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Tagging is a system of the E-Hentai Galleries to assist users in identifying the major contents and properties of a gallery.

The Tagging Guidelines pop-up appears the first time an user attempts to tag a gallery. By clicking "Alright Already" users agree to having fully read and acknowledged these rules.

Usage Guidelines

Rule Details Examples / Exceptions
Presence Point.png In general do NOT tag something unless it has a fair amount of presence in a gallery. Anything found in only 1-2 images should almost never be tagged. Example: 10+ out of 80 images or at least 25% would be sufficient for tagging, more so if they are sequential. See the talk page for further details.

Exceptions: (See Here)

Formatting Tags only allow for alphanumeric, spaces, periods, and hyphens. Tags must be at least 3 characters long. Exceptions: 3d or anything with a namespace.
Due to the technical limitation noted above certain terms are tagged differently then how they are normally written. Example: The circle "#define" is tagged as "g:sharp define".
Namespace Most fetish tags use either a female or male namespace to indicate which gender is being affected. For these purposes futanari and shemale are considered female. Examples: m:glasses if a male is wearing them, f:glasses if a female is wearing them.
Conflicting Tags such as futanari and yuri, cheating and netorare, or dark skin and tanlines do not go together as they are mutually exclusive; they can only be tagged if they both occur separately. Example: 2 females having sex followed by a futanari having sex with a female would suffice for both tags.
Clothing Costume tags such as schoolgirl uniform only apply if they are kept on (at least partially) during sexual activities. If they are absent or removed beforehand, they should NOT be tagged. Exceptions: For non-pornographic galleries the clothing does not need to be removed in any way.
Visual Nearly all fetish/content tags are based on visuals and not text (see the next rule for contextual tags). If there is any conflict between what is being said/acted and what is shown the visual wins. Example: A girl saying she's old when she looks relatively young does not qualify for the milf nor old lady tags.
Contextual Contextual tags do not require visual presence but must have dialogue/story presence. Should NOT be tagged unless they are fairly obvious to a casual reader. Example: A woman saying the man with whom she's about to sex is not her husband and then does so for several pages counts as cheating.
New The creation of new fetish/content tags is largely prohibited. Please use the forums to discuss any new tag possibilities. See the Tag Directory for existing tags. Exceptions: Artist, Group, or Parody tags may be requested freely (with citations).
Animal All animal tags require that either an animal on animal, animal on furry, or bestiality tag is also present and valid. Example: Two canines mating allows for the dog tag but two furry dog girls having sex each other does not.

Tagging Mechanics

Tags are voted on by the users of the site; as such they are subject to potential errors. Tags with solid borders indicate a higher confidence in their validity (in relation to the gallery's content). Tags with dashed borders should be treated with greater skepticism (and dotted moreso) as they are more likely to be incorrect. See the forum links below to report any tag misuse.

Good Tags

As long as they are relevant sexually. Whenever in doubt it is better not to tag them.
Tagged in their English equivalent (e.g. Spanish not Espanol).
Names of the circles/groups that published the work. Should NOT be added when they are not officially credited (e.g. most Manga).
Names of the artists who drew portions of or all of the work; must be officially credited as such. Japanese artists should be written using Hepburn romanizations; some exceptions exist for artists that consistently spell their names otherwise.
Original Series
Names of the series that are being parodied. Should be as specific as possible (e.g. dragon quest viii instead of just dragon quest) if the sub-series passes presence. A combination of images from different sub-series that passes presence (wherein the aforementioned sub-series do not pass individually) uses the generic series tag.
Names of characters (including cosplaying) participating in the gallery. Original characters (non-parodies) that do not exist outside of their own works should not be tagged.
  • Non-pornographic works may only have the most focused characters be tagged.
  • Character names are preferred in full western order; given name(s) followed by family name. e.g. hinata hyuga. There are rare exceptions.
  • Any character who transforms beyond that of a costume change (to the point where a casual observer cannot tell they are the same person) is to be tagged with their alias (should they have one). e.g. peashy vs. yellow heart.
  • A genderbent character is preferred be tagged with their regular name.
  • A character with no official name may be tagged based on their relationship with another character. e.g. dexters mom from Dexter's Laboratory.(Ref)
  • Characters that share the exact same name (e.g. c:sakura of urusei yatsura, fire emblem if, etc.) can not be differentiated except by other tags such as parodies or attributes.
  • Asian cosplayers' names are preferred in eastern order.


Category tags should only be used to change an improperly categorized gallery. Once such a tag receives 100 power the category will switch. Reclass tags are automatically pruned from galleries after 30 days of not being voted upon. If multiple reclass tags are present (over 100 power) the one with the highest power will be used.

Tag Directory

Tag Types
Content/Fetishes (Alphabetical Listing) • LanguagesCharactersCreatorsSeries

Information Sources

The information used to tag should always be based solely on the contents of the images in the gallery itself. The gallery's title, comments, or 3rd party sites do NOT qualify as information sources in the majority of cases.


