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The Multi-Page Viewer (MPV) is an image viewing mechanism. The MPV displays entire galleries as a single, continuous page.


To use the MPV users must have at least 1 of the following:

This feature can be enabled as the default viewer in My Settings or by clicking the "Multi-Page Viewer" link within any gallery (located below "Show Gallery Stats" on the right-most side).


  • Preloads and caches up to 3 sequential images per gallery, saving multiple requests and GP.
  • Like the normal viewer the MPV has buttons to download the originally uploaded image (unless this is what is displayed), search galleries for other uses of the image, link to the image on the forums, and reload it if it fails. There is also a button to open images in the normal viewer.
  • Can go fullscreen via the icon on the right or by hitting F11.
    • Some browsers (e.g. Chrome.png Chrome) may block the alphanumerical keys when fullscreen mode is triggered by the icon; use F11.
  • While the MPV is intended for large screens, images will automatically scale down to fit the browser's screen.
  • The thumbnail bar will scroll along with normal images, allowing it to be used for browsing the gallery more efficiently. Clicking a thumbnail in the left bar will obviously jump to that image. This bar can also be disabled.
  • Alignment can be left, center, or center with scaling to fit regardless of image size.

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