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This article is for any spelling, grammatical, or other aesthetic errors in the E-Hentai.


  • Hundreds of E-H links point to http://g.e; should be https://e
    • Several forum links are also missing HTTPS.



  • Term of Service - "Post photograpic material"; should be photographic.
  • Hath Perks - Ads-Be-Gone - "on the User Settings page"; should be My Settings.
  • The Wiki link at the top of all pages leads to Category:E-Hentai Galleries when it should just be the Main Page.
  • The "Warning: The gallery you are trying to post has already been published" message should use an HTTPS link to the forums.
  • The tooltip for e.png on a gallery listing states "This gallery is expunged, deleted or replaced"; should not include deleted as those cannot be searched.


  • Abilities - Various tooltips do not update based on activated abilities (e.g. Haste still says 25% even after investing AP into Better Haste).
    • Description of 2H Parry stays: "Increases your block when using the Two-Handed or Niten fighting style, scaling with your proficiency"; should be parry.
    • Some abilities use "increases/decreases", while other use "increase/decrease"; should be the same to match the tense.
    • Some description use "crit" term, while other "critical", as well some ability increase "cast time", but other "casttime".
  • Hath Perks - Dark Descent - "shards for reseting an item's"; should be resetting.
    • "Halve the required"; should be halves to match the tense of the other perks.
  • Monster Lab - "To activate this monster, you have to feed it enough Crystals to reach powerlevel 100 and give it a name."; should be 25 (unless this is a planned change?)

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