  • Parodies have all of their canon counted as existing information (unless the dialogue indicates otherwise). This precludes informed attributes for visual tags (e.g. Lum from Urusei Yatsura can be tagged with oni but not with alien girl).
  • If an artist's name is not present in the gallery it may be obtained from a verifiable source such as the circle's website or store listing.
  • The title may be used as proof of incest (unless the dialogue indicates otherwise).
  • Participants' genders being extremely vague may use a verifiable source to identify them.

Know The Difference

For tags that are often confused for one another.

Bad Tags

Commissioners / Decensors / Scanners / Translators
They do not produce the content.
The month and year of a publication can be in the gallery's name for certain anthologies or certain reprints.
Locations / Weather
(e.g. forest, office, prison, school, space, sunny, virtual reality)
Memes / Slang
(e.g. 420, epic fail, fag, lolwut, over 9000, pomf, skeet, sup mugi, vagoo)
No Sexual Connection
(e.g. baseball, celebrity, clouds, exercise, jumping, microphone, pillow, red eyes, sword)
Opinionated / Pejorative
(e.g. cute, extreme, funny, gross, hot, garbage, nice, not bad, sad, scary, terrible, ugly, weird)
Publishers / Websites
Do not actually produce the content. Very rare exceptions apply if no other names that can be used to identify a work's creator.
(e.g. decensor request, more please, need english, torrent plz, translation wanted). Requests can be made on the forums.
The tools the artist used to created the content are irrelevant.
Too Common
(e.g. anime, censored, long hair, nymphomaniac, semen, sex, skirt, softcore, straight, upskirt, vaginal)
Too Technical
(e.g. 1280x, comiket, double pages, fanart, hi-rez, sketch, times new roman)
Too Vague
(e.g. areola, ass, fetish, nipples, pussy, shaved, wet)
Not to be confused with the artists.

Do Not

  • Use Cosplay-only tags (hardcore and non-nude) on non-Cosplay galleries.
  • Use language tags for anything other than indicating a gallery's text.
  • Use a language tag on imageset-style galleries unless a vast majority of it (75%+) contains text in that language.
  • Tag mother when not in conjunction with incest. This includes women giving birth, women who happen to have children, or milfs.
  • Use negative tags like "not futanari". Users who disagree with a tag should vote it down and post in the forum thread for mistaggings.
  • Use the cosplay tag when characters in drawn works are dressed as other characters; use cosplaying instead.
  • Combine any standalone terms (e.g. "furry yaoi"). Each tag should be separated by a comma.

Temporary Tags

There is no need to upvote these tags on galleries once they are present. Galleries may be fixed / updated / de-expunged which would render such tags invalid.


Tagging earns points towards the toplists.

Point.png Poor tagging will result in the user losing power. Any attempts at farming points, accuracy spoofing, or heavy misuse WILL result in a permanent ban.

Exact Tag Searching

Searches for certain tags can return results from more tags than intended. This happens to tags that appear as partial strings inside longer tags.

Example: The tag f:cat will match cat, catgirl, human cattle, etc. (but not scat or petrification). This also impacts slave tags; a search for f:anal may return a gallery tagged with sex toys. This happens because the search for anal matches "anal beads" which is slaved to sex toys.

To avoid this users may search with a dollar sign at the end of the tag to search only for that string (e.g. f:cat$, f:anal$, etc.)

To avoid searches that include a slaved tag's master add "&skip_mastertags=1" to the search URL.

Tagging Hotkeys

The following hotkeys can be used when a tag is selected.

Function Hotkeys
Numpad Other
Show All Tagged Galleries 4 A
Show Tag Definition 6 D
Vote Up 8 W
Vote Down 2 S
Clear Selection 5 Spacebar

Tag History

Users can check their own tag history (up to the last 1,000 actions within the last 30 days), accuracy ratings, and overall tag usage via this tool:{USER}
  • Replace {USER} with a userID (can be found by clicking the user's name in the forums).
  • The value next to each tag indicates the amount of power utilized for that action at the time.
  • Accuracy score calculations are rounded up and delayed by 3 days. Further accuracy checks take place to ensure a tag vote remains correct.
    • Accuracy values are not full-proof; users should always manually review their tags.
  • "Tags" includes all tagging actions, including taggings that do not count towards the user's accuracy. "Recent" indicates the total amount of tagging actions in the last 30 days.
  • "Started" indicates accuracy for tags the user added themselves. "Voted" indicates accuracy for votes on tags already on a gallery.
    • "N/A" indicates that the user needs more votes for the system to calculate their accuracy.
    • Point.png Either percentage being lower than 95% puts the user at risk for a ban.
  • Some moderators may check the history any user.
  • Clicking on a started or voted tag in this interface starts a default tag search for the tag.
  • Usage numbers estimate the tag's usage count across the system. V#: Tags on visible galleries, E#: Tags on expunged galleries, U#: Tags on unlisted galleries. Tags require some time to be cached for those values to update.

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