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For Gallery questions see E-Hentai Galleries FAQ.

For Hentai@Home questions see Hentai@Home FAQ.

For HentaiVerse questions see HentaiVerse FAQ.


Are there any official apps / plug-ins for E-Hentai?
No. It is strongly recommended never to use anything claiming to grant access to anything relating to the site, especially those that intercept login information. Absolutely no plug-ins or scripts of any kind are needed to access anything on the site or its related domains. If you are logged into the forums you will not be asked to login again.
What is the fastest/easiest way to get credits?
The best way will always be donating. Users with high upload speeds can run Hentai@Home. Uploading high quality galleries (and converting the Gallery Points earned to credits) is the next best method. Any talents in image editing or translating can be useful for claiming bounties. For other methods please see the HentaiVerse FAQ.
Does the site have any video content?
No, this site is specifically for image galleries. Video files can be included in a gallery's torrent if they are a genuine part of that gallery's set of content.
This also applies to other non-executable files that were part of the work and are incompatible with the gallery system (HTML, PDF, etc).


Can I change my displayed name?
Gold Star donators get one free display name change every 365 days.
The only acceptable changes otherwise are for removing real names. For these you may appeal for a change by PMing Tenboro; please be patient for a reply.
Is there any way to disable my account?
No. Just stop using it.
Do accounts get deactivated after a period of inactivity?
Do accounts get deleted?
No. Bans can prevent the use of features but the accounts stay.