similarity Scan. Newly created galleries do not have their files indexed in real time.

File Search Options

Use Similarity Scan
Enabled by default.
Searches for non-exact matches; better for finding different resolutions, sharpness, or quality.
Only Search Covers
Will only compare the uploaded image to the first images of each gallery.
Show Expunged
Enables searching expunged galleries' images. This does NOT enable searching removed, private, or deleted galleries' images..

Search by Hash with URL

It is also possible to directly search for a SHA-1 hash without actually uploading an image through the search interface.

Simply substitute the hash value into the end of the URL shown below.

Search Limitations

  • Searches with only exclusions are not permitted.
  • Searches may only be performed once every 3 seconds.
  • Search results are capped at 100,000 regardless of options or terms used.
  • Certain keywords are blocked and will yield no results; this is intentional.
  • A maximum of 8 terms can be used to search; any additional terms will be ignored.
  • Any alphanumeric term under 3 characters (besides "3d") will be ignored unless a non-temp namespace is included. Single characters from East-Asian languages such as Japanese are exempt from this.
  • If tag searching is enabled, common terms such as "the" will be ignored unless they are made part of a larger term (either by using quotes or a wildcard).
  • The "uploader" faux-namespace is limited to one per search.
    • It does not count as a positive search term; including only exclusions along with one will not work.

Search Quirks

  • Title matches effectively perform as if the English title and the Japanese title were part of a single string.
    • This means that a search for "book*2004" or "book?2004" (but not "book2004") would return a gallery with the English title "2004 Book" and the Japanese title "2004本" even though neither title taken alone actually matches that search.
  • Certain Unicode characters are not processed well by the search engine, possibly returning a match for the wrong character.[1] Using 2+ characters together will reduce the chances of getting a wrong match.

Title vs Tag Matches

The search engine finds matches differently for gallery titles and for tags.

For titles the engine may attempt a match anywhere, even in the middle of a word.

  • A search for "berry" could match a title "Berry Blue" or "Strawberry".

For tags the engine will only attempt a match on the whole tag (from the start of the tag) or on a word in the tag (from the beginning of the word).

  • A search for "berry" could match a tag "berry blue" but not "strawberry".
  • A search for "I*berry" or "st*berry" would match the tag parody:i my me strawberry eggs. The former matches the whole tag and the latter matches a word in the tag. The search "my*berry" would not since that string cannot match the whole tag or an individual word.

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