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An example of a gallery renaming petition that has successfully changed the name of a gallery.

Renaming allows users besides the gallery's uploader to change the name of a gallery. Typically this makes the gallery easier to identify or find via searches.


  • Renaming occurs once a petition option reaches 100% power. Votes can exceed 100%.
    • If multiple options exist past 100% the one with the highest percentage will take priority.
    • Votes on a single option are capped at 200%. This cap is raised if an option over 100% exists but maintains a 100% ceiling from there (e.g. a petition with a 150% option allows for other options to go up to 249%).
  • Users may withdraw or change their vote at any time. Selecting "◯ Blank Vote" will withdraw a vote on that field. Withdrawing votes will cause a gallery to revert to its original name or to the highest option that exceeds 99%.
  • Options left incomplete for more than 7 days are automatically purged.
  • Options with no votes are automatically removed.
  • Ideally a gallery that has not changed content should only require 1 renaming.

Naming Style

The basic styles are as follows:

Type Style Example
Doujinshi (Convention Name) [Circle Names (Artist Names)] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = (Reitaisai 7) [Mushashi-dou (Musashino Sekai)] Mushroom Samba (Touhou Project) [English] [N04h]

J = (例大祭7) [武蔵堂 (ムサシノセカイ)] マッシュルーム・サンバ (東方Project) [英訳]

Manga Magazine Title YYYY-MM Vol. # [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = COMIC XO 2009-07 Vol. 38

J = COMIC XO 2009年7月号 Vol.38

Stand-alone Anthology [Anthology] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Anthology] Ero Shota 02 - Milk Boys

J = [アンソロジー] えろ☆しょた 02 みるくボーイズ

Manga Tankoubon [Artist Names] Title [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Fuuga] Setsunai Omoi [Decensored]

J = [楓牙] せつない想い [無修正]

Single Chapter Manga Story [Artist Names] Title (Magazine or Tankoubon source) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Kurokoshi You] Ryousai Kenimouto | น้องสาวที่คลั่งพี่ชาย (COMIC Megastore 2010-02) [Thai ภาษาไทย] [HypNos]

J = [黒越陽] 良妻兼妹 (コミックメガストア 2010年2月号) [タイ翻訳]

Multi-chapter Manga Story [Artist Names] Title Ch. #-# [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Ooshima Ryou] Torikae Appli Ch. 1-7 [Korean] [Team EDGE]

J = [大嶋亮] とりかえアプリ 第1-7話 [韓国翻訳]

Western/3D [Artist Names] Title (Parody Names) [Language] [Translators] [Special Indicators]

R = [Freako, Rainbow-Flyer] Come On, Cum-Busken! (Pokemon) [Ongoing]

J = (blank)

Rewrite Rewritten Title [Language] [Rewrite] [Rewriters]

R = Paзвpaтнaя Cecтpa [Russian] [Rewrite] [009]

J = (blank)

Anatomy of A Gallery Name

Convention Name
The convention where the work was sold. Shorthands are used (see below). Never applies to [Digital] releases.
Doujinshi released for conventions for which the event has been canceled should not have a convention name.
Confirmed canceled conventions: Comic Market 98 (C98, 2020-05-02 to 2020-05-05), Reitaisai 17 (2020/05/17), COMIC1*18 (2021-02-07).
Circle Name(s)
The group name(s) under which the artist(s) work. Should only used on works where the circle is explicitly credited.
Artist Name(s)
Writer names are also accepted for novel-type works but they are never to be tagged.
Translated works may include the translated title after a vertical bar (e.g. Nurse wo Kanojo ni Suru Houhou | How to Go Steady with a Nurse). Sub-titles should be separated with a hyphen.
Chapter / Volume
Always abbreviated. Includes a space in the R field (e.g. Vol. 8 / 第8巻). Chapters use ranges as needed (e.g. Ch. 1-5 / 第1-5話).
Magazine or Tankoubon Source
The publication source of the scan. For magazines use title and date only. Magazine title with both English and Japanese (e.g. COMIC 真激) use a space between the English and Japanese portions. Tankoubon sub-titles are not needed.
Parody Name(s)
Titles of the series being parodied. R field should generally match the series' tag while the J field generally uses the non-romanized title.
The language's name in English (e.g. [German], not [Deutsche]). Thai and Vietnamese include their in-language equivalents.
Only for the R field. Square brackets are preferred but others are also acceptable depending on the translator's own formatting choice.
Special Indicator(s)
Decensored, Colorized, Incomplete, Digital, Sample, Textless, etc.


