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A feature found within My Home which allows for filtering or highlighting galleries containing sets of tags. This can impact all gallery lists.


  • The order in which tags are listed depends on the (absolute) weight followed by alphabetically (by namespace then tag name).
  • Each individual tag can be assigned a color, a "watched" or "hidden" flag, and a weight.


Weights can be assigned to each tag to set its "importance".

  • Can be between 99 to -99. Default is 10.
  • Negative numbers are considered "bad" and positive numbers are considered "good".


  • Filters are always off for toplists and favorites.
  • Hard filtering is enabled by toggling the "Hidden" checkbox next to a tag. Galleries with these tags are filtered regardless of the presence of other tags.
  • Soft filtering is enabled by setting a negative weight to a tag. If the sum of weights of tags that appear in the gallery is less than a threshold that can be set under My Settings (defaults to 0), the gallery is filtered.
  • Filtered tags will not show up on the front page, search results, the popular page, or on the watched page.
  • Filters can be temporarily disabled via an advanced searching option. This disables both hard and soft filters.


  • All users have 1 set. Gold Star users may have up to 100 sets.
  • Sets can be renamed freely and tags moved between them.
  • Up to 100 tags can be assigned to a set.


The dropdown list will check display all tags beginning with the given letters. This can cause blocked, unused, or unnamespaced tags to be listed. Please refer to the Alphabetical Listing or Fetish Listing for a directory of all official content/fetish tags.


The link at the top of gallery pages leads to a search utilizing all My Tags marked as "Watched". This search can be further enhanced using Advanced Search Options but no file searches are permitted.

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