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The following is a list of expected features or changes to E-Hentai. This list is not comprehensive or official in any way.

Change Status Citation


IPv6 support [1]
Some additional HTTPS support (HSTS) Long-term [2][3][4]
Internal advert hosting Maybe [5]
Cross-domain/integrated session cookies Long-term; due after forum revamp [IRC]
Automatic payment confirmation for wallet-to-wallet donations [6]
Refundability for some Hath Perks Long-term [7]

E-Hentai Forums

A completely new forum with better integration with the site's features. Will not be IPB based Soon-ish [PM][IRC]
E-mail notifications for replies to subscribed topics [8]
Customizable cutie marks Maybe [PM]
WEBM support (no audio) Maybe [9]

E-Hentai Galleries

Purge of the Asian Porn category Unlikely [10]
Image counts displayed on gallery listings (currently doable via a script) [11]
Improvements to Gallery Descriptions [12]
Torrent icons on the My Galleries page Maybe [IRC]
A means to blank out Japanese name fields via Renaming petitions [PM]
A "How To Search" link on the engine's UI Maybe [PM]
Power to be changed to a trust metric system. Power to include points for Renaming and Expunging Maybe [13]
Negation searches for uploader names [14]
Some changes to commenting toplist scoring Implemented? [15]
Searching by gallery size Maybe [16]
Mouseover preview images for bounties Maybe [17]
Magnet links for torrents Maybe [18]
Another viewing mode "Soon" [PM]
WEBM uploading Long-term [19][20]
More favorite colors/folders Maybe [21]
Basic pre-fetching (outside of MPV) [22][23]


Category tags acting more like petitions [24]
The User Tag History tool being available for all users (to use on other users) On hold [25]
Downvoting using full power (not half) for all users On hold [PM]
Tagging toplist score calculation changes [26]
Formatting changes to the tag area to handle very long tags Maybe [PM]
Auto-removing reclass tags after reclassing has occurred [27]


More stats Implemented? [28]
Threaded speed testing / multi-transfer support [IRC]
The inclusion of namespaces in galleryinfo.txt files [29]


Various fixes for tooltips Ongoing N/A
A change to the MoogleMail postage dialogue [30]
Merging AGI into DEX Unlikely [31][32]
Lots of changes to the Shrine [IRC]
Original monsters' vulnerabilities revised [IRC]
Overcharge changing from a percentage to a "number of charges" system [33]
Magical mitigation will be merged into "physical" Maybe [IRC]
A new hath perk tree for additional mastery points; auto-granted to donators of certain levels Maybe [PM]
Crafting Long-term [IRC]
Switching to an Ajax-based system to speed up gameplay Soon [34][35]
Major balance changes, especially on mitigation versus HP and for mages in particular Overdue [36][IRC][37]
Traveling (waypoint-style) and terrains Long-term [IRC]
Changes to title perks [38]
Sprites for monsters Maybe [39]
Something to do past level 500 Soon? [40]
Shop that sells rare items for hath Maybe [41]


A list of all abilities' requirements Overdue [42]
More abilities for the Fighting Style, Armor, Divine, and Forbidden panes [43]
Better Imperil will affect Holy/Dark damage Maybe [IRC]
Better names for abilities [44]

Monster Lab

Class-specific changes [45]
Class-specific penalties and bonuses outside of base stats [46]
More materials as gifts depending on chaos upgrades? [47]
A new chaos ability system, including slottable upgrades [48]
Custom monsters will be able to buff each other Long-term [IRC]
Custom monster will be able to "tank" for each other Long-term? [49]


More Fighting Skills for Staff
Slottable skills from titles [50]


Rewards for inactive proficiencies Maybe [51]
A change to the burden modifier for Heavy armor proficiency [52]
A new proficiency type for Niten Ichiryu [53]


Changes to the Item panes [54]
A Collections item screen; including special bonuses for adding figurines to it [55]
Custom trophies for player-made monsters Long-term? [56]
Item exchange system Long-term [57]


Enhancements unique to a leveled up Forge. Equipment sold or sent through MoogleMail will lose any existing enhancements when this is added [58]
Accessories that will provide MDB/ADB and possibly other stats [59][IRC]
A different level 10 Potency for staffs [60]
Increased returns of non-binding materials from salvaging forged equipment Maybe [61]
Reintroducing some obsolete equipment types with improvements [62]
Allowing 4+ PABs on Legendary/Peerless rolls Maybe [IRC]
A means to get PXP just by using equipment (level 500 only) Maybe [IRC]

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