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A feature found within My Home which allows for filtering or highlighting galleries containing sets of tags. This can impact all gallery lists.


  • The order in which tags are listed depends on the (absolute) weight followed by alphabetically (by namespace then tag name).
  • Each individual tag can be assigned a color, a "Watched" or "Hidden" flag, and a weight.


  • Weights can be assigned to each tag to set its "importance".
  • Can be between 99 to -99. Default is 10.


  • Filters are always off for toplists and favorites.
  • Hard filtering is enabled by toggling the "Hidden" checkbox next to a tag. Galleries with these tags are filtered regardless of the presence of other tags.
  • Soft filtering is enabled by setting a negative weight to a tag. If the sum of weights of tags that appear in the gallery is less than a threshold that can be set under My Settings (defaults to 0), the gallery is filtered.
  • Filtered tags will not show up on the front page, search results, the popular page, or on the watched page.
  • Filters can be temporarily disabled via an advanced searching option. This disables both hard and soft filters.


  • All users have 1 set. Gold Star users may have up to 10 sets.
  • Sets can be renamed freely and tags moved between them.
  • Up to 100 tags can be assigned to a set.


The dropdown list will display all tags beginning with a given set of letters. This can cause blocked, unused, or un-namespaced tags to be listed. Please refer to the Alphabetical Listing or Fetish Listing for a directory of all official content/fetish tags.


The link at the top of gallery pages leads to a search utilizing all My Tags marked as "Watched". This search can be further enhanced using Advanced Search Options but no file searches are permitted.

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