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The E-Hentai Gallery System is the core system of E-Hentai where users are able to submit images in the form of user galleries.

The E-Hentai Galleries with the advanced search features enabled.


  • The front page is delayed by 4 hours for non-registered visitors.
  • Galleries are listed as n.gif if they have not been seen since the user last visited (requires 30+ minutes of not viewing any galleries).


The following are the default settings and which Hath Perks can be purchased to increase them.

Setting Amount Maximum Hath Perk
Search results per page 25 200 Paging Enlargement
Thumbnail rows per gallery 4 40 More Thumbs
Image size 1280x Original size Source Nexus (Can also be accessed manually)

Site Ads

There are up to 4 ads on the main page and 2 when viewing a gallery. These are located on the top and bottom of the page with 2 more on either side of the searching UI. These ads can be disabled through My Settings by users with either the Ads-Be-Gone Hath Perk or a Bronze Star.

Gallery Hotkeys

The following hotkeys can be used when viewing gallery images.

Function Hotkeys
Arrow Numpad Letter Extra
Previous Page 4 A
Next Page 6 D Spacebar
Scroll Up 8 W ⇧Shift+Spacebar
Scroll Down 2 S
Reload Image 5 R

Making Galleries

It is highly recommended to read the guide before making any galleries.

Users can upload (and update) galleries in order to easily maintain and share content with other people as well as earn rewards. The only requirement is to register an E-Hentai Forums account.

Gallery Categories

There are 11 categories for galleries to designate their content.

Subsystems of the E-Hentai Gallery System


A means to download archived versions of galleries for a fee, either in Credits or Gallery Points.


Gives users a direct incentive to help other users in finding, translating, editing, or decensoring material that can be posted on the galleries or through other mediums.


Allows users to leave helpful comments on galleries and to vote on existing comments.


Uploaders may give descriptions of their galleries to help further inform users about their contents.


A tracker for torrents uploaded by users in order to provide an alternative means for downloading galleries.


A form of gallery moderation that allows users to petition for the removal of galleries from the gallery listing, primarily in regards to duplicates and inferior copies of already uploaded galleries.


Allows users to save any number of galleries to a personal list. These can be sorted via user-chosen colors/customizable names and by posting or favoriting dates.

My Galleries

Allows users to manage and maintain their own galleries, including categorizing and sorting their galleries internally with folders.

My Home

The primary location of information regarding a user's own activities in galleries. Included are visits and hits stats, power information, settings, and logs.


Allows users to rate galleries on a 10-point scale. A gallery's cumulative rating is viewable on the gallery listing as well as within the gallery itself. This is replaced by the user's personal rating should they make one.


A form of gallery moderation that allows users to petition for the renaming of galleries.


A form of gallery moderation that allows users to request the removal of galleries; it is to be used only in cases of very serious rule violations. Not to be used as a substitute for Expunging.


An internal search engine for finding galleries based on various properties such as tags.


Allows users to indicate the content and other properties of a gallery such as its author, language, major fetishes, characters, etc. It is highly recommended to read the guide before performing any tagging.


Listings that showcase users who contribute the most to the galleries in various ways. The are 7 categories: individual galleries, uploaders, taggers, Hentai@Home, EHTracker, cleanup, and rating and reviewing.

Alternate Viewing Modes

Lo-Fi Galleries

A mobile-friendly approach with smaller images and a more simplified interface.

Multi-Page Viewer

Allows for faster gallery loading by loading images in the background and allows for continuous scrolling. Use of this mode requires the Multi-Page Viewer Hath Perk or a Gold Star.

XML Lists

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