  • Only known and applicable information should be used. Any unconfirmed information should be left out. New rename petitions can be made to amend any missing information.
  • The primary focus of renaming is adding or correcting major data (e.g. serious spelling mistakes, wrong convention). It is recommended NOT to rename galleries simply to correct minor mistakes in their formatting (e.g. wrong brackets used, improper casing).
  • Multiple entries in any portion must be separated with commas. Translators may also use spaced plus signs.
  • Use Title Casing unless otherwise indicated by the work.
  • In all cases where the colophon and the cover have conflicting information the colophon wins.
    • Additional information from the cover (such as subtitles, possibly English) is to be included in the R field but should only be added to the J field if it is in the colophon as well.
  • If the creator/parody names exceed 3 in number it is preferred to state "Various" / "よろず" instead.
  • Creator names should be written as credited on the work; this is especially the case when a creator's tag is aliased.
  • Languages should only be indicated for translated/rewritten works or wherever such languages would not be expected; e.g. [Japanese] is not needed because it is the default language for most works.
  • Any chapter collection should include the chapter numbers, except complete ones.
  • Leading zeros are only included if they appear explicitly; e.g. "Ch. 7" not Ch. 07", "COMIC1☆3" not "COMIC1☆03".
  • If the translation is released by a group (e.g. Doujin-moe) the group's name takes precedence over that of the translator. Translators who are anonymous or sources that are not official groups (e.g. /a/) should not be credited.
  • A translation of a rewrite is still a rewrite and thus follows that format.

J Field Only

  • For lists in the J field ideographic commas (、) are preferred over batsus (×) and ampersands (&). Ordinary commas are also acceptable; e.g. "大熊狸喜、かん奈" over "大熊狸喜×かん奈".
  • Symbols such as "☆" are mandatory for the J field but are optional for the R field.
  • All caps titles are recommended for the J field but are optional for the R field.
  • Chinese and Korean original works (not translations) use the J field as though it was applicable to them instead of Japanese. Names in these fields must include "[中国語]" or "[韓国語]" (Chinese and Korean respectively). Their non-romanized titles must be included in the R field as well (post-vertical line if a romanized title exists).


  • Always use revised Hepburn romanization.
    • を as a particle is "o", not "wo".
    • 本 is "Bon" if it follows a noun/pronoun; otherwise it is "Hon".
    • Macrons / diacritics (ā, ē, ī, ō, ū) should never be used.
    • Commonly accepted occidental words are the exception; e.g. "東京" is "Tokyo" not "Toukyou".
  • Romanization of an English [loan]word should use proper English instead of romaji.
    • Examples: "シスター" is "Sister" not "Shisutaa", "ラブ" is "Love" not "Rabu", "メイド" is "Maid" not "Meido", "タクシー" is "Taxi" not "Takushii", "ロリコン" is "Lolicon" not "Rorikon".
    • Shortened or clipped English stays as is.
  • Syllabic N's do not receive any special treatment; e.g. "みんな" is "Minna" not "Min'na" or "Min na" or "Min-na".
  • Kanji representing numbers should be romanized as words, not as numbers; e.g. "九" is "Kyuu" not "9".
  • Use hyphens to separate names/pronouns from honorifics; e.g. "Onii-chan" not "Oniichan".
  • Marus (○) or other censors are to be corrected in the R field if the information being censored is known.


  • Use whitespace characters to blank out a field. This is not the same as a blank name and the petition system does not support blanking fields at this time.
    • If a gallery needs a reversion to a blank state, all ongoing petitions should be withdrawn and the gallery uploader should change the name fields accordingly.
  • Use "同人誌", "同人CG集", "同人ソフトCG", "同人ゲームCG", "アダルトコミック", "フルカラーコミック", "エロ", "コスプレ", "成年コミック", "非エロ", or "総集編"; these are all redundant / irrelevant.
  • Use "Complete", "End", "Finished", or any other variants to indicate the end of a series or a work's completeness.
  • Use "Original" or "オリジナル" as a parody. This is already assumed for any gallery without a parody indicator.
  • Use "Raw" as a language. This is already assumed for any gallery without a language indicator.
  • Use a language indicator when it is expected (e.g. "[English]" in Western works that are not translated).
  • Use publisher or website names. Some exceptions apply (typically when no other creator names can be associated with the work).
  • Put the date in any brackets if it's part of the name; e.g. "Comic Megastore 2011-10" not "Comic Megastore [2011-10]".
  • Rename a gallery to describe the its contents (rare exceptions exist if the existing title is pejorative or very misleading).
  • Include a translated title in the R field if the gallery is not in that language unless the translator has used a title from a third language.
  • Indicate the quality of the work in any fashion; e.g. "Hi-Res", "High Quality", "300 DPI", etc.
  • Use alternative alphabetic characters (such as full-width) in the R field; e.g. "Nudism Zone" not "Nudism Zone".
  • Use the "[Digital]" indicator for CG sets or any work that has no paper version.
  • Use the "[Colorized]" indicator for works that were not colored by a 3rd party.
  • Use any commissioners, scanners, decensors, or other such third parties' names.
  • Rename expunged galleries (unless they are due for de-expunging or for administrative purposes).


