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The following is a guide to uploading galleries.


Before uploading:

  • Point.png Ensure that none of the content is forbidden by the site's rules.
  • Check that the content is not already uploaded. Any gallery that it is marked as "Visible" counts as existing in the system. (This step generally isn't necessary for imageset-type galleries).
    • Ways to check include:
    • If replacing an existing gallery ensure that the content is genuinely superior. Be especially wary of posting an upscale.
  • Remove any duplicate or blank images before uploading. Scan using software such as VisiPics.
  • Point.png There is a risk the gallery will be expunged as a compilation if it includes portions of comics or CG sets. An imageset dedicated to an artist should only contain "loose" images not included in their published comics/sets.
  • Sort and remove any mixed content (Cosplay, 3D, and 2D content should not be in the same gallery; likewise with Asian and Western content). There are separate categories for a reason.


  • Double-check that the order of the images is correct (wherever applicable).
    • It is best to rename the files for consistency and ease of viewing for visitors that choose to download the gallery. 4-digit padding is recommended (e.g. 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, etc.)
  • Filenames should only contain alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and underscores. Any non-ASCII characters will be discarded.
    • The system may or may not accept such files without any error messages. Check the outcome in the pre-publish screen after adding the files. Non-ASCII filenames inside of uploaded archives will result in mojibake and may lead to missing files without any error.
  • To avoid sorting issues when uploading many files and to keep the base filenames intact software such as Bulk Rename Utility or Advanced Renamer are recommended.
    • Keep folder names if they contain useful meta information, and split with underscores or hyphens.


  1. Go to My Galleries.
  2. Click the "Create New Gallery" link.
  3. Fill in as much information as possible (name and description). Galleries require a Romanized/Main title (max. 255 characters long). The Japanese title field is not needed for non-Asian works; leave blank if uncertain.
  4. Choose a folder for the gallery's placement (this only affects where it is found in the My Galleries screen). The default is "Unsorted".
  5. Select which category the gallery falls under.
    • Private galleries can be made by leaving the "Make this gallery publicly available as:" checkbox unchecked (donators only).
  6. Read the Terms of Service, then check the box indicating that the terms have been read and agreed upon.
  7. Add archives or images that make up the gallery's content. Up to 2,000 files can be selected. Click the "Start Upload" button.
  8. Wait for the upload, the page will forward when it is complete.
  9. Choose a sorting method at the bottom of the page: "Apply with Standard Sort", "Apply with Natural Sort", or "Apply with Current Ordering".
    • Check over the content uploaded. Add or remove any images as desired. Re-order any disordered pages or if a cover is not the first image.
  10. Once satisfied with the content and sorting click "Publish Gallery" to make the gallery public. By doing so the user acknowledges that the gallery henceforth belongs to the community.

At any time before publishing any changes made can be saved by clicking "Save Changes" (aside from file uploads which automatically save). Once a gallery is published it may take a few minutes for the gallery to appear on the gallery list. Smaller-sized thumbnails will automatically be generated for new or updated galleries after the large thumbnails are made.


  • Maximum size for a single upload action is 1,200MB. Uploading any more than this will cause the upload to silently fail and be discarded once finished.
    • If the gallery is large split it into multiple batches and upload them sequentially. It is still recommended to upload in smaller portions if you have a slow upload speed.
  • Maximum gallery size is 10GB.
  • Accepted archive formats: RAR, ZIP
    • Point.png It is strongly recommended not to archive multiple folders together. Users should archive folders one at a time instead and upload them sequentially. This will help prevent out of order situations.
    • Compression method should be Deflate, LZMA, PPMd or uncompressed (Store). Word size should not exceed 32. Encryption is not permitted. RAR5 is not supported.
  • Accepted image formats: GIF, JPG, PNG
    • Animated GIFs are permitted. APNG is not fully supported by the gallery system; browser compatibility for animated PNG as of 2019 still is limited, especially for large files, which includes browsers that claim to support the format.
  • Image resolution must be a minimum of 100 x 100 (and a total of at least 250); maximum 20,000 x 20,000.
    • Images above 2,400px width or over 10MB will be downscaled, resampled and, if applicable, converted to JPG for default viewing.
  • Individual images are capped at 10MB for GIF, 20MB for JPG, and 50MB for PNG.
    • Images that exceed the filesize cap may be converted in order to shrink their filesize (with as little quality loss as possible). The gallery's description must state this and the original files should be included in the gallery's torrent.
  • Galleries are capped at 2,000 images.
    • For works that exceed 2,000 images it is acceptable to create 2+ galleries. Each gallery besides the last must fully utilize its 2,000 image allotment.
      • If filling the gallery would split a small work in half the uploader must get as close as possible to the limit with the previous pictures, then upload said work along with the rest in the next gallery.


