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Comic vs. CG

  • The primary characteristic of comics is the usage of panels. They likely have whitespace and dialogue balloons/boxes. They tend to be vertically oriented although this is also possible for CG sets.
  • In cases where there is both a comic and CG portion use whichever has more presence.

Potential ruling: 3D

When a gallery has mixed 3D and drawn content, categorize it to misc when the 3D content is 50% or more, otherwise categorize it based on the drawn content.


Designations like Non-H are treated similarly to an imaginary "sfw only" tag. There is some forgiveness towards very small instances of female frontal nudity (no more than 2 instances per gallery). Any lolicon or similar content likely disqualifies.


The "Asian" region refers to any country that is between Bangladesh and the Pacific Ocean and is also between Russia and Australia (non-inclusive).

Future Category Candidates

3d, comic, variant set, western cg, western imageset, western non-h

Speculated new flowchart