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All items and equipment that no longer drop but are still tradeable as well as one-time drops/prizes.


Name Reference
The following artifacts no longer drop:
Priceless Ming Vase Common trope
Grue Zork
Seven-Leafed Clover Futurama
Rabbit's Foot Common folklore
Vorpal Blade Hilt Through the Looking-Glass
Crystal Jiggy Banjo-Kazooie
Chainsaw Safety Manual
Wirt's Leg Diablo
Shark-Mounted Laser Austin Powers
BFG9000 Doom
Flame Thrower
Small Nuke
Chainsaw Oil
Chainsaw Fuel
Chainsaw Chain
Chainsaw Repair Guide
Chainsaw Guide Bar
ASHPD Portal Gun Portal
Smart Bomb Dark Star
Tesla Coil Command and Conquer
Name Event/Source Reference
The following artifacts were given to players directly by Tenboro:
Fiber-Optic Xmas Tree Handed out for X-MAS 2010.
Decorative Pony Sled Handed out for X-MAS 2011. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Hearth Warming Lantern Handed out for X-MAS 2012. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Mayan Desk Calendar Handed out for X-MAS 2012. Mayan Calendar
Fiber-Optic Tree of Harmony Handed out for X-MAS 2013. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Crystal Snowman Handed out for X-MAS 2014. Frozen
Annoying Dog Handed out for X-MAS 2015. Undertale
Iridium Sprinkler Handed out for X-MAS 2016. Stardew Valley
Robo Rabbit Head Handed out for X-MAS 2017. Robot Supremacy
The following artifacts were rewarded to players for completing an event:
Easter Egg
  • Dropped during the 2011 Easter event.
  • Variety of 9: S, N, O, W, F, L, A, K, E
Easter Eggs
  • Dropped during the 2012 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Dropped during the 2013 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: Twinkling, Glittering, Shimmering, Gleaming, Sparkling, Glinting, Scintillating
  • Dropped during the 2014 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Peercoin, Flappycoin, VertCoin, AuroraCoin, DarkCoin
Ancient Server Part
  • Dropped during the 2015 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: Server Motherboard, Server CPU Module, Server RAM Module, Server Chassis, Server Network Card, Server Hard Drive, Server Power Supply
Computing Servers
Chicken Figurine
  • Dropped during the 2016 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
Ancient Fruit Smoothies
  • Dropped during the 2017 Easter event.
  • Variety of 7: Ancient Lemon, Ancient Kiwi, Ancient Blueberry, Ancient Plum, Ancient Mulberry, Ancient Strawberry, Ancient Orange
Fruit Smoothies


These trophies were given to players directly by Tenboro:

Name Reason / Notes
Mysterious Box
  • Given to certain players after the price of Ability Boost was adjusted.
  • Tier 9
Solstice Gift 2009 Winter Solstice[1]
Stocking Stuffers
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 X-MAS
  • Tier 7
Shimmering Present 2010 X-MAS
Tenbora's Box
  • Placing in the top 7 of the Toplists for 2010[2]
  • Scoring at least 1 ranking point in the Toplists for 2011/2012[3][4]
  • Placing in the top 25 of the Toplists for 2013/2014[5][6]
  • Placing the top 50 gallery Toplist for 2015/2016[7]
  • Winning the E-Hentai Yuletide Lottery in 2013/2014/2015/2016
  • Tier 9
Potato Battery
RealPervert Badge 2011 April Fools
Raptor Jesus Rapture Prediction by Harold Camping
Rainbow Egg 2011 Easter
Colored Egg 2011 Easter
Gift Pony
Faux Rainbow Mane Cap 2012 Easter
Pegasopolis Emblem
Fire Keeper Soul
Crystalline Galanthus
Sense of Self-Satisfaction
Six-Lock Box
Golden One-Bit Coin
Reindeer Antlers
Ancient Porn Stash
VPS Hosting Coupon
Heart Locket
Holographic Rainbow Projector
  • 2016 Easter
  • Tier 8
Pot of Gold
Dinosaur Egg
Precursor Smoothie Blender
Rainbow Smoothie
Mysterious Tooth


  • Flimsy (Quality type lower than Crude)
  • Fine (Quality type between Average and Superior)
  • Prefixes: "Bronze", "Iron", "Silver", "Steel", "Gold", "Platinum", "Titanium", "Emerald", "Sapphire", "Diamond", "Prism"
    • Prefix amendments: "-trimmed", "-adorned", "-tipped"
  • Suffixes: "Ox", "Raccoon", "Cheetah", "Turtle", "Fox", "Owl"
  • Suffixes: Suffixless (no suffix at all - only if EID < 2,000,000)


  • Sword Chucks (One-handed weapon type)
  • Ebony (Staff type)
  • Scythe (Two-handed weapon type)
  • Dagger (One-handed weapon type)
  • Suffix: "Battlecaster" (Magic Damage version only)
  • Suffix: "Focus" (for 1H and 2H weapons)
  • Prefix: Astral (Elemental, added Soul Elemental Strike - later rerolled into Holy or Dark damage)
    • Prefix: Quintessential, later changed into Astral
Weapon Style Damage Type Equipment Proc Dmg Acc Crit Par Bur Intr
Dagger 1H Slashing Bleeding Wound ▼▼ ▲▲ ▼▼
Sword Chucks 1H Slashing Bleeding Wound ▲▲
Scythe 2H Slashing Bleeding Wound ▲▲▲ ▼▼ ▲▲
Weapon MDmg MAcc MCrit Bur Magic Proficiencies Elemental Damage
Ele Div For Dep Sup Fire Cold Elec Wind Holy Dark


  • Silk (Cloth armor type)
  • Dragon Hide (Light armor type)
  • Shield (Heavy armor type)
  • Suffixes: "of the Fleet" (Bucklers and Cloths only), "of the Hulk", "of the Battlecaster", "of the Shielding Aura", "of the Priestess", "of the Stone-Skinned", "of the Fire-eater", "of the Frost-born", "of the Thunder-child", "of the Wind-waker", "of the Thrice-blessed", "of the Spirit-ward"
  • Chainmail (Heavy armor type): Coif, Mitons, Hauberk, Chausses, Boots
  • Kevlar (Light armor type)
  • Gossamer (Cloth armor type)
  • Tower Shield (Shield armor type)
Armor Type PMiti MMiti Bur Intr PDmg PAcc MAcc Specific Mitigation Avoidance
Crush Slash Pierce Evade Block Resist
Tower Shield ▼▼ ▼▼ ▲▲ ▲▲
Gossamer Cloth ▼▼
Kevlar Light
Shield Heavy ▲▲ ▼▼

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