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A torrent tracker used for downloading and uploading gallery contents. All torrents are user-submitted and can be downloaded by anyone, including non-accounts.

Galleries With Torrents

  • All torrents are listed here.
  • Galleries with torrents are marked with torrent.png
  • Searches may be done specifically for galleries that have torrents.
  • RSS feed (100 most recent torrents): rss icon.gif

Creating Torrents

Users can add a torrent to a gallery by uploading it through the window opened when clicking on a gallery's "Torrent Download" link. The announce tracker address that needs to be used when creating the torrent is provided at the bottom of said window.


For a user's stats to be tracked they must download the torrent file created by the site after uploading theirs (marked as the user's personalized torrent file). The public torrent file does not track and may be distributed freely. This is primarily done to gain GP (see below).

Additional Files

The EHTracker is meant for seeding galleries, which may include additional content that may be associated with the gallery that are not compatible with the E-Hentai User Gallery System, such as .bmp, .html, and .swf files.


  • The torrent system will not allow users to upload torrents if they have more than 10 torrents with no completions uploaded within the last 24 hours.
  • Any client used must support either no_peer_id or compact extension.


  • Torrents can operate even if the gallery to which they are linked is expunged, removed, or deleted.
  • Just like galleries, torrent files themselves can be expunged by voting using mod power.
    • These votes cannot be rescinded once made but do expire after 1 week.
    • The torrent uploader may instantly expunge any of their torrents by voting (this automatically sets the petition to 100%).
  • Torrents that are expunged, remain unseeded for 90 days, or have no completions after 1 week are automatically purged.


Some reasons for expunging torrents:

  • The gallery was expunged for legitimate reasons.
  • The torrent's contents do not correspond to the gallery (e.g. another gallery, games, commercial movies).
    • Files that are incompatible with the system but are part of the original work are allowed (see Additional Files).
  • Torrented files being passworded or corrupt.
  • ANY of the torrented files containing a virus.

Point.png Repeated abuse of the torrent upload system may result in a ban.


  • Name file(s)/folder(s) properly. A torrent's filenames are independent of the gallery's.
  • Dedicate as much bandwidth as possible and use super-seeding if availability is 2 or less.
  • Expunge inferior torrents (e.g. less content) to prevent the swarm from being split. Duplicate torrents of equal quality are allowed.
  • Multiple unique IP terminals may be used to seed the same personalized torrent.


Users earn GP either by uploading a torrent or by owning a gallery with a torrent. Users earn twice the amount if they are both the torrent uploader and the gallery owner. There are no other means to gain GP from torrents.

The amount of GP earned is based on completions and size of the torrent (logarithmically); larger torrents reward more GP. Completions are recorded using the tracker. DHT and other peer sources are non-detrimental as long as the corresponding URL is included on the tracker list.

Users can rank in the EHTracker toplist based on a weighed combination of their completions and seedmins. EHTracker statistics can be accessed via the My Home area.


Stats take 15 min. to 4 hours to update depending on server load.

  • Uploaded / Downloaded: Total data uploaded and downloaded respectively. Updated separately.
  • Up/Down Ratio: Uploaded stat divided by Downloaded. Will be red if below 1 and green if 1 or more. Has no effect on anything.
  • Torrent Completes: # of upload completions on torrents the user has uploaded.
  • Gallery Completes: # of upload completions on galleries the user has uploaded (includes galleries with torrents that were not uploaded by the user).
  • Seedmins: Each torrent grants 1 seedmin per minute it is seeded.


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