Special Indicators

Romanized Japanese
[Colorized] [カラー化]
[Decensored] [無修正]
[Digital] [DL版]
[Incomplete] [ページ欠落]
[Ongoing] [進行中]
[Sample] [見本]
[Textless] [無字]

For stand-alone multi-artist publishings only (serialized publishings do not apply). This indicator is placed before the title:

[Anthology] [アンソロジー]

Language Indicators

Romanized Japanese Japanese (original)
[English] [英訳] [英語]
[Chinese] [中国翻訳] [中国語]
[Korean] [韓国翻訳] [韓国語]
[French] [フランス翻訳]
[German] [ドイツ翻訳]
[Italian] [イタリア翻訳]
[Portuguese-BR] [ポルトガル翻訳]
[Russian] [ロシア翻訳]
[Spanish] [スペイン翻訳]
[Thai ภาษาไทย] [タイ翻訳]
[Vietnamese Tiếng Việt] [ベトナム翻訳]

For a comprehensive list of languages and their indicators, see here.


Full Name Romanized Japanese
ABnormal Carnival 3 (ABC 3) (アブノーマル・カーニバル3)
Air Comiket 2 (AC2)
Air Reitaisai 8 (Air Reitaisai 8) (エア例大祭8)
Akatsuki no Utage 3 (Akatsuki no Utage 3) (紅月ノ宴3)
Comic Characters! 2 (ComiChara 2) (コミキャラ2nd)
Comic City Osaka 66 (CCOsaka66) (CC大阪66)
Comic City Spark 20 (SPARK20)
Comic Communication 13 (ComiComi13) (コミコミ13)
Comic Market 53 / Comiket 53 (C53)
Comic Market Special 5 (CSP5)
Comic Revolution 37 (CR37) (Cレヴォ37)
Comic Treasure 14 (CT14) (こみトレ14)
COMITIA 91 (COMITIA91) (コミティア91)
Costume Cafe 19 (CosCafe19) (コスカ19号店)
Fancy Frontier 18 (FF18)
Fetishism IV (Fetishism 4) (フェティシズムIV)
Fur-st 3 (Fur-st 3) (ふぁーすと3)
Futaket 5 (Futaket 5) (ふたけっと5)
Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 5 (Reitaisai 5) (例大祭5)
Haru Comic City 17 (HaruCC17) (HARUCC17)
Japariket (Japariket) (ジャパリケット)
Kemoket 2 (Kemoket 2) (けもケット2)
King of Colors 2 (King of Colors II) (KOCII)
Koi no Mahou wa Marisa ni Omakase! 4 (KoiMari4) (こいまり4)
Koharu Komichi 4 (Koharu Komichi 4) (小春小径4)
Kyonyuukko 5 (Kyonyuukko 5) (巨乳っ娘5)
Lyrical Magical 3 (Lyrical Magical 3) (リリカルマジカル3)
Makimasuka? Makimasenka? 3 (MakiMaki 3) (まきまき3)
Men's Comic 45 (MenComi45) (メンコミ45)
Mimiket 24 (Mimiket 24) (みみけっと24)
Mofuket 2 (Mofuket 2) (もふけっと2)
Mou Nanimo Kowakunai 2 (Mou Nanimo Kowakunai 2) (もう何も恐くない2)
Puniket 22 (Puniket 22) (ぷにケット22)
Rainbow Flavor Osaka (RFOsaka) (レイフレ大阪)
Reisensai 2 (Reisensai 2) (鈴仙祭2)
Shota Scratch 11 (Shota Scratch 11) (ショタスクラッチ11)
Shotaket 11 (Shotaket 11) (ショタケット11)
Sunshine Creation 40 (SC40) (サンクリ40)
Super Comic City 17 (SUPER17)
Super Comic City Kansai 21 (SUPERKansai21) (SUPER関西21)
Super Heroine Time 2012 Aki (SHT2012 Aki) (SHT2012秋)
Tengu-sama no Oshigoto 4 (Tengu-sama no Oshigoto 4) (天狗様のお仕事4)
Tokimeki Party Sensation 5 (TokiPa 5) (ときパ5)
Touhou Fuhai Komachi 3 (Komachi 3) (東方不敗小町3)
Touhou Kouroumu 2 (Kouroumu 2) (紅楼夢2)
Touhou Ruuchakai 4 (Ruuchakai 4) (螺茶会4)
Touhou Yarinsai Daisanmaku 3 (Yarinsai 3) (東方椰麟祭3)


Renaming galleries (as well as expunging them) rewards points for the Cleanup Toplist. Users receive 5 points for being the first to petition and 1 point for voting on an existing petition. If a rename only differs from the current name with whitespace characters it will only reward 1 point. Points are only awarded on the day that the petition is successful and will not be rewarded if the petition does not pass.

Point.png Repeated poor use of rename petitions may result in the user being banned from renaming.

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