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The following is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the E-Hentai Galleries.


How do I download a gallery?
See Downloading.
Can I develop scripts for the galleries?
Yes, there is even an API.
Is there a log of all the gallery archives I've downloaded?
No. The easiest alternative is to add any galleries you download to your favorites list.


Do any galleries require an add-on, script, VPN, or proxy to be visible?
No. In fact the use of any add-ons, scripts, VPNs, or proxies to access the site may hinder a user's ability to view galleries.
Additionally, it is highly discouraged to use anything that requests or intercepts your login information as it may become stolen.
Do any galleries require forum posting to be visible?
Do any galleries require mod power to be visible?
Do any galleries require a donation to be visible?
Do any galleries require playing in the HentaiVerse to be visible?
Do any galleries require posting comments to be visible?
Do any galleries require tagging to be visible?
Do any galleries require uploading to be visible?
Do any galleries require karma to be visible?
Do any galleries require a particular browser to be visible?
Do any galleries require a particular OS to be visible?
Do any galleries require any software to be visible?
Can I browse a gallery without using a mouse?
Yes, just use the Gallery Hotkeys.
What is the best method to view the galleries on a tablet / mobile device?
It is recommended to use the Lo-Fi Galleries.
Why can I not select "Normal" thumbnails?
Newer galleries have their larger thumbnails generated first. Smaller thumbnails are given a lower priority so they may not be available right away.
How long do direct image links last?
Those loaded through the H@H cluster last up to 15 minutes. Those loaded from the servers last up to 24 hours. It is thus recommended to only ever link to the page's base URL e.g. https://e-hentai.org/s/{hex}/{hex-#}


How do I filter out things I do not want?
Use exclusions by utilizing the minus sign in front of the terms you wish to filter out. Note that negative-only searches are not possible. You may also wish to purchase the Tag Flagging Hath Perk as a more permanent solution.
Why am I (not) finding things that I've added to my tag search?
By default searches require the tags to be 10+ mod power to count for the search. You may use the advanced search options to enable searching lower power tags.
You may also wish to use quotation marks if the terms you are using consist of any spaces (e.g. "big breasts" not big breasts).
Why am I finding galleries in languages that I've filtered in my settings?
The relevant tag(s) need to have 100+ mod power for at least ~15 minutes to count for that filter.
Why is my search finding nothing at all?
Certain search terms are blocked for various reasons.
Can I search gallery comments?
Not using the site's search engine; however it is possible by using a third-party engine such as Google.
Is there any way to search private galleries?


What fetish tags are officially accepted?
See Fetish Listing.
What do the borders around a tag mean?
Tags with solid lines have be voted up to 100+ power and those with broken lines have less than that.
What do I do if I find a mistag that I can't downvote completely?
If you are certain that the tag is wrong (please be sure to read its definition first) then post it and your reasoning here.
What do I do if can't use a tag in the proper namespace?
If you are sure that it is correct tag it in the misc namespace and request it to be assigned the proper namespace here.


Do I need an account to use torrents?
Does my share ratio affect anything?
How often do my stats update?
Between 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on the server load.
Can I distribute torrents that I have made to other websites?
Yes, just be sure it's the public torrent and not the personalized one.
Why is seeding not giving me any GP?
Only seeding torrents that you created grants GP.


Can other users add additional rewards to my bounties?
Do bounties expire?
Yes, bounties expire after 30 days unless they are topped up by at least 5,000 credits. As long as this is done a bounty can last indefinitely.
What do I do in case of a dispute?
PM Tenboro. There are no other moderators for bounties.

Privacy / Security

Can I use Tor, a proxy, or a VPN to view the galleries?
Yes but be mindful that some IP addresses have been abused in the past and thus are banned.
Is my IP recorded when I view a gallery?
For gallery stat purposes it is stored very briefly on the server's RAM.
"If you don't actively mark a gallery in any way, the site forgets that you even visited within three minutes or so" - Tenboro, Sept. 2015
Is my IP recorded when I submit anything?
Yes, any publicly visible content (galleries, torrents, bounties, comments, forum posts, etc.) will record the IP used to submit it at the time of submission/edit.
Is there anything that would get me reported to any authorities?
Only posting child pornography causes this.
"Unless the answer to the question "are you fapping to actual children?" is true, no one gives a flying fuck what you are fapping to, fap your fucking brains out" - Tenboro, Jan. 2018
Do the H@H clients that serve images to me remember what I've viewed?
Yes, but this is largely temporary and requires the client to have logging enabled. This is especially true for clients with very high traffic.
It is possible to have images not be served by the H@H cluster using your My Settings page. Bear in mind there is a stricter image limit when requesting images directly from the servers.
Does the system track my searching history?
Am I liable for copyright infringement for content that I post?
Absolutely not. No entities besides E-Hentai and copyright holder(s) are involved in any such matters.

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