All modifications to galleries can be done through the My Galleries UI.

  • A gallery's category and description may be changed at any time.
  • A gallery's name may not be changed after 24 hours have passed or if the gallery underwent a successful rename petition. To change the name further a new rename petition must surpass the existing one.
  • Once a gallery is published adding, removing, or reordering files will require creating a cloned gallery and counts as an update. The new (child) gallery immediately replaces the older one (with a new timestamp) once published. Cloned galleries are linked to the gallery chain and retain all tags, favorites, ratings, description, and comments.
    • It is a courtesy to indicate what additions/changes were made when updating (using the description field), especially when it is not obvious to visitors.
    • Point.png Bump Limit: To prevent front page abuse galleries will be expunged if they are updated more than 2 times per 30 days.
      • Exceptions:
        • Any valid additions to artist-specific galleries, ongoing comics / cg sets, or ongoing translation projects. These must be based on what is released by the artist / translator.
        • Any changes for fixing an expungeable gallery (e.g. removing forbidden images).


A gallery becomes "aged" 1 year after its last publishing. Such galleries cannot have their files modified. Any necessary changes require re-uploading and replacement expunging the existing gallery. This starts a brand new gallery chain without any of the previous gallery's metadata.


If uploading content with a bounty on it, be sure to contact the bounty poster to claim the reward.


  • Users are free to promote their uploaded galleries in their forum signature or on other websites.
  • Users may choose to make a torrent of their gallery's contents. These torrents may also include non-image files or anything not present in the gallery.
    • All files in a torrent must still adhere to the rules and must be relevant to the gallery. Any abuse of the torrent system may result in a ban.
    • Users besides the gallery's owner may make torrents for the gallery as well.


Each hit on a user's galleries rewards GP (users will not be rewarded until after 4 hours have passed and the gallery is not expunged during that time). Getting enough hits can also earn a ranking in the uploader / gallery toplists.

As Published

  • All formal works must be uploaded "as published" as closely as possible.
  • Non-supported image files such as BMP or PPM must be converted to PNG of the same resolution as the non-supported file type.
    • Uploading both JPG along with the PNG files is permitted if they are both distributed by the source.
    • File sizes should remain reasonable. It is permitted to downscale original images only to bypass the 10MB file size limit (and the original files must be included in the gallery's torrent).
    • PDF files should not lead to absurd resolution upscales (e.g. 4534x6405[1] where 1360x1920 is better). Users are encouraged to use the best non-artifacted resolution and provide the original PDF in a torrent instead.

Image Grouping

When uploading an imageset-style gallery it is important to know that non-nude and non-sexual participants are generally not qualified for tagging. (e.g. If a gallery contains 10 pictures of girls standing around in bikinis and 2 pictures of normal sex then the gallery is not viable for any tags).

  • Split up up the content into two galleries, one with sexual content and one with non-sexual content. Both galleries will be viable for tagging based on their respective content. Make sure they are categorized correctly.
  • If the image collection largely contains the same fetish throughout simply sort them into sexual and non-sexual sequences within the gallery; the non-sexual images will not be viable for tags but the sexual content will.

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