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The typification under which galleries may fall. Users can select their gallery's category before uploading or change it via their Gallery Manager. Categories may be changed by other users via the tagging system.


For images/works of Asian origin only.

Doujinshi Doujinshi.png

Any self-published or self-distributed (e.g. via Pixiv) H-manga or pornographic comic utilizing panels and text. Often involves parodies of existing anime, manga, video games, and other recognizable characters or mascots.

Manga Manga.png

Pornographic comics published by a 3rd party. Typically only feature original content. The majority of tankoubons and anthologies are of this category. The category name is a shorthand for "Hentai Manga".

Artist CG Artistcg.png

Artwork sets without panels, often made digitally. Typically in color and with more detailed backgrounds. Must depict a sequence of events (or be a variant set) AND must be sold / distributed as a whole.

Game CG Gamecg.png

Computer generated images extracted from erotic games ("eroge"). Tend to have a very large number of images. Does not refer to in-game screenshots of video games.

Non-H Non-h.png

Drawn content that is NOT pornographic in nature. A single explicit image featuring sex automatically disqualifies a gallery. Small amounts of nudity are permitted if they are non-sexual in nature (e.g. nipple slips). The Western equivalent of this is the Miscellaneous category.

Image Set Imageset.png

Drawn content that does not constitute a comic or cg set (e.g. loose images, screenshots, image dumps, etc.) Images within such galleries are preferred to have a singular theme (e.g. singular artist, series, character, or fetish).

For images/works of non-Asian origin only.

Western Western.png

All pornographic art of western origin whether they are loose images, CG sets, or comics.

For images/works of any origin.

Cosplay Cosplay.png

Real people who dress up as characters from anime, manga, or video games. May or may not contain nudity/sex. The character(s) in question must be recognizable. Generic nurses, bunny girls, maid outfits, etc. do not count.

Miscellaneous Misc.png

For materials that don't fit into any of the other categories. This includes:

Private Private.png

An informal category that allows users to not share their content with the rest of the E-Hentai community. Views do not earn GP. In order to create a private gallery a user must have a Bronze Star or higher.

Flow Chart

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Imageset-Style Galleries

Non-H, Imageset, Western, and Misc galleries may be composed entirely out of "loose images". This refers to images that are not part of any sequential CG set, comic, or variant set. Such content is considered unconnected and should never be included in non-imageset-style galleries.

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