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Series are divided based on various factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Connectivity (many series have direct sequels or extended universes (e.g. Star Wars, Street Fighter. Pokemon is effectively one very long story in its anime whilst Digimon is not after its second season).
  • Popularity (a lack of which means that segregating may be a waste of effort (e.g. Beyblade, Saint Seiya).
  • Trackability (it is difficult to track when characters are introduced in a very long-running series e.g. Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros.)
  • Major character changes (e.g. timeskips, particularly if a new generation of characters come into existence (e.g. Boruto, Dragon Ball Z).
  • Number of characters


  • Any subseries without a tag may still be freely used in the gallery's title / renaming (not mandatory).
S = Segregated; all subseries have their own tags unless otherwise noted
U = United; all subseries fall under the master tag unless otherwise noted
Series S/U Notes
.hack S Some exceptions may exist.
ace attorney U
ar S No generic currently exists.
astro boy U
assassins creed U
atelier S Some exceptions may exist.
bakemonogatari U
banjo-kazooie U
batman U Only segregation is batman beyond.
battle spirits U Only segregation is battle spirits double drive.
bayonetta U
ben 10 U
beyblade U
bioshock S
blazblue U
bomberman U Only segregation is bomberman jetters.
borderlands U
burn up S
breath of fire S BoFI and lesser titles are united.
castlevania U
clock tower U
code geass U
danganronpa U
darkstalkers U
demons souls U
devil may cry U
devil survivor S
diablo U
digimon S Segregations based on anime, not video games.
disgaea U
dragon ball S
dragon quest S Lesser titles are united.
dynasty warriors U
earthbound S
fate stay night S
fables U
fallout U
fatal frame U
final fantasy S FFI and lesser titles are united.
fire emblem S Some exceptions may exist.
five nights at freddys U
fortissimo U
fullmetal alchemist U
gensou suikoden U Some exceptions may exist.
grandia U
guilty gear U
gundam S Some exceptions may exist.
harvest moon U
honkai gakuen U Only segregation is honkai star rail.
jewelpet S Some exceptions may exist.
jojos bizarre adventure U
kamen rider S Some exceptions may exist.
kaiji U
king of fighters U
killer instinct U
kingdom hearts U
kirby U
macross S Some exceptions may exist.
mass effect U
megaman S Only by distinctive game series (X, EXE, Star Force, etc.)
metal gear solid U
monster hunter U Only segregation is monster hunter orage.
mortal kombat U
my little pony friendship is magic U This includes the classic series; equestria girls is tagged alongside.
naruto U Only segregation is boruto.
persona S
phantasy star S Some exceptions may exist.
pokemon U
power rangers U
pretty cure S Some exceptions may exist.
princess connect U
queens blade U Only segregations are queens blade grimoire & queens blade rebellion.
resident evil U
romancing saga S Some exceptions may exist.
rune factory S
ryu ga gotoku U
saber marionette U
saint seiya U Some exceptions may exist.
scott pilgrim U
seiken densetsu S Some exceptions may exist.
shin megami tensei S All Megami Tensei and lesser titles are united.
shining S Some exceptions may exist.
sonic the hedgehog U
soulcalibur U
space battleship yamato S
spider-man U
star ocean S
star trek U
star wars U
street fighter U
strike witches U Only segregation is brave witches.
summon night U
super mario brothers U
super robot wars U Only segregation is super robot wars w.
tales of S
tekken U
tenchi muyo S
tenchu U
the elder scrolls U
the idolmaster U Only segregation is the idolmaster sidem.
the legend of zelda U
the powerpuff girls U Only segregation is powerpuff girls z.
the tale of alltynex U
the texas chainsaw massacre U
toaru project U
tongari boushi U
touhou project U
transformers U Only segregation is beast wars.
tsukihime U
valkyria chronicles S Some exceptions may exist.
viper S Some exceptions may exist.
vitamin U
wild arms S
world of warcraft U
xenoblade S
ys S Some exceptions may exist.
yu-gi-oh S